420 Seeds Near Me


420 Seeds Near Me

420 Seeds Near MeA Google search for “420 Seeds Near Me” will likely reveal countless results no matter where you are located. If you are in Canada or the United States, i49 Seed Bank invites you to check out our extensive cannabis seed inventory. In terms of the quality of seeds and price, nobody offers a better deal! i49 Seed Bank is North America’s premier seed bank, offering a wide variety of premium pot seeds at industry-low prices.

Start With a Sampler Pack

All of our sampler packs are on sale for just north of $100, and all of our sampler packs have received 5-star ratings from customers who have purchased them. You may choose from several sampler packs, including our Autoflower Sample Pack, Fast Sample Pack, and California Sample Pack. Depending on the pack you choose, you will receive a mixture of premium marijuana seeds from cannabis cup award-winning strains, including Candy Dream, Blue Dream, and California Orange.

Sampler Packs are a great, low-cost way to start a diverse garden and to experience buying pot seeds from us if this is your first time.

Grade-A Medical Seeds

In addition to selling high potency marijuana seeds, i49 also sells the most excellent 420 strain seeds in the medical MJ field. Choose from a variety of tasty, healthful medical pot, including Zkittlez, Dinamed CBD Plus, and Granny’s Medicine CBD. We have low-THC, high-CBD medical marijuana strain seeds as well high-THC, high-CBD strain seeds. Perfect of indoor growing, our medical marijuana seeds are a must-have for anybody growing med pot.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowers are ideal for beginner growers and growers who are looking to grow good pot indoors with little work involved. Autoflower 420 seeds allow growers to plant them, water them, give them light, and harvest them. You don’t have to be an experienced grower with autoflowers. As the name “Autoflower” suggests, these seeds grow and bloom automatically. You won’t need to adjust the light to trigger flowering, and these plants are very low-maintenance.

Our autoflower seeds typically take about 90 days from germination to harvest. They are great plants for cloning, and they give off smaller yields because they are grown in short intervals and because they are grown indoors. The good thing about autoflower seeds, aside from the fact that they flower quickly and automatically, is that you can grow lots of them at once and still get a nice size harvest. You may also have several plants at different stages of growth all in the same area with constant light on all of them.

We Make 420 Seed Selection Easy

We have labeled all of our seeds according to their categories, such as “Feminized Seeds,” to make the process of finding, purchasing, and ordering pot seeds easy for all of our customers. So, when you search Google for “420 Seeds Near Me,” be sure to click on the link that says “i49” (weed-seeds.ca).

420 Seeds Near Me

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