The Best Cannabis Seeds in Alberta 2022

A prime cannabis seed will grow into a stellar plant but before you plant it you must first determine if you have the conditions to nurture it to fruition. As you explore all of the cannabis options, you must keep in mind what you want out of your ganja garden and how much time and effort you can dedicate to your plantation. If you are a chronic smoker looking for an epic buzz, you should consider a high THC strain. Some varieties can reach up to 31% THC, and they offer an incredibly psychoactive experience. Some medical users may be looking for healing cannabis, which can mean a different level of potency. Medical growers may prefer a seed that has a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, or even a CBD-dominant seed that is low in THC. If you are into bag appeal and appreciate the brilliant colours, flavours, and aromas of cannabis, such as the fruity notes of Purple Gelato or the fuel-packed aromas of Sour Diesel, the seed options are endless. Strains such as Green Crack, Northern Lights, or Girl Scout Cookies are some of the strongest, best tasting, and highest yielding strains you can find. A strong flavour profile will have an impact on your experience with marijuana. The terpenes are responsible for the smell and taste of your weed, and they also affect the brain. They can be highly calming or joyous and some of the most popular strains are a mix of all of these things.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Alberta

f you search for marijuana seeds Alberta your search engine will present you with pages of options. Narrowing down which company to trust can be a difficult task. Every day, new seed banks are popping up all over the country, all with different goals, motives, and business practices. How do you determine if a seed bank is high quality? One way to find out if a seed bank can be relied upon is to read reviews from their customers. Allowing patrons to voice their opinions on the service they received and the quality of their products is a good business practice. It helps other customers know that transparency is of utmost importance. This is exactly one of the practices Weed Seeds Canada values most, and you can find honest reviews on our website. Many worthy seed banks will also carry a variety of strains with different genetic traits, such as feminized and regular seeds, or photoperiod and auto-flowering seeds. When you order weed seeds online Alberta, you want to know you will be receiving seeds with stellar genetics. Weed Seeds offers a wide variety of options and no matter what you choose, you can be confident the seed you plant will thrive and flourish into a plant you can be proud of. Catering to all the customer’s needs, our focus is on strong genetics. Old seeds can have defects that can lead to lower yields, reduced potency, or even complete crop loss. When you shop at Pot Seeds Canada, you never have to question the genetic quality of our seeds.

Alberta’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

There are many reasons why to choose an online dispensary Alberta over an in-store seed bank. It is liberating when you can stay at home and shop without having to get dressed. You don’t have to travel to receive your seeds when ordering online and that frees up time to plan your perfect garden. Purchasing from Weed Seeds will allow you to receive your cannabis seeds directly to your home, saving both time and money on gas and travel. Because in-store seed banks also carry other products, they may not have the expertise required for maintaining the quality of the seeds they have in stock. The viability of your seeds will determine how well they germinate. Marijuana Seeds Canada backs up our seeds with a germination guarantee so you will be certain every seed sprouts. The proper storage of seeds can also help improve the genetic consistency of seeds, which will grow stronger, healthier plants, resulting in higher yields and potency. Having your seeds sent through the efficient postal service rather than picking them up personally also helps to reduce your carbon footprint and additional costs to you. Purchasing online also allows you the luxury of taking your time while browsing for the perfect seed. You can take a look at the entire WS catalogue without waiting for someone to explain the differences between each strain. If you do need assistance, Weed Seeds Canada staffs a fully dedicated customer support team, something that many in-person seed banks lack.

