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420 Seed Bank Canada

Does your current cannabis seed supplier really look at your success as their success as well? Our seed specialists at i49 are interested in more than just selling you seeds- we want to make certain your experience growing our seeds is one that leads to a sensational harvest this coming growing season. We know that the surest way to see repeat business is to deliver exceptional customer service and a quality product.

Why Purchase from our 420 Seed Bank in Canada?

The benefits of doing business with our seed bank are exemplified in multi-faceted guarantee:

  • Seeds delivered to your location backed by our assurance that we will reship if not delivered
  • Strain authenticity guaranteed, so you won’t have to worry about an odd plant popping up in your garden
  • 100% germination guaranteed to eliminate loss of investment
  • Autoflower seeds need no daylight control or relocation of plants during the growing season
  • Feminized seeds grow into plans with 100% contribution to the harvest
  • Discreet shipping alleviates breach of identity

Secure Payment Options

Unlike 90% of the cannabis seed websites, you’ll come across, we’re one of the only seed banks that accept credit card payments- the most secure way to pay for products and services online. Don’t let any 420 seed bank in Canada convince you that your Bitcoin payment is the safest or most straightforward way to pay- it’s not. Unless you already own crypto-currency, it’s a huge hassle to open an account, and you’ll take a significant loss buying Bitcoin with your Paypal account.

We Do Things the Right Way

i49 has gone the extra mile to become approved for a cannabis merchant account that eliminates your risk when buying from us. We believe we’ll earn your loyalty and repeat business by providing a better shopping experience and quality seeds that ensure your success in growing. Compare our policies with any other 420 seed bank in Canada and see why we have quickly become the leaders in the industry.

Our Strains

Browse through our inventory, and you’ll find many strains you’re probably already familiar with and many you may not have heard of before. We take a great deal of pride in supplying growers with:

  • Easy-to-grow seeds
  • Indoor seeds
  • Outdoor seeds
  • Indica and Sativa seeds
  • Autoflower seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • High THC and high CBD content seeds
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Medical marijuana seeds

Reach out to an i49 Seed Specialist

We’re available to answer questions by phone and provide growing tips and information. If it’s your first time growing cannabis, feel free to connect with us for recommendations on which seeds will guarantee your success and build confidence this first time around. If you’re interested in the heaviest return on your investment, we can help you choose seeds that will really produce well.

Checkout with complete confidence that your purchase is secure and your entire order is guaranteed for the satisfaction of quality, germination, delivery, and strain authenticity. We are known as the most reputable 420 seed bank in Canada.

420 Seed Bank Canada

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