Buy Pot Seeds Online Canada


Buy Pot Seeds Online Canada

Buy Pot Seeds Online CanadaWhen you are thinking about growing your own marijuana, you will have your work cut out for you. After all, you have a lot of decisions to make regarding your grow space, the type of plants you would like to have, and where you are going to get your seeds. If you are thinking that you want to buy pot seeds online in Canada, you should also be thinking of the best types of seeds to get for your particular climate.

There are plenty of factors that you will want to take into consideration as you get started with cultivating and growing. Get to know your own climate, as this will make a major difference in the success level of your plants as well as the overall yield. Anyone who is in this realm will tell you that the marijuana varieties will come in all different shapes and sizes.

The variations of success with marijuana types will stem from the ability to grow in specific kinds of climates. Things like the length of exposure and light intensity will play a major role. You should also be thinking about things like altitude, temperature, and all of the seasonal changes that take place where you live. These are all things that will have an impact on your plants and your results with each crop.

Know Your Climate

Right out of the gate, any beginner looking to buy pot seeds online in Canada should know that all plants are not alike. If you happen to live in a tropical location, the plants will generally come out with smaller leaves but ample flowers. However, looking at areas like Asia will show you plants that will have larger leaves and buds that are much denser. Generally speaking, the differences in leaf size will also reflect elements like sunlight strength as well as consistency. Bigger leaves have evolved in areas that tend to have weaker light so that they can get as much sun as possible.

While this may seem superficial, climate and land can have a big impact when you are trying to decide which strain you would like to plant. When you have a climate that does not get much sunlight or it can be weak at times. You need to go with a strain that will usually have much larger leaves. For example, the Cannabis Indica seeds will usually give you greener colors and leaves that are rounder and feature marble patterns. With Cannabis Sativa, you will have plants that are a bit thinner and taller, with leaves that are pointy and without patterns.

If you are a beginner and you want to be able to find some of the easiest seeds to grow, we can help at I49. We feature auto-flowering seeds, which happen to be just right whether you have a garden that is indoors or outside. You can also count on our selection to have seeds that are proven strains that are excellent for first-time growers. When you know that you want to buy pot seeds online in Canada, we can be there to address any of the questions that you might have.

Buy Pot Seeds Online Canada

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