The Best Cannabis Seeds in Canada 2022

The key to a solid foundation in every home grow is a premium pot seed. You might be asking yourself what exactly makes one cannabis seed better than the rest. There are a few noteworthy visual traits to look for when purchasing your superior seeds. Their shells should be hard, dark, and shiny. Ideally, seeds should be stored in optimal environmental conditions, so they remain stable and able to easily and successfully germinate. Quality genetics play a huge role when it comes to seeds. Weed Seeds Canada provides seeds with unadulterated genetics so you can count on them delivering exactly what you expect in terms of powerful bouquet, diverse flavour profile, and potent effects. The best seeds will grow into plants that are easy to cultivate and that develop a plethora of sticky buds. The flowers will ooze with resin-rich healing terpenes and the therapeutic benefits will be abundant and far-reaching. Ultimately, every primo seed from Marijuana Seeds Canada will be sourced from a reputable grower and will germinate and flourish into a heavy-hitting, powerhouse herb. Knowing this, all that is left to do is sift through the various categories to find the strain with the most suitable traits to cater to your preferences and needs. You can opt for a sedating indica, an uplifting sativa, or a combination of each in a hybrid cultivar that will perfectly accompany whatever activity you partner with weed. If you need a boost of energy in the morning and a sedative to get you to sleep, try growing a few different strains.

Buying From a Reputable Seed Bank

If you are looking for an exceptional seed bank with a vast selection of Grade-A pot seeds that can be ordered with ease, you have found a superb resource in the Weed Seeds virtual shop. Just ask any of our loyal customers! We carry more than 500 different strains and have them divided up based on their attributes. With solid genetics, our seeds are stable and guaranteed to germinate. We have auto-flowering options for gardeners who do not want to toil in the soil more than they need to. These plants will flower without the specific light environment that is necessary for photoperiod strains. Our regular seeds will grow into a mix of male and female plants for seed production, and our feminized seeds will make it simple to effectively use your grow space to secure a large stash of gooey buds. There are sativa, indica, and hybrid options, as well as high THC strains for a dreamy high. Plant a CBD-laden strain for a healing herb garden that will provide therapeutic relief without the psychedelic cerebral effects. Once you have added whichever seeds you desire into your virtual cart, we offer a myriad of secure payment options to assist you in completing your purchase. We have cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, plus we accept major credit cards, debit, Zelle, and Venmo when you process your order over the phone. With a few clicks, your seeds will be making their way to your doorstep!

Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

There are some obvious benefits to purchasing your seeds online, rather than in a physical shop. First off, in this day and age, the controlled spaces, physical distancing, and face coverings make in-store shopping a little less fun. You can’t beat a virtual store you can browse through at your leisure from the comfort of your home. The Weed Seeds catalogue has detailed descriptions of each seed option so you can read through what to expect from the plants and buds that burgeon from your seeds. This abundance of information should help you comfortably select the best strain to suit your needs and preferences, so you are not disappointed with the fruits of your labour. Perhaps a lesser-known advantage of purchasing through a virtual space is that the seeds are stored in a temperature, moisture, and light-controlled environment when they wait in our warehouse for your selection. This helps them remain stable, which ensures a higher level of germination success than might be found through seeds purchased in a physical store. You might be concerned about missing out on the opportunity to speak to, and ask questions of a store clerk when you purchase online but the reality is, you can give us a call or send us a note and one of our educated and passionate team members would be more than happy to assist you! We can even process payment over the phone if the idea of entering your information into a computer does not sit well.

The Best Canadian CBD Products

CBD products have a higher concentration of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD, in their makeup. You can find cannabis flower with this constitution, or you can make and buy concentrates, oils, edibles, and topicals that have large quantities of this ingredient, paired with smaller levels of the psychoactive THC. Many strains and products on the market have high THC content and minuscule CBD levels. These are known and loved by recreational tokers for their powerful cerebral effects, whereas CBD-heavy products are better known for providing reprieve to various medical conditions without the spacey high. These are favoured by medical patients who dose daily with CBD because they can experience relief as they navigate their normal daily obligations or routine. There is evidence that CBD can support a long and ever-expanding list of health ailments, including chronic and arthritic pain, migraines, and movement disorders like epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. It has also been shown to provide aid for those who struggle with psychological conditions. By calming and uplifting the mind, these strains can assist with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. An entire section dedicated to these medical-grade seeds can be found on our website. Every option includes a list of health benefits that you can expect from a strain. When you grow cannabis at home, you have more control over whether or not you have steady access to your medicine and you are in charge of the food that your plants eat.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Canada

