The Best Cannabis Seeds in British Columbia 2022

Great weed can change lives and in British Columbia, the cannabis revolution is in full swing. A perfect strain will vary according to your tastes, tolerances, and needs. The only sure-fire way to make the most potent and delicious high-quality ganja is to use top-of-the-line seeds. Weed Seeds Canada has what you need to create the best crop you’ve ever grown! BC growers in the know love our ninety percent germination guarantee, personable customer service, and rapid delivery times. We carry over five hundred strains and styles of cannabis seeds, including many hard-to-find hybrids, and easy-to-grow autoflowers. We offer high-CBG, CBD, and CBN seeds for the best in pain management, and high-THC strains for those who are devoted to chronic. Cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate our rare hothouse giants that artists write songs about! We provide the kind of prestige cannabis seeds British Columbia has known and loved for decades.

It doesn’t matter if we are filling a tiny souvenir novelty order, or a wholesale placement of sixty thousand units, we treat all of our seeds with the same respect. If you desire all the attributes that are found in stellar weed, you need to start with good seeds. Our seed breeding protocols are strict, and we are picky about the storage and handling of our seeds. All of our seeds are bred from beautiful unions of our highest quality plants and are stored in perfect environmental conditions using state-of-the-art technology.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks British Columbia

There are a lot of options when it comes to seed banks right now but deciding which one to patronize should not be difficult. Reputable sellers won’t make ridiculous guarantees like one hundred percent of their seeds will germinate. However, they do make some kind of guarantee and provide remuneration up to that point. Weed Seeds, for example, has a ninety percent germination rate guarantee if our customers use the paper towel method. We also have a ninety-nine percent feminization rate guarantee on all of our feminized seeds. Seed banks that know their stuff will also be happy to share their knowledge with you. Our website is chock full of statistics on every strain we offer. The detailed information includes a flavour profile, potential effects, medical uses, the history of the strain, and how to successfully grow it. Professional seed banks should have a range of seeds that fit an eclectic mix of different growing styles as well as a highly specialized boutique line. They should be focused on helping you find the right strains for you, rather than making a fast sale. By offering all of the above is how Weed Seeds continues to impress and gain repeat customers. Our selection of more than five hundred strains is your library to the North American cannabis market. New cultivators appreciate our informative website and hard-to-beat deals. What keeps people coming back is our customer service, careful shipping, and quality products. When you want the complete package, why would you go anywhere else!

British Columbia’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

When it comes to buying marijuana seeds you have options, so you must choose wisely. It used to be that you had to meet up with a dude in a dark alley and trust that they or their guy had the goods. Now you can go to any number of dispensaries in British Columbia and pick up seeds for, usually, a small range of strains. The trouble with buying from dispensaries is that they aren’t always equipped to store seeds in ways that keep their genetic material safe. If the seeds get too warm, or if they are exposed to bright lights in a display case, the seed thinks it is time to hatch. If they are left open to the air and moisture, or handled improperly, they can even rot without showing outward signs of being non-viable.

Not only do we specialize in seed storage and shipment, but you don’t have to go anywhere to access our store. Day or night, holiday or weekdays, from anywhere in North America, we are here and ready to serve you. Skip the lines, the traffic, and the chore of putting on pants! You can order from Pot Seeds Canada from the comfort of your couch or bed! Our selection can’t be beaten, and our shipments tend to arrive in five to fourteen days. And just in case you like the human touch, we have a customer service line and email address so someone can help you! Navigating the cannabis landscape can be daunting, so let us guide you through your seed shopping journey.

British Columbia’s Best Canadian CBD Products

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component of weed that is used increasingly for its health and wellness applications. CBD is available in a wide range of formats. Most popular are oils, tinctures, topicals, and edibles. For localized pain, topical ointments are efficient. Oils and tinctures are ideal for steady use during the day, while edibles are perfect for when CBD is being deployed to banish a bad day or bring on a deep sleep. If you are accustomed to smoking and would still like a little bit of THC, many lower THC, high-CBD seeds are available. Many of these seeds produce crops with ratios of each cannabinoid that approach or even exceed, the one-to-one ratio of many oils. If you’d like to grow an abundance of CBD with virtually no THC, our traditional hemp plant seeds will do that! Check out our selection today!

