Alberta Cannabis Seed Bank Online

Alberta Cannabis Seed Bank Online


Alberta Cannabis Seed Bank Online

Alberta Cannabis Seed Bank OnlineIf you reside in Canada, it’s easier than ever for you to purchase top-rated marijuana seeds and start your own personal grow house. Having the perfect seeds, ones what are hand-selected and adequately stored is the key to an abundant, abundant crop that produces sturdy plants and flowering buds. I49 is the premier Alberta Cannabis Seed Bank Online that more experienced growers trust in for their next harvest. If this is your first attempt at a grow, rest easy, as we have seeds that are simple to build and produce a bountiful, healthy yield.

About I49
I49 is recognized as the number one rated Alberta Cannabis Seed Bank Online that offers an incredible inventory of many of the most sought-after marijuana seeds currently available. You don’t have to be a grow expert to appreciate the I49 difference, because you will realize it as you watch your seeds begin to spring up quickly and produce beautiful, potent buds that anyone would be proud to grow. Our seeds are never altered, tampered with or substituted, and we guarantee only the top-rated seeds will ship, usually within 24 hours, and delivered promptly.

Please know that when you place an order through I49, your privacy and identity will never be compromised, as we hold your personal information within our own company, and only send out flyers and promotions directly from us, to you. If you would no longer like to receive our emails, you can merely opt-out, if you choose to do so. When your product does ship, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cannabis seeds online order will be discreetly packaged and delivered directly to your door. You can even track your order, so you know exactly when it will arrive from the Alberta Seed Bank.

Health Benefits of Cannabis
Even our medical community is finally recognizing that marijuana offers many great health benefits for a host of diseases, and the soothing and calming effects of the plant are incredibly beneficial. For those who are suffering from the ill-effects of chemo, marijuana can calm nausea, allowing the patient to rest and even be able to eat. Marijuana also benefits those who are struggling with arthritis, epilepsy, heart disease, and has even been shown to assist those who are dealing with mental disorders and opioid drug and alcohol addiction.

Our Products
Being the most trusted and well-established Alberta Cannabis Seed Bank Online, it’s no wonder that we have the largest selection of all types of seeds for any grow you are looking to harvest. We have many strains of high potency TCH seeds, along with seeds that only contain the CBD that’s been shown to help those who are struggling with Parkinson’s Disease and other nervous system disorders.

Before you place your order, please check out our clearance tab that shows many of the most popular seeds, at even more significant savings. We strive in providing only the best cannabis seeds available, and our prices are sure to please you.

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