Blue Ice Seeds For Sale Online


Blue Ice Seeds For Sale Online

Blue Ice Seeds For Sale OnlineBlue Ice Seeds for Sale Online

The inclusion of cannabis in the healthcare systems of many institutions around the world also enabled various business companies to involve this plant in the online marketing trades. Hence, anyone can access cannabis-based products in many virtual stores for countries that legalized the product.

One of the top specialized cannabis product providers is the i49 Company. Here, we focus on delivering highly systemized process of purchase and shipping. You can delve into a wide array of seed collection of cannabis types which are methodically cultured by our expert growers and entrepreneurs.

Blue Ice Seed Product Features

At i49, we offer varieties of blue ice seeds for sale online that you can fully explore. There are seeds with high cannabidiol (CBD) compound and there are those with high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or both. We have options for blue ice flower variety and blue ice feminized.

  1. Blue Ice Feminized

These cannabis seeds have both mixtures of high CBD and THC. Blue ice is specifically derived from the breed of sativa strains, which are considered to have the most dominant component, and the breed of Alaska ice (which is a component of white widow plus pure haze mixtures) combined with a blueberry blend for higher-yielding substance. This fusion enables the blue ice to shorten its flowering cycle period for a faster bloom and to easily grow, hassle-free, even in a pot. This type of plant also grows in lower branches as adopted from its breed of white widow cannabis plants.

You can choose from a number of blue ice seeds for sale online from our web options that are available. These include one seed purchase at $24 (CAN), 3 seed option at $47, 5 seeds for only $68, 10 seeds at $110, and 20 seeds at $219 only.

This type of cannabis is usually utilized by patients who are experiencing multiple ailments. Instead of buying more than one type of cannabis strain, they only need to purchase one because blue ice can provide relief to various common ailments that other strains cannot provide which is very cost efficient for most customers.

  1. Blue Ice with High CBD

Our company can offer blue ice flower and the feminized type with a high compound of CBD either with THC content or without depending upon your needs. Most of our clients are newbies who often take marijuana for the first time due to the demanding situation of their ailments.

If you prefer or choose to grow your own CBD type of marijuana, you can also purchase the homegrown seed through our website. In this way, you can avoid the hassle of purchasing cannabis every now and then and you can accessibly get the plant at any period that you want to use the product.

Contact Details

For other amazing seed options, you can always check out the i49 official website at If you wish to order some of our products, you can register or sign up at the online form to proceed where you can also send your message requests, queries, or concerns. Feel free to reach us through our phone number: 1-888-544-4949.

Blue Ice Seeds For Sale Online

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