How does CBD work? Well, rather than binding to our endocannabinoid receptors, as THC does, CBD works by supporting the cannabinoids our bodies already make. The endocannabinoid system is a vast network within our nervous system that helps regulate when we feel pleasure, pain, stress, sleepiness, and hunger. CBD doesn’t get people high and has virtually no misuse or addiction potential. Scientists believe this all-natural chemovar has some far-reaching applications. From treating frequent seizures and muscle spasms, to reducing migraines, and inflammatory pain, CBD has some prowess in the wellness department. For alleviating insomnia, settling upset stomachs and increasing appetites, and even stimulating libidos, CBD is a potent element.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in British Columbia

More and more people are finding healthier ways to ingest cannabis. Not everyone can handle smoking a blunt or even breathing in waterpipe cooled smoke but there are many alternatives to smoking! Oils can be cannabis concentrates you smoke but the extracts you put under your tongue can support many health issues. These are unflavoured carrier oils with isolated CBD, THC, or both. Oils are labeled with both a ratio and a milligram per gram amount of cannabinoids. A fifteen to one oil, for example, has fifteen milligrams of THC for every milligram of CBD and will have roughly fifteen milligrams of THC and one milligram of CBD per gram.

Gummies offer an easy ingestion method for people with a sweet tooth and a love of body highs. They are sold in BC with a maximum of ten milligrams of THC per package, but no legal limit of CBD. Gummies are generally divided into daytime and nighttime use, with energizing sativas recommended for the day and sleepy indicas for nighttime. Ten milligrams is a great starter dose for someone who has already built up a THC tolerance.

You can easily get a wide variety of strain and flavour-based cannabis vape juices in British Columbia. Flavours like Vanilla, Lemon Kush, Sour Apple, and Apricot Jelly are relatively inexpensive, low-impact health-wise, and require much less prepping than traditional smoking. Vapourizers that can adjust their temperatures and accommodate flowers are now produced as both hand-held and table-top devices, exposing users to a whole new world of weed. Terpene exploration has never been easier!

British Columbia’s Best Cannabis Accessories

From Vancouver Island to Golden, British Columbians love their weed and BC has long been home to all kinds of accessory shops. The paraphernalia you could only find in Gastown, or Marc Emery’s early protest shops is available everywhere. The best papers are unbleached, unflavoured, and made using one hundred percent Arabic gum glue. Most of these papers are made from hemp because they perform better and don’t interfere with the taste of your weed. Grinders are helpful tools for rolling joints and keeping sticky resin off of your fingers. The best are the three-chamber, screened ones that collect kief for later use. They also come as wooden or plastic disks for portability. Some even have smell-proof containers attached to them for portability! To keep your grinder working smoothly, grind a little bit of mullein and sage in it a few times a month.

Pipes are waterless mechanisms used to inhale burning cannabis fumes. Bongs and dab rigs use water and pipes to help filter the inhaled cannabis. The difference is that dab rigs are typically used to vapourize concentrates and bongs are used to smoke flowers or hash. High-quality pipes can be made using glass, wood, or metal with some added rubber pieces. Glass pipes can be cleaned easily with isopropyl and if done regularly, it can reduce the buildup of black tar resin that can make cannabis less tasty and harder to consume. It’s best to avoid any smoking apparatus made of plastic because they are typically quite low quality. Before you buy, you can try a new gadget at one of the many luxury vaporizer lounges in the upscale neighbourhoods of Vancouver.

Best Canadian Sativas in British Columbia 2022

The height of sativa genes can be found in our seed vault. We’ve got some recommendations for growing these leggy girls in BC. For towering bud colas, check out 3 Kings Sativa seeds. This uplifting and low-key strain packs seventeen to twenty-four percent THC. It can net growers up to seven hundred grams per plant outdoors, or around a pound per metre indoors, so long as it’s kept away from pests and molds. The child of Sour Diesel, Headband, and OG Kush, this pungent, earthy, pine, and diesel weed is rich in caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene.

Trainwreck seeds are finally available! This legendary West Coast strain was only circulating as clones for a long time, but not anymore. These plants can produce up to twenty percent THC and pack pinene, myrcene, and terpinolene into their frosted thick buds. The high is calming and relaxing for a sativa, with practical applications for anxiety and chronic pain. They make up to six hundred and fifty grams per plant in nine to eleven weeks.