There are plenty of companies making and selling mouth-watering treats and delicious smokable oils, but it is not difficult to make your own at home. When you purchase premium pot seeds that grow into impeccable plants with massive, dense buds that sparkle with a layer of terpene-rich trichomes, you can make the best oils and edibles. The thicker the resin, the more terpenes the plant will deliver into the system. These are responsible for many of the therapeutic benefits that are offered through pot use, and they are also the element that brings the diverse range of delicious flavours to the buds. Decarboxylating the flowers is the first step in making oils, tinctures, and butter. By decarboxylating, or baking the plant, you activate the cannabinoids. This results in a concentrated product that serves to bring potent effects to users. If you prefer to eat your marijuana, you can use a lower grade of herb or even plant cuttings with equally powerful results. The way the body absorbs and processes the cannabis plant when ingested is different than when smoked. A smaller amount can have more intense effects, so you can reserve your premium bud for bong sessions and use the leftovers to make your treats. Plus, when you make edibles like brownies, gummies, and candies, you can mask the flavor of baked cannabis with whatever flavours you prefer. Why not satisfy those cravings that come about from your bong session with some homemade infused goodies.

The Best Cannabis Accessories in Canada

When you are happy to simply smoke a joint, there are minimal tools you need to enjoy your session. The only necessary purchase is papers, though a grinder can help you bust up your buds without getting your fingers coated with sticky resin. Nowadays, you can find all types of papers. Hemp paper is popular, and some have been infused with flavours to bring some pizazz to your session. If you prefer to explore a smoother smoking experience, there are a variety of other tools at your disposal. Pipes are a convenient option because they are generally quite small and easy to carry. By placing a screen in the bowl under your flower, you inhale less ash and plant matter into your lungs. Bongs are the next step up, and they filter the smoke even further by passing it through the bubbling water. You can take bigger puffs and experience powerful effects quickly when you pack a bong with your homegrown chronic! Dab rigs are comparable to bongs, but they are used for indulging in a session with concentrates and oils. These products isolate the potent cannabinoids and terpenes from the rest of the plant material so one hit can be all you need to experience the full range of benefits from your chosen strain. Physical and virtual dispensaries will sell these items and they will come in a myriad of colors and materials. You can choose your favourites and personalize your paraphernalia!

Best Sativas in Canada 2022

Sativa strains are known for their energizing effects. They can get you up better than a cup of coffee in the morning and they are best reserved for daytime use. We offer plenty of sativa options but here are a few crowd-pleasers that are worth exploring for your home grow. Original Lemon Pie Feminized seeds are a mix of two powerhouse favorites, Amnesia Haze and Skunk #1. These hardy plants with their thick stalks and frosty buds are known for filling the air with the scent of sweet earth and tangy citrus. Citrus odors are known for both calming and uplifting the mind and body, which is exactly what this delectable herb is famous for. Sugar Fruit Feminized seeds are another superb option, and they hold the genetics of Juicy Fruit and Sugar Kush. The result is an offspring that offers an uplifting, happy high alongside a soothing indica body stone. The mouth-watering flavour combination of sour cherry and citrus zest further adds to this bud’s appeal. Another stimulating herb that has a unique and complex flavor profile is born from Sour Diesel Feminized seeds. This genetic combination of Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91 emits a powerful aroma that acts as an appropriate precursor to a potent high. Hints of chemicals, diesel fuel, and skunk are mixed with pleasant notes of citrus, herbs, and spice. The generous yields of glittery nugs are enough for these babies to warrant a space in any home operation.

Best Indicas in Canada 2022

If you would prefer a nice treat for an evening session, try one of these impeccable indicas. These strains are known for couch-locking and leading even the most troubled insomniacs to sleep, so they are often sought after for evening toking. Afghan Feminized seeds hail from the Hindu Kush region of Northern Asia. This is a pure indica that tastes of grape, pine needles, and spice and delivers strong, relaxing, and ultimately sedating effects. This herb has a high THC content that kicks it off with a euphoric buzz and it holds the therapeutic potential to mitigate mental and physical struggles. Pure Indica Feminized seeds are another option for a 100% indica strain. These will grow into a fruity-smelling herb that mixes the sweetness of berries with the tang of lemon and pine. Floral notes of rose add even more allure to this bouquet. Such a complex aroma is indicative of its hefty terpene profile, and the aficionados know this also means the herb has some far-reaching and diverse therapeutic potential. If you want a plant that will grow easily, produce massive yields, and provide a wonderfully balanced blend of mental euphoria and bodily sedation, try Maple Leaf Feminized seeds. A rich terpene profile lends to the profound healing potential of this strain. A diverse flavour combination is delivered on buttery smoke that tastes like berry, citrus, vanilla, and wood. The name of this strain was chosen because the leaves share a similar aesthetic to the gorgeous leaves of the maple tree.

