Canadian Cannabis Seeds

Canadian Cannabis Seeds


Canadian Cannabis Seeds

Canadian Cannabis SeedsDid you know you can purchase authentic Canadian cannabis seeds online from i49? Many people are still unaware that it’s 100% legal to buy marijuana seeds from our seed bank and are still making that long drive to a dispensary across state lines or the US/Canada border. It’s never been easier to select and pay for cannabis seeds without leaving the comfort of your home.

Here’s Why We’re  a Reliable Source for Cannabis Seeds

Unlike other weed banks that only carry standard marijuana seeds, our cannabis seeds are autoflower so that anyone can grow them- even first-time growers. You may have heard stories about how tricky it is to move plants during certain times of the growing season or having to black out the sunlight for a particular length of time; that’s not necessary with autoflower seeds.

A Bigger Harvest With Less Space

i49 Canadian cannabis seeds are guaranteed for 100% feminization, which means every marijuana plant in your garden or growing space is dedicated to contributing to the harvest. You won’t have to waste time, water, fertilizers, or space in your garden to male plants that do nothing besides fertilizing female plants. Every seed will grow into a plant that will produce- in fact, we guarantee the feminization of every seed.

Professional Growing Tips

Contact our staff at i49 for professional advice and tips on growing a profitable cannabis crop this coming season. We’re available by phone to answer questions about our Canadian cannabis seeds and offer our expert recommendations on which seeds would be best for your growing environment. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us- we’d love the opportunity to offer our expertise.

High THC and CBD Seeds

Our extensive inventory of cannabis seeds includes strains that are renown for having a high THC or high CBD content. Click the ‘View Seed Details’ link in each strain’s description page to learn more about its unique qualities. If you’re interested in growing specifically for medical use or recreational use, you’ll find a lot of information to help you select the right strain.

Our FAQs Section

If you’re new to growing or it’s your first time buying cannabis seeds over the Web, you’ll naturally have a lot of unanswered questions. Our FAQ page can answer many or all of them for you, including questions about our payment options, delivery, and our industry-leading triple guarantee. If you’re just looking around our website and are not sure where to start, our FAQ page is a great place to learn more about us and how we protect your investment.

Trust Us For Quality

You could buy cannabis seeds from a variety of sources and hope that some or most of your seeds germinate and grow to producing plants- or you can buy from i49 with our 100% guarantee that your seeds will germinate, that all seeds are autoflower, and that your order will be delivered to your location in discreet packaging to protect your identity.

Canadian Cannabis Seeds

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Canadian Cannabis Seeds