Autoflowering Lemon seeds are perfect for folks who are good with nutrients but not lighting schedules. Lemon’s high is a creeper that starts out as a blissful uplight with plenty of clear-headedness thanks to the terpene limonene, before lulling the user into a potent body buzz relaxation courtesy of caryophyllene. AF Lemon plants’ can grow up to four hundred grams per square metre indoors or a hundred grams per plant outdoors. Your sativa adventures begin right here with Marijuana Seeds Canada!

Best Canadian Indicas in British Columbia 2022

For maximum relaxation, head for these dreamy indicas. More experienced growers can take some of the guesswork out of cultivating a hearty crop of sinsemilla with our Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds. This one is recommended for outdoor cultivation in hot, dry spaces like the Okanagan. It can net growers up to five hundred and fifty grams per plant in eight to ten weeks. With up to twenty percent THC, this high is used for anxiety, insomnia, and to ease pain, stress, and muscle spasms. It tastes earthy, with hints of pine and sweetness thanks to the terpenes caryophyllene and linalool.

As the name suggests, Big Bud Feminized seeds will have growers rolling in colossal colas in eight to ten weeks. With a harvest of up to seven hundred grams per plant that packs an intense twenty-four percent THC, this cross between Hindu Kush, Afghan, and Skunk is known for its delightfully relaxing high and long-lasting pain-killing effects. High in caryophyllene, linalool, and terpinolene, this strain mixes it up with earthy pepper and sweet grape flavours.

Autoflowering Chemdog Seeds are ideal for new growers who want potent weed but need plants that are resistant to the humid weather of the Pacific Northwest. The yields might not be gargantuan, at up to one-hundred grams outdoors or three-hundred and fifty per square metre indoors but this classic strain has up to twenty-one percent THC. The high is energetic and focused, yet suitable for pain management. Pot Seeds Canada makes your indica dreams a reality!

British Columbia’s Best THC Seeds

Whether you are looking for fast pain relief or potent highs, these super THC seeds have what it takes! A psychedelic strain with up to twenty-five percent THC, Autoflowering Quarter Pounder seeds are perfect for folks looking to battle chronic nerve pain, glaucoma, stress, and ADHD. It produces up to two-hundred grams per plant outdoors in ten to twelve weeks. The high is relaxing and soporific, with lots of laughs. The flavour of this one is a mix of sour citrus and cheesy soil.

If you are more of a balanced hybrid person, Gelato Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds bring the best of two of the last decade’s most major innovators. With outdoor yields hitting half a kilogram, this twenty-eight percent THC strain is potent in more than one way! It can tackle anything from PTSD and bipolar disorder to insomnia and stress. Packed with terpenes including caryophyllene, cedrene, humulene, and myrcene, this strain has a flavour that will remind you of a French breakfast platter of coffee, chocolate pastries, soft cheese, and a clove and menthol cigarette.

Bruce Banner Regular Seeds are unsexed for folks who need some powerful male energy. With a THC content of twenty-four to twenty-seven percent and a terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, BB tastes like a gasoline and fruit smoothie. It is mold-resistant and ideally used as a mood-lifter and anti-inflammatory. It can yield up to seven-hundred grams per plant outdoors in ten to twelve weeks! Marijuana Seeds has all the chronics shouting take us to your seed bank!

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In BC, Canada

Growing pot is a fabulous hobby for folks who like gardening and need some good weed. Despite outdated rumours to the contrary, weed can be incredibly easy to grow depending on your environmental conditions and your strain choice. Choosing the right seeds can get you on the train to fill your one-thousand-gram possession allowance without ever visiting a dispensary! Growing your own, you’ll not only be meeting your own needs but gaining some very lucrative work skills. The cannabis industry is one of North America’s fastest-growing markets, with new employment opportunities popping up all over the place. Many growers who are making big splashes in the industry now, started out as medical weed growers looking to alleviate their chronic pain. There are practical aspects to growing your own medicine or recreational weed, but the therapeutic effects of gardening can’t be understated. So why choose seeds instead of clones? Clones are more expensive and can come with a lot of uncertainty about their past. Seeds are the only ones that can grow the deep taproots that create delicious plants with high flower yields. Clones all have the same genetic material, and if they are susceptible to a pest or illness, you can lose a whole crop quickly. Seeds can also provide the genetic material for making your own strains. You do not have to be a botanist to crossbreed and create your perfect medicinal or recreational trip! BC is home to some savvy herbalists who know that pot seeds are the safest bet for a high-quality crop.

