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Beanstock Fast Seeds

Beanstock Fast SeedsLooking for Quality Beanstock Fast Seeds? Opt for I49 Seed Bank

If you are planning to grow some beanstock fast seeds in your garden, we at I49 Seed Bank are proud to have been sourcing these seeds, so you can trust to get cannabis seeds of high quality at prices that are reasonable.

We are a company built by serial entrepreneurs whose aim is to aid people to gain a way to medicinal cannabis that is inexpensive. We are confident to have direct growers who are reputable in sourcing our seeds. We also neither make these seeds fusty nor expose them to excessive moisture, light, or heat, and we do not substitute them without your consent.

In Shipping Your Authentic Genetics

You can have beanstock fast seeds from our varied options of Cannabis, Feminized, AUTO, or CBD Seeds which all are in for guaranteed shipping. This is usually completed with sending inconspicuous and discreetly-labeled packages within 24 hours of placing your order. We do not tolerate returns so be careful in choosing your strains before having them ordered. Our company takes confidence in selling seeds that are carefully handled and still contain so much shelf life in them.

For payment processing, we utilize servers that are secured through a provider of merchant services for cannabis called PACSAFE EXCHANGE or the People’s Agricultural Collective. All your information is protected and encryption-handled, and for any reason, we do not share our client base with any person.

You’ll know it’s a High-Quality Cannabis Seed When You See One

One of the means to attaining a vigorous and healthy cannabis plant is having a seed with high-quality. Of course, sufficient watering, prime nutrients, and a good quality of light all add to the ultimate yield achieved. Sourcing cannabis seeds of high-quality will make sure you receive the accurate genetics you are searching for. They will not just provide you the terpene and cannabinoid profiles that you desire; they will also help you in avoiding dud seeds.

These are some factors to consider when purchasing a seed:

  • Looks and Feel– A seed that is genetically superior and healthy displays darker color in its outer shell. It will have shades of black or grey or will sometimes exhibit an aesthetic tiger stripe. A seed that is healthy will also appear as though it has a wax coating on its shell which can be seen when exposed to a bright light. The seed will also feel firm and will not break or bend when squeezed with your thumb and index finger.
  • The Sink or Swim Test– Easy and cost-effective, this method greatly tells whether a gene is good or bad. Just fill up a glass jar or a drinking glass preferably with distilled or spring water and put the seeds in it. Seeds that stay floating on the surface are of poor quality while those that sink to the bottom are likely good and healthy.

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With your name, email, phone number, and comments or suggestions send us your message at or call us at 1-888-544-4949 for more of our affordable beanstock fast seeds. For more details regarding the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of I49 Seed Bank, visit us at We would love to hear from you.


Beanstock Fast Seeds

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