Buy Weed Seeds Canada


Buy Weed Seeds Canada

Buy Weed Seeds Canada

Buy weed seeds in Canada from one of the most respected seed banks in the world and save money on your very first order. You’ll love the wholesale prices on cannabis seeds sold on i49- and there’s a lot more to appreciate as well when you do business with i49. Not only are seeds guaranteed to arrive at your door in a discreet manner, but they are also guaranteed to perform as indicated. i49’s weed seeds will germinate and grow into plants of the correct strain as per our guarantee.

Sativa Seeds

We carry a nice selection of Sativa strain seeds, including some of the most popular names in the industry: Bruce banger, Critical Purple Kush, Big Bang, Sour Diesel, Blue Ice, Great White Shark, and so many others as well. Buy weed seeds in Canada from i49 that are feminized for superior success in growing. You can learn more about the benefits of growing feminized cannabis seeds when you check out our website’s free resources and growing tips- or by reaching out to one of our seed experts with your questions.

Indica Seeds

For customers who appreciate the effects of an indica strain, you’ll find we offer many options in our large and continuously growing inventory: Granny’s Medicine, Trainwreck, Zkittlez, Black Sugar, Alaskan Purple, BeanStock Fast, Cookies OG, Gelato OG, Northern Lights, and more. Try our Fast Sampler Pack of Indica seeds that includes 3 seeds from 3 different strains and 2 bonus seeds.

High CBD Content Cannabis Seeds

Certain marijuana strains are known for their high CBD content, highly prized by medical marijuana patients. We are proud to offer 7 strains known throughout the industry for their significant contribution to managing pain and other medical conditions. Click the ‘CBD Seeds’ link to find: Candy Cream, Dinamed CBD Plus, Granny’s Medicine, and others as well.

New to Growing?

First-time growers find our Easy-to-Grow inventory a great place to start when looking for the right kind of seeds to grow. We carry many indoor and outdoor seed strains that ensure your successful harvest. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at i49 if you need advice on choosing the best seeds for your growing environment- we’ll be happy to direct you to the perfect starter seeds and help you with your order. A few strains well-suited to new growers: Power Africa x MK Ultra, Gorilla Glue #4, Girl Scout Cookies c Jack Herer, White Widow, Early Durban Poison, and Mighty Mite.

Shop With Confidence at i49

Before you buy weed seeds in Canada from any other seed bank, consider our reputation as one of the most trustworthy seed banks in the world and place your order under our triple investment protection policy that guarantees delivery, guarantees germination of our seeds, and guarantees strain authenticity. Who shop on any other website when we have what you want right here- and we protect you from mishaps in shipping and growing.

Buy Weed Seeds Canada

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Weed Seeds Canada