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Plan Your British Columbia Garden or Grow Op in Advance

It’s important to know in advance what type of growing environment you’re using. Outdoors, find a secure spot that gets plenty of sunshine. The location should be safe from interloping humans, herbivorous animals, pests, and mold. That might mean anything from a fence, greenhouse, and security cameras to companion planting of pest-deterring accessory crops. If the soil isn’t already fertile, preparing it and letting it mature is an essential step. The soil has to be at the right temperature and pH, which will change somewhat depending on the strain and life cycle of the plant. Generally between a pH of five and seven and a temperature of seventeen to twenty degrees celsius is ideal.

Indoors, the location needs to be secure, and sealed to prevent pests and infections. You will need power to support your lighting rig, ventilation, and perhaps watering timers.The space should be big enough to support whatever size of crop you intend to grow. Keep in mind that plants like to stay at least a foot away from all lights except LEDs due to heat. If the operation is hydroponic, you will want to make sure floors are well-secured against possible spills, and water hookups are close enough to not make reloading a chore. Seal up all alternate routes to both insects coming in and air escaping the space, If there are gaps in windows, doors, walls, and floors it can mean devastating intruders or overpowering scents escaping. At Weed Seeds we love helping new growers figure it all out, so contact us today for suggestions!

When To Sprout Marijuana Seeds in British Columbia

The best time to put your seeds outdoors in BC is in mid-May after the risk of frost has passed and the warm weather season begins. Your plants should have a strong, woody stalk and at least three pairs of true leaves by this point. Getting to this stage often requires sprouting two weeks to a month earlier depending on the strain. A few nights after the May long weekend, it should be fine to leave your plants out overnight. For germination, the paper towel method can begin with soaking the seeds in sterilized and distilled water for up to twenty-four hours first, though some people skip this step. Put a pristine piece of paper towel on a dinner plate and get it wet with sterilized and distilled water. It shouldn’t be wet enough to create puddles. Arrange the seeds on the paper towel with tweezers, and then cover them with another wet paper towel and another plate, tucking all of the paper towel corners in. Keep them in a warm, and dark place where they won’t be disturbed, adding a heating pad if needed. Check on them at least once a day, re-moistening the towels when they get dry. When sprouts are one centimetre long, transfer them to the beginning growing medium you’ve decided to use. Remember that sprouts can’t take nutrients or water in through their roots yet. They need a relative humidity of sixty-five to seventy percent and eighteen to twenty-four hours of light to grow up nice and tall.

Growing Weed in British Columbia

Weed has been a cash crop in BC since the late twentieth century. It was estimated to be a six billion dollar industry in 2018. Before legalization, the province was known particularly for its sweet island British Columbia skunk, made with love in the Gulf Islands, and the fabulous Kush strains of the dry interior regions. The Vietnam War and other conflicts in South Asia in the 1970s and 80s created a population of refugees, draft dodgers, and veterans who made new homes in southern BC, and they brought some treasured seed genetics. Strains that had been growing in Southeastern Asia for thousands of years were combined with the already plentiful genetic pool of the Middle Eastern, Caribbean, and Latin American landrace genetics coming from Mexico and California, making BC a weed melting pot and a cannabis culture hotspot.

The combination of mild winters, abundant sources of water, cheap hydroelectric power, lax law enforcement, and plenty of rural growing zones, make BC the perfect place for cannabis to flourish. For those living in the Kootenays, summer outdoor and greenhouse work is where it’s at. In the skyscrapers that dot the Lower Mainland, it’s more likely people are growing gobs of green in their closets or on their patios. Good strains for BC include Chemo, the aforementioned Island Sweet Skunk, BC God Bud, Barbara Bud, Rene, Blue Dream, Jedi Kush, Star Power, Pink Kush, Holy Grail Kush, Alien OG, and Citrus Haze. Autoflowers are recommended for all outdoor grows on the West Coast since they can handle a sudden summer downpour better than most photoperiod plants.