Alberta’s Best Canadian CBD Products

CBD products can be a godsend for medical users who want a holistic approach to health and wellness. CBD has been shown to provide relief for many different types of pain. It can help those struggling with anxiety and provide some relief for people dealing with insomnia. It is one of the fastest-growing forms of all-natural medicine, and it’s available in a wide range of applications. You can get your hands on some high CBD products at a dispensary, but you can also grow high CBD cannabis and save yourself some money. Weed Seeds offers 1:1 THC and CBD varieties for those who like a bit of the psychoactive THC in their medicine. CBD flower can be smoked just like a high THC bud but not everyone wants to smoke to find relief. CBD products come in a variety of formulations. CBD oil is one of the most popular new age medicines around, and many use it to help treat chronic pain that can’t be properly targeted by prescription narcotics. People who use cannabis typically take no other medications for the rest of their lives. Those who rely on prescription pills often find themselves taking dozens every day and they often struggle with nasty side effects. CBD typically does not cause unwanted side effects. Other forms of CBD products include topicals, in the form of a cream or ointment that can be applied directly to an area experiencing pain to reap the benefits of this magical compound.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Alberta

The methods for consuming marijuana have evolved. You no longer have to smoke pot to benefit from its properties. This is good news for those who find themselves coughing after toking on a joint. Concentrates, oils, and gummies provide alternative ways to experience cannabis. Many of these products are potent, effective, and long-lasting. THC or CBD-infused gummies are small and discreet, making them simple to hide or transport stealthily. Gummies can be made or purchased with different levels of potency. CBD gummies are ideal for medical users who do not want the psychoactive effects but need pain-killing relief. Before you chew a tasty gummy, you should eat a fatty snack. The things we consume such as vitamins, supplements, or medications are either water or fat-soluble. As they dissolve, they become bioavailable in the body either by water or fat. CBD and THC are fat-soluble so you need to take your edibles with fats so the cannabinoids can find their way into the bloodstream. Vaping cannabis is a discreet way to experience the glory of marijuana because it produces little nearly odorless smoke. Vapes come in all shapes and sizes and are popular tools for consuming cannabis. Consider vaping when you want to keep things on the downlow. Cannabis oil is a favourite of medical users because they provide immediate effects. Taking marijuana oil under the tongue can provide relief within minutes, and it can also be applied directly onto the skin wherever the user may be feeling pain.

Alberta’s Best Cannabis Accessories

Consuming marijuana, even if it is for medical relief, should be pleasant. There is no shortage of ways to get high and a myriad of cannabis accessories can be found in Alberta. The go-to accessory for many is the humble rolling paper. You can find rolling papers at almost every gas station and corner store. Some papers are cheap, while others made with hemp and organic glue are a bit more costly. They also come in every flavour under the rainbow. Pipes and bongs are fun options for smoking your homegrown buds. Pipes made out of glass are often beautiful pieces of functional artwork. Regardless of what they are made of, pipes and bongs do need to be cleaned to avoid health hazards. They can be purchased at any glass shop and even at some gift shops. Vaporizers are also widely available at every price point. Both the vapes and the products to put in them can be purchased at a dispensary. Some portable vapes require batteries while other tabletop models can be plugged in. Some are suitable for flowers and others for cannabis concentrates. Marijuana vapes are ideal for people who like to dose discreetly because they are easy to hide and produce little odor. If you want to be on-trend, try a dab rig. They are available at many glass shops and are meant to be used with shatter, a type of processed cannabis wax that is extremely high in THC.

Best Canadian Sativas in Alberta 2022

A high-quality sativa can be the perfect elixir to give you a boost and get your day started. Autoflowering Critical Jack seeds are a balanced hybrid possessing a moderate potency at about 15% THC. The effects take a bit of both from indica and sativa genes, giving both a euphoric and energizing initial high, while it becomes more relaxing later on. The yields are generous, at up to 220g-280g per square metre when grown indoors, and up to 250g-300g per plant when grown outdoors. Cherry AK 47 Sativa seeds are another popular sativa hybrid that can boast a high potency of up to 21% THC. Users can expect a calm and creative buzz from this strain that makes both conversation and artistic expression easier. The strong earthy flavours of pinewood and sweet herbs will have you feeling relaxed almost immediately. This is paired with huge yields of up to 500g per square metre indoors, and up to 450g-550g per plant outdoors. If you are looking for a more medicinally valuable strain, consider planting Cbd Grannys Medicine seeds. They are potent in both THC and CBD, offering up to 18% and 22% respectively. A session with Granny’s medicine will create a strong psychoactive and pain-relieving effect. This strain is perfect for those seeking a buzz while they soothe their aches and pains. The enormous yields can reach up to 400g-600g per square metre when grown indoors, and an even higher amount of up to 700g-800g per plant when grown outdoors.