The Best THC Seeds in Canada

The cannabis plant has two main active cannabinoids that contribute to the experience of smoking a joint. THC is the psychoactive component that is responsible for the euphoric, giggly, and spacey stone that is commonly experienced when folks indulge in a session. Some strains have higher than average levels and are well-loved by the veteran tokers, or anyone else looking for an intense experience. Grease Monkey Feminized seeds are a great option for anyone looking to add one of these powerhouses to their operation. It carries a THC content of a whopping 30%. A single puff will be enough for most to be sent into a joyful ride through dreamy euphoria. Shiskaberry Feminized seeds are another superb choice with THC levels at about 23%. This is an indica-dominant herb so users will experience a clear-headed cerebral buzz that is well paired with a soothing body stone. This delightful combination offers a reprieve from pain conditions and mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression. We also recommend Star Killer Feminized seeds. This award-winning strain combines the genetics of the infamous Skywalker OG and Rare Darkness #2. This plant has a few more growing needs than other options, but it is worth the effort for the massive yields, the 28% THC content, and the delicious flavour profile of earth, lemon, skunk, and spice. You will find these options, and plenty more, under the THC seed section of the Weed Seeds site.

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In Canada

Cultivating your own plants can be done in a couple of different ways. You could purchase clones and skip the early growth stages, or you can grow from seed. Clones might seem easier but there are some risks and limitations to this option. You will only have access to the variety of plants available in your area, and you have the potential of bringing issues from other grow spaces into your operation with clones. Opting to grow from seed has some major advantages that make it a top choice in our books. First of all, there are a plethora of amazing options available. You can find strains that will perfectly fulfill your preferences and address all your needs and desires. When you purchase from a reputable company like Weed Seeds, you are getting your hands on premium seeds that are well cared for. Because they are stored in the perfect environment, they are guaranteed to germinate. You can confidently use whatever method you prefer to sprout your new seeds knowing that these fresh plants will not carry pests or diseases. There are easy grow options that will not require a lot of fuss to nourish in the early stages but if you choose one of the more complicated strains, you simply need to prepare your space in advance to support them and meet their needs. We provide all of the necessary information to assist you in successfully nourishing your plants. Our informative blog has tips and tricks for growing the best cannabis!

Plan Your Garden/ Grow Op in Advance

Before you start to browse through the extensive list of seed options available through the WS virtual seed bank, you will want to pause and reflect on your space, your level of previous growing experience and expertise, and your growing goals. You should choose a seed based on whether you will be growing indoors or out in the garden. Also consider what kind of equipment you need, and what sort of budget you have to work with. If your option is a shady balcony and you are working with a small monetary investment, you might want to take a look at cheap Autoflowering seeds Canada. These will not require a specific light environment to flourish and can be purchased without breaking the bank. If you have the growing goal of cultivating seeds that you can use for future operations, rather than needing to buy new seeds every time you restock your stash, you will want to browse through regular seeds. These grow into a mix of male and female plants which pollinate and generate harvestable seeds. If you are hunting for a strain that will relieve your health struggles, then stick to the CBD-heavy or medical seeds section and make sure your ailment is on the list of applications. We have the seeds that can meet the needs of your space but determining the specifics of your unique grow operation will help you find the most ideal seeds to nourish in your space.

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Canada

Sprouting seeds can be done in several ways but the most popular is the paper towel technique. This can be done using a few items around the house and it provides excellent results in a short period. Grab a couple of paper towels, some pure water, and a couple of dinner plates and you are ready to get started! Damper a towel and place it on a plate to begin. Then, using tweezers or something that keeps the oils from your fingers from getting onto your seeds, spread the seeds out about an inch apart. Cover them with a second towel and sandwich them by placing the second plate face down over top. This holds the optimal temperature and humidity levels to assist your plants in busting free of their shells. You can also buy tools, such as soil cubes to aid in this process. With the cubes, you simply press a seed into the soil, keep it moist, and, once the plant sprouts, transplant the whole unit into the plant’s forever plot. The ideal time of year to get this process started is late spring. It is not uncommon to have freak storms throughout the spring months in Canada, so waiting until May will give your plants the consistent climate required to start them strong and healthy. If you are growing indoors, you have the benefit of starting anytime and growing year-round because you can curate the finest conditions with your grow equipment.