Harvesting in British Columbia

Harvesting in southwestern British Columbia happens in mid-October, just as temperatures start to dip and the autumn rain begins. Growers in the north and east might pull their crops in September or early October depending on what the weather is doing. Of course, all bets are off if the weather is particularly humid. The climate can be unpredictable in BC and crops are always threatened by a rain. Cultivators who grown outside may want to consider planting in pots so that they can be moved to a sheltered location if a nasty weather system is in the forecast.

The time of year is not a great indicator of whether or not the crop is truly finished, and for indoor growers, there will be different rules. There are exceptions to every rule, but most growers begin to harvest when the trichomes on their blossoms go from clear to milky. The best way to observe these changes is using a jeweler’s loupe magnifier. Peak THC happens when there is a vast majority of white trichomes with a few clear, yellow and orange mixed in. Yellow trichomes indicate that THC has degraded into CBN, which can lead to a less potent and more mellow high, which is ok if that’s what growers are after. Another way to tell is by the colour of pistil hairs. They will go from white to yellow and usually on to orange and a deeper red when they are ready. The hair might also become curlier during this stage.

Preserving and Storing Flower in British Columbia

Trimming is done wet or dry. Dry trimming is regarded as the gold standard for encouraging the most robust flavours, while dry trimming will help crops dry much faster. To dry trim, cut the whole plant and hang it upside down on a clothesline. Trim off any fan leaves or superfluous growth, leaving only stems and buds. Leave them hanging in a warm space with generous airflow, fifty percent humidity, and indirect light for up to ten days. Be sure to check on them every day. You can manicure the buds once they are dry. To wet trim, individually manicure buds as they come off of the plant and leave them on drying racks in a similar environment for two to five days. Buds are dry when their smallest twigs snap easily and cleanly. A balance is needed for this stage and if it is done too fast or too slow, your final product can suffer.

Curing can take three weeks to six months to work its magic. Fill mason jars two-thirds to three-quarters with buds, and then add a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity. Pop the lids for an hour or two every day for at least three weeks. If the jar is over seventy percent RH, take the buds out and shuffle them around. If they are below fifty-five, consider adding a moisture pack. If they are between sixty-five and fifty-five, you’ve done your job perfectly. Buds can be stored in a dark place with an airtight seal for up to six months and if they are going to be stored past that, it’s best to vacuum seal them.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Weed in British Columbia

The BC cannabis market is full of exciting new products right now, and we love demystifying them for our customers. Cannabis chocolates are popular thanks to their taste and potency, and studies have shown that combining pot with cocoa can make THC even more psychoactive. Most legal edibles have a maximum of ten milligrams of THC per package, though unofficial sites sell products with up to one thousand milligrams. These are often broken up into ten-milligram pieces since that is the suggested average dose.

Shatter is a potent alternative form of vaping cannabis and is so named due to its thin, glassy appearance, and the brittle manner in which it can be broken. It’s an extract, meaning it’s stronger than smoking flowers. It is often vaped in short, potent inhales called dabs that come in a range of textures and potencies, including shatter. It’s popular with users who like to vapourize cannabis while still getting a strong inhale. The range of temperatures used will strongly affect the taste and smell of the shatter.

Perfect for folks on the go, or if you have limited dexterity or joint-rolling skills, pre-rolls are a cheap way to enjoy a multitude of strains. They can also be a no-fuss way to have blunts of your favourite strains at the ready. Pre-rolled joints can come in ounce or half ounce-sized bags similar to tailor-made cigarettes. They are also available in 1.5-gram tubes, rolled into either one or three bat joints with inch-long paper tips.

British Columbia’s Cannabis Culture

The term BC Bud is now synonymous with British Columbian cannabis, but the moniker didn’t start with something you packed in a pipe! It was the name for a Vancouver-made lager in the 1930s and the beer represented some illicit during prohibition. While technically illegal for much of the twentieth century, cannabis was an important part of British Columbian culture. Before legalization in the early twenty-first century, more than half the province admitted to having tried cannabis in their lifetime when asked. Much of the cannabis culture in the province is connected to the influx of hippies and draft dodgers in the sixties, who hid out on BC’s rugged coast, and impenetrable interior making their livings from the black market of the late twentieth century. By 2004, British Columbia’s cannabis culture had been normalized, and accessory shops and cannabis-related events began to flourish.

