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What are the best Canadian seed banks to buy from online?

If you are seeking the best seed banks Canada has access to, then a simple google search is all you need to get the rabbit hole opened! Canadian cannabis seed companies are popping up throughout the country, but most people are still having trouble finding Canadian Seed banks that carry a wide enough selection. Our online is the largest Marijuana seed bank Canadians have direct and fast access to. There are no memberships or fees needed to join our online dispensary. You need only a physical mailing address in Canada and one of our accepted methods of payment (see FAQ page). Many brick and mortar stores can only afford to stock up to 5 to 10 varieties of seeds at a given time. We have hundreds and hundreds of quality Canadian seeds for shipping Canada-wide. Pretty hard to include every option in a Canadian seed banks listings, but we can mention a few like Upper Canada Seed bank, Vancouver Seed bank, and True North Seedbank. We can’t really say anything positive or negative about these companies because we have never been customers. Why shop elsewhere when i49 gives the most bang for your buck? Just check out our reviews.

Where to find the best weed seed banks in Canada? Top-end seeds at low-end prices.

If you are a Canadian cannabis grower or a veggie farmer looking to switch out your wheat or canola career for a future in hemp, check out our seeds! If you are a stoner that wants to take control of your own 420 costs and just start growing yourself – check our Canadian seed banks listings of amazing marijuana strains. You may find dispensaries spread throughout our country, but usually you will find limited strain choices in the brick and mortar establishments. The best seed banks in Canada should offer you more than just a dozen different strains. Our established Canadian seed bank serves the citizens of Canada with quality viable seeds that are guaranteed to germinate! If you have an issue where you don’t see at least an 80% germination rate in your seeds (*excludes 100 & 500 packs), please see our i49 germination form here. We deal with germination feedback on a case by case basis so please be patient while our staff evaluates your situation. If your Blue Dream seeds or GSC seeds haven’t sprouted in 7 days, that might be the time you want to reach out and seek some additional advice from our customer care team.

Canada Seed BankTrust i49’s Canada Seed Bank with your next marijuana seed order and see why more local growers look to us for consistent results when growing cannabis. Our commitment to supplying the growing industry with the best seeds obtainable means your next crop will be the best one to date. Our autoflower, feminized seeds eliminate the need to move your plants from one growing environment to another or manipulate daylight to induce flowering.

Why More Growers Shop With Us

As legislation regarding cannabis continues to make it easier to buy and sell Canadian cannabis seeds over the Web, more and more sites are claiming they’ve been in the industry for years when it’s obvious they’re new to the business. Our reputation as a Canada seed bank is recognized by growers as an indication that we stand behind our seeds- in fact, our triple guarantee speaks to our commitment to your growing experience. Your investment at i49 is protected in the following ways:

We Focus on Your Success

Ultimately, if you’re not satisfied with the performance of your seeds, it will reflect on our reputation. For this reason, we back up our cannabis seeds with one of the strongest protection policies you’ll find on the internet. Please contact us if you have concerns about your order. Along with our commitment to ensuring you receive the seeds you ordered, we also ship bonus seeds in Canada with each order.

Try Our Seeds For Canadians’ Out

Purchase one of our new Sampler Packs and see why so many other growers look to us for high yield crops year after year. You’ll find the best values available on our Canada Seed Bank Sampler Packs with bonus seeds in every pack. Select AutoFlower Sampler, Fast Sampler, or California Sampler- you’ll find information and details about the strains in each pack by clicking on the product’s name. i49 Seed experts are available to help you choose the right type of seeds when you call our number.

Growing Tips, Info, & More

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) to find helpful articles and information on growing the best crop of your life from i49’s seeds. You’ll also find details on our delivery process, our discreet packaging promise, and other information you may be looking for before you place an order with us.

Browse Strains

We’re not just the most respected Canadian seed bank on the Web, we are considered a top supplier of cannabis seeds that are easy-to-grow, guaranteed to flower, and produce a higher yield when compared with standard seeds. You’ll find more to love at i49 when planning next year’s cannabis crop- and your purchase is 100% secured, guaranteed, and protected against fraud.

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