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In 1985, Ben Dronkers’ love for cannabis resulted in the creation of Sensi Seeds. Dronkers believed that creating the right type of cannabis seed would result in an optimum product. Since then, cannabis production has grown exponentially due to its legalization in several states in the United States and countries worldwide.  Located in five locations in Amsterdam, Sensi Seeds provides a group of friendly and customer-oriented staff that focuses on helping their customers find the strain of cannabis that is right for them.

Sensi Seeds is a top-rated cannabis seed bank that offers cannabis seeds for both recreational and medicinal use. Our mission is to provide our clients with seeds that will produce quality product.  Our focus on creating the best cannabis seeds results in the production of high grade cannabis. We offer three types of cannabis seeds: autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds and regular seeds. Our general cannabis seeds are useful for a cannabis grower on any budget. For those more skilled at cannabis production, we have feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds only have female chromosomes. These female plants produce sought after cannabis buds.  Autoflowering seeds, also called automatic seeds, are specially engineered to produce an easy harvest.

Each category of seeds has its own variations. There are, therefore, a variety of seeds to choose from. Our competent staff will help you find a seed that suits your unique needs.

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Sensi Seeds
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