Growing Cannabis in Canada

The best growing practices will depend on the strains you select for your grow operation. Different genetics require different environments, so a little research will be necessary to know how to get the most from your seeds. When you opt to purchase cannibis seeds canada through Weed Seeds, you are getting superior seeds that are sure to germinate. This is the best start you could ask for, and from here you just need to learn how to best support the specific strain. We provide growing tips for each strain write-up, and we also have an informative blog with information on implementing various grow mediums, equipment, and techniques. There are a few methods you can use to boost your plant’s production including the Sea of Green (SOG) and the Screen of Green (SAcrOG). Both of these techniques involve spreading out the upper canopy of your plants, and the latter along a screen. This allows light and air to reach the lower branches which increases the number of bud sites and leads to heftier harvests. Using hydroponics, where the necessary nutrients your plants need to thrive are delivered via running water, will also work to increase the speed of their life cycle and enhance their bud production. If you are growing indoors, you can use different hued lights to strengthen the vegetative development of your plants and increase their yields. Certain mediums can also be used to ensure they are getting all the vital nutrients to create healthy plants with potent buds.

Harvesting in Canada

Harvest time will depend on whether you are growing inside or outdoors. An indoor operation allows you to curate the perfect environmental conditions for any plant to grow all year round. This means you can harvest throughout the year without the risk of cold snaps damaging your crops. If you choose to grow in the garden, you are confined to the growing season. Generally, the spring is warm, summer is hot, and the fall is cool and damp. Spring is the time to plant your sprouted seedlings. The building light and heat throughout the season will assist your plants in developing hardy stocks and lush foliage through their vegetation period. As the summer nears its end, the shorter days and cooler nights will encourage the flowering of your plants. You can expect that their buds will be mature and ready to harvest around October. This is the optimal time to cut and start the curing process before the first cold snaps and glimpses of frost threaten to damage your buds. If you are in an area where the cold sets in a bit earlier, you could choose a fast flowering or auto-flowering strain. These will move through their life cycle faster, and hopefully, reach maturity within the growing window in your area. You can tell that your plants are ready for harvest by some visual cues. The trichomes will take on a milky hue and the calyxes will be swollen and plump when the plant is mature. Once the buds are ready for collection, you can cut the branches and hang them to begin curing your plants.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Canada

Through Weed Seeds, you can find some of the cheapest cannabis seeds canada. We do not compromise the quality of these bargain-bin seeds, so you can get Grade-A seeds at reasonable prices. When you start your garden off on the right foot with stellar seeds you will be rewarded with premium weed but there are a few steps to get there! You do not want to invest in premium seeds, spend your time growing a beautiful, heavy-yielding plant, and then harvest its generous, potent buds, just to lose your collection to improper curing or storing practices. This part of the process is equally important so make sure to take your time learning the best techniques for preserving your stash. Curing involves hanging your plants to dry. Depending on the temperature and humidity levels of the space, it could be better to trim the excess leaves off before they cure, or leave them on to slow the process. Once the flowers are dried and trimmed, you will want to keep them in the optimal conditions to avoid mould, mildew, or deterioration that ultimately leads to a decrease in potency. Light, temperature, and humidity play just as much of a role in the storing stage as they do throughout the growing cycle. For optimal storage conditions, you should use an airtight container and keep it in a dark room. You can purchase odorless containers that block the light and maintain the optimal temperatures if you prefer, or you can simply stick your flowers in a mason jar and keep it in a rarely opened cupboard! Just like a well-aged wine, there is something unique about a well-cured cannabis crop.

Smoking Cannabis in Canada

Some might think that smoking cannabis is the only option for using this wonderfully powerful and healing plant. THC flower brings powerful psychoactive effects and CBD bud can serve up some profoundly therapeutic benefits. Though a session with a joint, pipe, or bong is still a popular consumption method amongst weed aficionados, there are several other ways to use the marijuana plant. Folks who are leaning on the therapeutic value of cannabis often opt to consume it in other ways since smoking can be hard on the lungs and cause other issues. Edibles are a popular option, as they come in precise doses and can come with heavy-THC or high-CBD levels depending on what you need. You can find sweet and savoury options that can be consumed at your leisure. Cannabis-infused drinks are a great choice for medicinal users as they have low doses that take the edge off of physical discomforts without sending folks into an intense cognitive buzz. Topicals are another hot ticket item. A variety of products adorn the shelves of dispensaries around the country and are the focus of countless DIY adventures. These creams, lotions, and salves are ideal for people using cannabis to manage pain. They can be applied to the problem area and will absorb into the skin to soothe muscle aches and joint discomfort. These will not get you high, so they are a superb choice for daytime use when you must be able to function normally, especially in the board room!

