Buy Weed Seeds Online Canada

Buy Weed Seeds Online Canada


Buy Weed Seeds Online Canada

Buy Weed Seeds Online Canada

Buy weed seeds online in Canada from i49 and grow your best cannabis crop to date. We have exactly what you’re looking for when shopping an online seed bank- including Sativa and Indica strains. We know that one of the biggest concerns when buying cannabis products on the internet is the worry about whether your items will arrive clearly identifiable to others in your community; we address this issue by shipping in discreet packaging and providing tracking from our door to yours.

How to Order

If you live in the US or Canada and are at least 18 years of age, you can place an order on i49. You won’t need a doctor’s medical waiver or marijuana card to buy weed seeds online in Canada from i49’s dispensary. We make it easy to order from us- use your credit card or choose another type of payment and we’ll have your order on its way in no time.

Benefits of Buying Our Feminized Seeds

We sell guaranteed feminized seeds that ensure every seed you plant will contribute to the harvest. Many of our customers tell us that the tradeoff of not being able to grow the following year’s crop from seeds from their plants is worth it in terms of yield. We’re sure you’ll prefer growing our autoflower seeds versus any other seeds you may have used in the past.

Autoflower Seed Benefits

Instead of having to alter the daylight to darkness ratio while growing your cannabis plants, our autoflower seeds are easier to grow by far. You’ll see an average cycle from seed to harvest of around 8-9 weeks! Plants will begin to autoflower within about three weeks of planting seeds.

Individual Strains or Sample Packs?

We carry an exhaustive inventory of both Indica and Sativa strains of cannabis seeds, allowing our customers to pick and choose the precise types of marijuana they wish to grow. If you prefer a mix of the most popular strains, you might instead decide to take a look at our Sample Packs that include 11 seeds from 3 or more strains. Our Sample Packs are a hot item in our inventory and are currently sale priced for exceptional value. See our Autoflower Sample Pack, Fast Sample Pack, and California Sample Pack.

Checkout With Confidence

Buy weed seeds online in Canada with zero-worries or hassles when you shop i49’s online seed bank. Bitcoin payments prove to be a problem for many cannabis product customers, which is why we have chosen to make an industry-leading change in the way we process seed payments. Most dispensaries still won’t accept credit cards; however, we feel it’s in our best interest to make paying for your seeds a convenient process; in fact, we recommend credit card payments as the easiest way to check out on our website.

Remember our i49 triple guarantee that promises:

  1. 100% germination of your seeds- no exceptions!
  2. 100% feminization of every seed you purchase from us
  3. 100% guaranteed delivery of your order

Buy Weed Seeds Online Canada

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