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Buy Marijuana Seeds


Buy Marijuana Seeds

Buy Marijuana SeedsCannabis growers who buy marijuana seeds online from i49 Seed Bank prosper in many ways. The most obvious advantage our growers have is that they save a boatload of money. Some seed banks are known to charge as much as $500 for a handful of seeds. To put this in a word, we call it “rape.” There really is no other term more fitting to describe this shady practice. No matter how rare a batch of seeds is, there’s no way it’s worth that much money! i49 sells premium marijuana seeds at wholesale prices, and we’ve always got great discounts in our online store.

Get the Best Cannabis Seeds Online

Another benefit of buying marijuana seeds from i49 Seed Bank is that you get the best selection available online. We have seeds from a multitude of award-winning strains, and all of our seeds are hand-selected from the finest marijuana breeders in Canada. This means that your seeds will be fat, solid, dark, distinguished, and ready to germinate. All of our seeds – not just the feminized ones – have an 80%+ germination rate.

Categorized Seeds

To make the shopping experience easier for everyone, i49 has categorized our seeds in a way that even the most inexperienced growers can quickly locate the best seeds for their grow operations and make their purchases. Whether you want feminized seeds, auto-flower seeds, regular seeds, premium seeds, sampler packs, or any other marijuana seed products, you can find what you need at a price you will love right here, at i49 Seed Bank.

i49 Gives You Reliability and Convenience

An often overlooked yet significant benefit of purchasing your marijuana seeds from i49 is that you know that you will get what you paid for. i49 is a reputed cannabis seed distributor, and you can rely on us to deliver on time every time. Our shipments go out as soon as payments are processed, and overnight delivery is available for an additional fee. If for some reason you don’t receive your order in the mail, we’ll send you a replacement package at no additional cost to you.

Shop at i49 Seed Bank. You’ll save money, you’ll never have to worry about getting ripped off, and you get the convenience of having your marijuana seeds shipped directly to you. Further, all of our packages are discreet, and nobody will know what’s inside of your package. We will ship to any address.

Money-Back Guarantee

As mentioned, we will do anything needed to rectify a customer satisfaction issue. If you don’t receive your shipment or if you’re not satisfied with your order, we will take care of the problem. In the event we’re not able to resolve your complaint professionally, we’ll gladly refund all of your money. Fortunately, we’ve never had an unhappy customer yet. i49 knows that our reputation and longevity depend on your satisfaction, and we do all we can to give you great products you will be happy with. Buy marijuana seeds from i49 and see for yourself.

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