Best Canadian Indicas in Alberta 2022

The finest indica strains you can find in all of Alberta are accessible here at Weed Seeds Canada. Some of the indica strains we carry are simply the greatest at what they do, and our customers have made sure that we know it. One of the most popular varieties you’ll find in the catalogue is Cement Shoes feminized seeds. These incredibly potent seeds will have you feeling laid back and heavy-boned, as the herbal and earthy flavours of lemon and mint relax the mind. A potency of up to 25% THC will have you down for the night with only a few tokes of this sleepy weed. Blue Haze feminized seeds are also a strong contender, providing a comparable THC content of up to 24%. The aromas are the MVP here, and when studying these buds you will pick up on complex fruit notes of berries and lemon. Joining the cornucopia of flavours are some woody notes of pine or cedar, and an earthy skunkiness. The sweet flavours will have your mouth watering, and the feminization of seeds will help you to gain the maximum yields possible from these plants. Autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies seeds provide yet another appetizing experience, packed in a highly potent parcel. THC levels can soar up to 22% with this variety, and flavours of cherry, mint, lemon, vanilla and other delightful aromas will have you coming back for more. Pair this with enormous yields of up to 600g per square metre from indoor growing, and up to 150g-250g per plant from outdoor growing, and you have a magnificent indica variety.

Alberta’s Best THC Seeds

Weed Seeds Canada sources some of the most chronic strains you can find anywhere in the country. These are extremely potent seeds, and they’ll get the job done no matter how high your tolerance is. White Fire OG feminized seeds are one of our heaviest hitters, coming in at a whopping 25% THC in hybrid indica fashion. The huge yields will give you up to 500g to 600g per square metre when grown indoors, and up to 450g to 600g per plant when grown outdoors. The earthy and pungent flavours of diesel and lemon will let any stoner know that this is a strain that’s worth smoking with caution. Another powerful variety in our seed bank is Monkey OG feminized seeds. The huge potency of up to 26% THC will knock out all but the most resistant smokers with extreme levels of cannabinoids. It delivers the high in a tropical style, with a strong banana flavour. Earthy, spicy, and herbal notes are also detected in this Kush. Yields of up to 400g-450g per square metre indoors and up to 450g per plant outdoors will have your stash full for a long time to come. Gorilla Glue regular seeds are a fan-favourite of chronic stoners, providing an all-powerful potency of up to 28% THC. This potency dwarfs many other strains and will provide highly euphoric and psychoactive effects, likely to cause the user a bit of a hangover. Yields are massive at anywhere between 400g to 500g per square metre just from growing inside, and up to 600g to 700g per plant when grown outside.

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In AB, Canada

Growing your own cannabis from the seed is one of the best ways to get your hands on high-quality marijuana. There are several reasons why growing cannabis makes sense but perhaps one of the most alluring is the cost-saving benefits. You can purchase just a few seeds, and very quickly have enough weed to last you until the next growing season. This is easy to achieve with our feminized seeds but even easier with our regular seeds. Since regular seeds contain both male and female seeds, you can breed your plants and have more seeds for the next season. This means that you could potentially purchase just a couple of packages of seeds and have a recurring source of pot indefinitely. It takes only a bit of research to learn how to cultivate a perpetual crop of cannabis, much of which can be found in the Weed Seeds blog section. When growing your own marijuana, you also get to choose exactly what goes into it. If you buy from a neighbor, there is no way of knowing what kind of synthetic chemicals or pesticides may have been used throughout the growing phase. When you are in charge of every single ingredient that goes into growing your ganja, you can feel good about smoking it. Cultivating your own cannabis also allows you to get your hands on exactly the strain you desire. Peruse our catalogue of over 500 different strains and discover the one you love!

