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Alberta Marijuana Seed Bank

Alberta Marijuana Seed BankBenefits of Growing Marijuana from an Alberta marijuana seed bank

There has been a lot of debate in Alberta concerning if it’s good to grow marijuana from plants or seeds. In this article, we will provide you with benefits associated with growing cannabis from an Alberta marijuana seed bank.

Bigger Yields
Cannabis growers will always be concerned with the quality and quantity of produce they get. You will be interested in getting decent produce even if you are growing cannabis. However, the majority of marijuana growers have figured out that clones do produce lighter yields when compared to plants grown from seeds. Several factors in Alberta do contribute to such a scenario and it still boils down to the fact that marijuana clones grow into weaker plants.

Ensures the plants are Strong
Whenever you purchase marijuana seeds in Alberta, the seeds will grow into stronger plants than when you decide to use a marijuana plant as your seed. This is because the Alberta marijuana plants grown from the seeds develop a taproot. The taproot will grow vertically from the seed which serves as the center of the plant in the root system. The taproot is of great help since it helps in ensuring the plant is firmly anchored into the ground. The taproot does extend deep into the sand or soil as it seeks nutrients. It also ensures that the marijuana plants remain active and in good health thereby making it tougher in case of unfavourable conditions especially when grown outdoors.

Clones never develop tap roots. Instead, they do create a fibrous root system that will, later on, turn into weaker marijuana plants. The clones are not only loosely held onto the ground but the clones grown outdoors will also struggle whenever the conditions are harsh since the root systems will never be in a position to get deep into the soil. Clone creating is a very stressful process for any plant. The cutting made from parent plants are known to remain in stress for some time.

No Bugs or Pests
Pests and bugs are known to be among the major concerns of any Alberta marijuana seed bank grower. Marijuana seed is highly susceptive to various pests and diseases just like other plant types. This makes them have a negative impact on the harvest and plants health.

It is much easier for pests and bugs to be passed from mother plants to clones. However, this might not be major issues for the experienced marijuana growers in Alberta. New growers can be subjected to lots of problems when faced with such a situation. Pests and bugs are not capable of thriving and attacking marijuana seeds.

More Options
One of the most significant benefits one gets when using an Alberta marijuana seed bank is the number of options available. One will be in a position to get several varieties and strains whenever they go through their seed bank. They will be in an area where you can try out all the available types and choose one that fits what you want.




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