Cannabis Culture in Canada

Humans have been using the marijuana plant for more than 2,500 years and the push is on to destigmatize its reputation as a gateway to hardcore drugs. Canada was one of the first countries to legalize cannabis use, possession, and cultivation. The announcement was officially made on April 20, 2016, and the synchronicity of this monumental moment falling on 4/20 was not missed by countless cannabis fans! Recreational and medical use of the cannabis plant is widespread in Canada and cannabis culture is everywhere. Dispensaries sell a huge range of products, and they are popping up in various cities throughout the country. However, despite the shift, there seems to be a decrease in use, both in teens and adults, since legalization. Canada has a strong culture around cannabis, especially in British Columbia. BC bud is recognized around the globe and is considered to be some of the very best! Marijuana legalization does not mean that everyone is on board. Many folks still consider getting high to be unethical and the stigma around drug use and addiction still prevails in the minds of some. With legalization comes public forums for research, discussion, and education. As more light is shed on cannabis, its constituents, and its potential therapeutic benefits, more widespread acceptance and appreciation will likely develop. Now that cannabis has come out of hiding, opportunities to play with isolating, concentrating, and making new products abound. Edibles, topicals, and vape oils are awesome options, and the plethora of choices is likely to continue to expand!

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Marijuana is approved for use in Canada, both medically and recreationally, as of June 2018. It is no big surprise that buying cannabis seeds is also completely legal, though the specific rules and regulations around possession and cultivation can vary quite a bit from province to province. You can stock up on all the seeds you could ever need through the Pot Seeds Canada virtual seed bank and grow your own collection of buds at home. Depending on which province you are in, the legal age and number of seeds and plants that can be in your home grow will vary. In Alberta, an adult, at or over the age of 18, is permitted to grow four plants. While it might not sound like a lot, the number of nugs you can get from these few plants will be more than enough to keep your bong sessions going! In British Columbia, you can grow plants at home but only out of the public eye. Even indoor operations need to be contained so the smell does not seep out into your environment and alert the neighbours to your activities. If you want to grow, make sure to do research into the specifics of a home operation in your province. Once you know the guidelines, you are free to grow multiple plants to stock up your homegrown stash! If you prefer the larger scale, check out the regulations for a commercial grow and stock up on autoflower seeds canada bulk. We provide large quantities at wholesale prices to help you get going on your industry operation!

Buying Medical Cannabis in Canada

Medical marijuana use was legalized nationwide in July 2001. The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations was issued by Health Canada in 2016 and with appropriate licensing and documentation, you can purchase, possess and cultivate this alternative medicine. The method of consumption, for instance, smoking, vapourizing, or consuming orally, will depend on your ailment. There are several conditions that are recognized and approved for medical use, including but not limited to, multiple sclerosis and other movement disorders, chronic neuropathic pain, insomnia, and psychological issues like depression. It is also effective in mitigating nausea and vomiting from harsh chemotherapy treatments. Ultimately, any condition or symptom that your healthcare practitioner believes would benefit from pot use is eligible for a prescription. You need this prescription from your doctor, who will determine the appropriate dose and style of use to suit your particular diagnosis. You can buy directly from a licensed seller or register with Health Canada to produce a limited amount of flower for personal consumption. The possession of your product is unlimited at home and restricted in public, and the amount you can have on your person will depend on the regulations of your province. Throughout most of the country, the legal age is 19, but in Quebec, it is 21 and in Alberta, it is 18. There are variations throughout the country, so you will want to check out the stipulations in your area to make sure you are within the legal confines of medical use.

CBG Seeds Canada

Above, we have spoken a bit about the two main active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, THC and CBD. However, there are plenty of others, roughly 120, that receive less recognition. In this long list of lesser-known ingredients, you will find cannabigerol or CBG. This is sometimes called the mother of all cannabinoids because it is present and dominant in the early stages of the plant’s life and is converted to the more well-known THC and CBD as the plant matures. It is comparable to CBD, in that it does not get the user high, and it delivers some noteworthy therapeutic value to the medical cannabis world. It interacts with different receptors in the brain, which makes it more effective in specific conditions such as hypertension. Despite its isolation by scientists in 1964, there has been less research into the healing potential of CBG. It is being explored as a helpful tool in the treatment of a myriad of conditions including dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and more. So far, it is proving to be a valuable support for diabetics and folks struggling with ALS and Huntington’s disease. Purchasing strains that are CBG-heavy allows you to use the flower in the management of various symptoms without being too stoned to function in your normal life. You can find relief while maintaining the mental clarity required to work or attend to other aspects of your daily existence!

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