Plan Your Alberta Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Growing cannabis can be a very simple process if you take the correct first steps. Growing indoors is safer for your plants than growing outdoors. As appealing as an outdoor garden appears, it does expose your plants to undesirable elements and other natural threats. Despite the uncertainties, growing outdoors is often easier and can often produce higher yields. Natural sunlight will help boost your plants’ nutrients and growth. To grow indoors, you need a suitable room and special lighting. A temperature control system can be useful as well. Airflow to the outside is highly important because your plants will eventually saturate the room with strong odors and cannabinoids. For growing outdoors, you should have a suitable grow area that has access to the sunshine for at least the majority of the day. If you are growing in the ground, you should ensure that your soil is nutrient-rich and suitable for planting. A greenhouse can also be useful if you live in an area with a particularly unreliable climate. If you are growing in pots either indoors or outdoors, make sure that you have pots at least 1.5 gallons large, as well as high-quality soil. When growing outdoors, seeds that have a resistance to natural threats can help protect your yields. Marijuana seeds Canada carries several varieties of the best outdoor strains for Alberta. The climate in Alberta can be unpredictable so consider seeds that are resistant to hazards such as intense cold or heat, pests, infections, and mould.

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When To Sprout Marijuana Seeds in Alberta

Sprouting your seeds is an easy process and can be done with a simple method. This is known as germinating seeds, and the easiest way to do it is by using paper towels and water. You can begin by moistening some paper towels and placing them on a plate. Take your seeds from the package and place them onto the paper towel, and then put another damp piece of paper towel on top. Cover your seeds with another dinner plate, and place the germination station somewhere dark and humid. You can then check them daily to ensure they stay moist. If they begin to dry out, they should be misted or sprayed with more water. Once you begin to see small white roots pushing out of the seeds, they are ready to be planted. A rule of thumb that many growers follow when it comes to deciding when to plant their seeds is that it should be done about or on the day of the spring equinox. If growing outdoors in Alberta, a good practice may be to start your plants indoors for about two to four weeks, until the climate permits growth. They can then be moved or transplanted outdoors to take advantage of the full sun and natural environment. Of course, if growing indoors in a controlled environment, there is no need to worry about when seeds should be planted, as they will do just as well any time during the year.

Growing Weed in Alberta

Growing cannabis in Alberta can be done easily as long as you prepare for the climate. Despite the sometimes harsh weather, cannabis can be grown outdoors in Alberta as long as the proper care is provided. Growing indoors will be the easiest way for your plants to avoid the elements, and this can be done with only a few simple appliances. You should make sure to have something that can regulate the temperature, such as heating and cooling appliances. Fans are best for airflow, as well as a direct outlet to the outside for a source of fresh air. You can provide lighting for your plants anywhere between 18 and 24 hours per day of light, which will be more than enough to keep them happy. If growing outdoors, precautions should be taken that you plant after the threat of a hard frost is gone for the year. Growing marijuana outdoors in Alberta requires your plants to have at least six hours of sunlight per day, although the spot with the most possible sunlight will be the most beneficial. The wind is very important to keep plants clean and aerated, although too much wind can damage your plants. If they are being grown somewhere with the potential for high winds, a windbreak can help ensure that they don’t get snapped by the force. If growing in the ground, make sure that soil is nutritious and fertile, which can be enhanced by the addition of perlite, biochar, compost, or bone meal.

