Auto Seeds Canada


Auto Seeds Canada

Auto Seeds CanadaIn an age where just about everything is streamlined and automated, why not have weed seeds that grow and flower automatically? Having auto seeds effectively streamlines your grow work substantially. Plus, auto seeds typically take about 90 days from seed to stoned, which is much quicker than regular seeds, which take 4-6 months (roughly three months in the vegetative phase and approximately six to eight weeks in the flowering phase) to harvest. Shop i49’s website for a variety of auto seeds in Canada and in the US and experience the advantage growing auto.

One of the most noted advantages of auto flower weed seeds is being able to perform a perpetual grow without having to disturb your other plants that are in various phases of growth. Before, growers had to build sophisticated grow spaces to accommodate the various light cycles of all of their plants in different phases of growth or grow them in separate locations. With auto flower seeds, you can place the young plants with the flowering plants and keep the light cycle the same for all of them. Auto flowers begin to flower automatically after a certain time, regardless of the light cycle.

Comparing the Different Categories of Weed Seeds

If you go seed shopping, and you’ve never purchased marijuana seeds from a seed bank before, or it’s been a long time since you’ve purchased seeds, you might be surprised at all of the different categories that exist. Feminized seeds are the most common category. These are seeds that are going to turn into females if you grow them. Females are the plants most growers want because they produce the most THC, and female plants are the ones that produce buds. It comes as new surprise that feminized seeds are usually the most expensive.

Another category of cannabis seeds is Regular seeds. Regular seeds tend to be a lot less expensive than feminized seeds. This is partly because it costs the breeder a lot less money to produce regular seeds, and regular seeds might result in many more male and hermaphrodite plants that you will end up tossing out anyway. That said, many people still prefer regular seeds, and you can grow some great plants from regular seeds. These are ideal for people with tighter budgets.

Then, of course, there are auto seeds. To create auto-flower seeds, the process is much more difficult. An experienced breeder will usually cross a cannabis strain from a regular seed with a special kind of cannabis strain that flowers after a number of days rather than being dependent on decreased daily light. This is how auto-flowering seeds get there name – they flower automatically.

Auto-flower seeds are typically best grown indoors, although most strains can be successful outdoors as well. The usually don’t get very big, so you have to grow more plants to get a large crop, but the bright side is that they do everything on their own – almost.

Order Feminized Auto Seeds

Some people ask, “Can a marijuana seed be Regular or Feminized, and, at the same time, Auto?” Yes. However, Regular auto-flowering seeds are quite rare because people who want auto-flowers typically want feminized auto-flowers. i49 offers auto-flowering and feminized auto seeds in Canada and in the US.  Shop our website and find the perfect seeds for your grow operation.

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