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Alberta Seed Bank


Alberta Seed Bank

Tired of driving to an Alberta seed bank just to pick up a few cannabis seeds? If so, you’re certainly not alone. At i49, we’ve made it possible to purchase authentic cannabis seeds right over the internet without any of the hassles that typically come from buying marijuana products over the Web. Our unique inventory of top-quality cannabis seeds include:

  • Easy-to-grow seeds
  • Autoflower seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Guaranteed germination seeds
  • Indoor & outdoor seeds
  • Indica & Sativa seeds
  • And so much more

Request a Recommendation

Place a call to an i49 Alberta seed bank expert with your questions, and we’ll help you choose the perfect cannabis seeds for this upcoming growing season. We understand the particular worries that come from ordering cannabis products online, and we have addressed the most common reasons why growers may feel hesitant about ordering from us.

While very few seed banks are accepting credit cards for payment, we feel it’s important to offer multiple options that fit your requirements. You may have noticed that other online dispensaries only accept bitcoin or wire transfers for payment- a reason to be cautious when ordering from them. We recommend using your credit care to pay for your cannabis seeds; however, there are additional payment options when checking out.

Sativa or Indica Strains

If you’re growing for personal use and are not sure which strain is right for you, get connected with our staff, and we’ll make recommendations based on your objectives. If you’re interested in an increased focus and creativity, try one of our Sativa seeds, while Indica strains typically release dopamine in the brain that leads to a more relaxed state. We have an extensive inventory of both types of marijuana strains to choose from.

Use Our Website Resources

Start on our FAQ page and read answers to the most commonly asked questions to our Alberta seed bank- you may find that your questions have already been addressed. If you’re concerned about discretion, privacy, or any other issue, you’ll most likely see your worries have already been alleviated. Our discreet shipping policy ensures no one else in your community will know what’s being sent to your location.

Looking For a Fast Turnaround?

We carry multiple autoflower strains that average just 8-9 weeks from seed to crop harvest. This is made possible because our seeds do not require daylight control during the growing process. Growers who have dealt with the hassles of trying to manage daylight in the past will find this is a refreshing advantage to growing autoflower seeds. Our customers report fool-proof growing season after season with amazing harvests that were not possible before our Alberta seed bank opened.

Save time, money, and labor by growing cannabis from our high-quality seed bank- we’re sure you’ll never purchase seeds from any other dispensary again. Your satisfaction is our primary goal since we look forward to your repeat business in the future. Let us know what we can do to make your shopping experience with us one that is hassle-free and enjoyable.

Alberta Seed Bank

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