Harvesting in Alberta

There is no one perfect time to harvest your cannabis but your plants will give you some tell-tale signs that they’re nearing the right time for harvest. One of the most standout features indicating your marijuana plants are ready will be the appearance of the trichomes. The glassy trichomes will begin to appear as a milky white, taking on a more plastic appearance. This is when THC levels are nearing their highest, and waiting longer than this may cause the potency to dwindle. After this stage, your trichomes will take on amber or orange colours. Some growers believe that leaving the trichomes to mature a bit more will produce a more bodily effect rather than a psychoactive high. Pistils will also appear as if they are wilting and turning brown or orange when plants are mature. To begin your harvest, you should chop your plant from the bottom of the stalk. For large plants, many growers choose to harvest the top half first, then the bottom half about a week later, as this contributes to a more evenly ripe plant. You can then cut the stems off, trim everything down, and then hang all of the branches to dry for about a week. Drying your buds will help the THC break down into a more potent psychoactive state, further enhancing the strength of your weed. After this, you should begin to cure your buds, which involves storing them inside sealed containers. This process can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months, and will further enhance the quality and flavour of your weed.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Alberta

Curing your cannabis properly will allow it to last longer because much of the moisture is drawn out of the buds. Storing marijuana in mason jars for anywhere between three weeks to three months or more will cure the buds into a smoother smoke and a greater flavour. You should briefly air out the buds about once or twice a day to refresh the oxygen inside the containers, allowing for better dispersion of moisture in the buds. Storing your pot for the long term will help retain the potency as well as the flavour. THC tends to break down into CBN over long periods, which reduces the psychoactive effect, so proper preservation techniques will help lessen this process as much as possible. Doing an effective and calculated curing process is the best way to get a head start on long-term marijuana storage. After that, you should use completely sealable containers made of glass or ceramic. Plastic should be strictly avoided because it can have detrimental effects on cannabis. While these materials work, you can also use vacuum bags much to the same effect. Keeping very low light is necessary for preserving cannabis because light can bleach your cannabis and further reduce the potency to very low levels. Lower temperatures of anywhere between twenty to twenty-five degrees Celsius will stop mould from growing. Higher temperatures may cause mould spores to begin developing, which will quickly ruin cannabis.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Weed in Alberta

Cannabis has undergone a huge image transformation and now Canadians can enjoy their weed in food, drinks, cannacaps, and of course, joints or pipes. With so many ways to consume cannabis, it is easy to see why people are growing it. From salty party snacks to desserts, whatever you crave, can be made to contain THC. You have the choice of purchasing Alberta edibles online or making them at home using your very own homegrown weed. If you want to make edibles such as gummies or candies, you will need some molds but cookies, brownies, and even cakes with THC are easy to whip up in the kitchen. Vaporizers are some of the most popular modern options for consuming cannabis. THC oil is highly potent and easy to store, making it a terrific option for ease of access. It can also be flavoured, which can make for a much tastier experience. Vaporizers are also easy to transport and battery-powered, so they can be charged up any time you are beginning to run low. THC and CBD oil are readily available all over Alberta, making vaporizers a simple and even cost-effective option compared to other methods. There is no shortage of innovation in the field of cannabis consumption. THC-infused drinks or weed beverages make it easy to enjoy the relaxing and psychoactive effects that cannabis provides. They come in various flavours and varieties and can be purchased at a dispensary or even made at home using a recipe, much like many other weed edibles.

Alberta’s Cannabis Culture

Because marijuana is legal in all of Canada, cannabis culture is thriving and in Alberta, it is alive and well. Where the holy holiday of cannabis connoisseurs was once seen as a protest, 4/20 is now a regular event held every year in many cities and communities across Alberta. Now that recreational and medicinal cannabis consumption is out in the open, this natural and harmless substance is making headlines for a different reason. There are still raids on illegal grow houses, but the police are not arresting people for possession. When the focus was once on legalization, it’s now on lifting restrictions on home growing, and allowing home cultivators more freedom in how much they are allowed to grow, what they can do with their product, and how much of it they are allowed to process, sell, or give to others. Many believe that regulating a naturally growing plant is a ridiculous premise, which has led to much controversy on the topic of cannabis regulation. Luckily there is little regulation on pot use, allowing Albertans to partake almost freely in cannabis use as they please. In this province, you can use marijuana anywhere that isn’t a restricted area, such as playgrounds, schools, or hospitals. This allows smokers all over the province to enjoy their weed without fear of repercussions, leading to a healthy and vibrant culture surrounding the topic. Many smokers also believe that the best product comes from craft growers, so there is no shortage of those supporting local growers rather than large-scale growers partnered with dispensaries.