British Columbia is home to the magazine Cannabis Culture published by the same activists who started the federal and provincial Marijuana Party in the late 1990s. The magazine is still going strong and is based out of a recently renovated headshop in downtown Vancouver. Cannabis Day, held on April 20, happens as both a rally at Thornton Park and a massive festival at English Bay. In 2019, the event attracted more than 150,000 people. It started in 1995 with just a few dozen freedom fighters and has grown to be one of the biggest cannabis celebrations in the world. Vancouver is considered one of the most stoner-friendly places in North America, if not the world, and a top destination for growers looking to learn about regional growing methods.

Buy Weed Seeds in BC, Canada

People over the age of nineteen in BC can possess up to one thousand grams of weed at a private residence, and carry up to thirty grams on their person in public. You can smoke weed in public but it is limited to places where tobacco smoking and vaping are permitted. Some establishments have designated smoking rooms and even some hotels permit weed consumption. It is illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis. It is also illegal to promote a business as a place to spend time during or after consuming cannabis. Stores selling weed in BC aren’t allowed to sell anything except cannabis-related products and weed. Although there is a centralized provincial dispensary where all stores are expected to get their stock, there are both provincial and privately run stores in BC. Cannabis can be sold as oils, tinctures, topicals, edibles, beverages, bath and body products, pet-focused CBD products, plants, and seeds.

British Columbians without a medical weed license can grow up to four plants per household. The plants can’t be visible from public places including streets and sidewalks, which some growers circumvent by using growing tents or greenhouses. The one thousand gram possession limit doesn’t include inflorescences that are still on a plant. Technically, growers are expected to buy their seeds from the government, though the gifting of cannabis and cannabis products between friends is considered acceptable, especially if your horticultural exploits end up netting you way more bud than you are allowed to hold!

Buy Medical Weed in British Columbia

Medicinal cannabis has been legal in BC since 2001, along with the rest of the country. Most prescription cannabis regulations are federally determined in the Cannabis Act. People who want to access medical weed can get a prescription from a health care practitioner. They can register to grow medicinal cannabis and are allowed more than four plants. It’s estimated that more than three-quarters of people who self-medicate with cannabis in British Columbia do so without a doctor’s note. There are still quite a few family physicians in the province who are not trained in medical marijuana. To help make prescription marijuana more accessible, Shoppers Drug Mart and a host of other public and private health-related enterprises provide referrals to qualified physicians who can prescribe cannabis. What is most important about the referral process is to find the right strain and ingestion method. Cannabis may be holistic, but health care providers need to make sure that there are no negative interactions between any other medications and the cannabis prescription that has been customized for the patient.

People registered can grow whatever amount their prescription allows plus the additional four cannabis plants they’re permitted to grow for non-medical purposes. Those who have been prescribed medical weed can consume it in public, including places where recreational use is prohibited but there are some guidelines. The user must be at one of the places for an important reason, the cannabis cannot be ingested by smoking it, and the user has to be carrying their medical weed card.

British Columbia’s History of Weed Legalization

Cannabis was made illegal in 1923 after a moral panic and an influential meeting of the League of Nations. The first crackdowns didn’t come until 1937, and heavy penalties started in 1961. Police in Vancouver regularly raided gardens and arrested people for smoking in public well into the seventies and eighties, even though public opinion began to change under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Enforcement of the laws became much spottier in the 1990s, as people began to see the medicinal benefits of weed. This culminated in the federal legalization of medical cannabis in 2001. At this point, many illicit cannabis smoking spaces, compassion clubs, and accessory shops opened in Vancouver with only occasional raids. Sensible BC began to advocate for the decriminalization of possession of small amounts of weed in 2012 when more than sixty percent of BC residents supported lifting restrictions.

The 2018 legalization in British Columbia was somewhat more complicated than in other provinces. The black market was estimated to be a six billion dollar per year industry, and while the government was interested in tapping the potential of that market, no one wanted to upset such a large and volatile market as the illegal cannabis trade. It was a tricky situation because BC was the producer of nearly forty percent of all Canada’s weed crops. Black market growers were encouraged to apply for licenses, while the lax enforcement in BC, compared to other places like Quebec, reduced conflict and upheaval as it transitioned into a very legal, accessible product.

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