Buy Weed Seeds in AB, Canada

Currently, growing cannabis in Alberta is only restricted by the bylaws of where you reside. If you are renting a house, condo, or multi-family dwelling, your landlord may prohibit growing marijuana as a part of a rental agreement or a condominium bylaw. Growing weed in Alberta is a hobby any adult may partake in as long as they abide by the rules. Any resident over the age of eighteen is allowed to possess up to four plants of any maturity, as well as up to thirty grams of prepared cannabis, whether in flower, extract, or edible form. This means that there are several options for anybody looking to purchase pot seeds in Alberta. Since the days of legalization, there have been a few different vendors in the province that supply small amounts of weed seeds, usually in packages of four, as this is the maximum amount that is legally allowed to be cultivated. Now, growers may purchase seeds online in Alberta as well, with virtually no limit on how many ungerminated seeds you may possess. In places where there are limits on the number of plants you may cultivate, there’s a secret weapon in pot seed varieties. Weed Seeds carries fast-flowering seed varieties, which will provide a full load of dank weed as fast as possible, allowing you to continually grow at the legal limit with the highest rate of turnover. This allows growers to take advantage of the pesky plant limit to legally cultivate as much product as possible.

Buy Medical Weed in Alberta

Because of the very lax regulations on possession of cannabis, it is easy for medical users in Alberta to take advantage of the therapeutic possibilities of medicinal weed. Medical users are already allowed to possess up to thirty grams of prepared marijuana, which is more than enough for many before they have to fill their stash back up. However, this is per household, so if you have four adults in a residence, you may still only possess thirty grams of product between every resident. This can cause problems for roommates or other adult living situations, as this amount could end up being very little split among several people. Luckily, medicinal cannabis is widely available across Alberta, so getting your hands on some more shouldn’t be a problem. There is also no requirement to purchase medicinal marijuana, as all weed can be purchased in the province without any kind of certification or card required. The limit of how much you can possess can be reasonably bypassed through growing your own plants, as the expectation from allowing residents to grow plants is that they will typically end up with more than the legal limit. If growing your own medicine sounds like an option, Weed Seeds Canada carries more than enough therapeutic varieties for you to enjoy. Some of these varieties come in high CBD or 1:1 varieties, offering a differing range of effects depending on what you prefer. You can also grow some of our fast-flowering strains to get the most out of a small number of plants.

Alberta’s History of Weed Legalization

Alberta has no specific history of cannabis legalization but residents of the province played a role in lifting cannabis out of the dark ages. Opinions were voiced by all Canadians before the government made a sweeping declaration of legalization across the entire country. In late 2018, citizens eighteen and older became capable of possessing, purchasing, and transporting certain amounts of marijuana as they pleased. This was not for just one region but the entire country at once, and the act applied to every adult citizen across the country. This was after decades of debate on whether or not weed was a dangerous substance and a long, slow turning of public opinion. It was after sustained protest and demonstrations in many provinces that the cannabis act was finally brought in and changed the country forever. Marijuana was outlawed across the country as early as 1923, a time when many residents weren’t even sure of exactly what this plant was or the effects it had. Some provinces have specific legalities on things such as possession and cultivation, whether at home or industrial but Alberta has no specific legalities and follows much the same model that the federal government laid out in the first place. This allows any household with at least one resident eighteen or older to possess up to thirty grams of finished product and up to four plants. It is legal to consume in public, as long as it’s not done in any of the outlined restricted areas.

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