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Cannabis Seedbank

You’ll find the latest marijuana strains available for sale online at i49 cannabis seedbank. Whether you’re growing for profit or for medicinal purposes, we have what you’re looking for in our long and growing list of strains. In our seedbank, you’ll find numerous favorite strains and many you’ve probably never heard of up until now. If you need help making a decision on which type of seeds to grow in your garden or indoor growing room, give us a call, and we’ll help.

Why i49?

The reasons couldn’t be more apparent- if you’re interested in a high return on your investment our seeds are a’first choice’ for many seasoned growers and gardeners. We work hard to bring our customers the strains most sought after by growers across the globe. We ship seeds to growers in Canada, the US, Europe, and throughout the world, offering exceptional value on easy-to-grow Indica and Sativa strain seeds. Trust us for discreet delivery, germination, and productivity.

High Yield Seeds

We’ve carefully chosen strains for our cannabis seedbank that routinely perform well and deliver a high yield during harvest. Browse our inventory to find seeds for many particular growing environments and requirements:

  • Sativa Seeds
  • Indica Seeds
  • Hybrid Seeds
  • Feminized Seeds
  • Autoflower Seeds
  • Easy-to-Grow Seeds
  • Wholesale Seeds
  • Outdoor & Indoor Seeds
  • Premium Seeds
  • CBD Seeds
  • THC Seeds

Affordable Seeds For Your Garden

Can you think of a single reason to pay more for marijuana seeds than is necessary? We offer top-grade cannabis seeds at some of the best prices available online, many of which you may not find elsewhere. When it comes to sourcing difficult-to-locate strains, we are considered experts in the industry. Shop with us to discover:

  • Granny’s Medicine
  • Dinamed CBD Plus
  • BeanStock Fast
  • Zkittlez
  • Candy Cream
  • And other high CBD-content seeds

High THC Strains

If you’re growing strictly for recreational use or profitability, you’ll see why we are listed as one of the top cannabis seedbank names on the Web’s directory. Our Autoflower Great White Shark feminized seeds boast a THC content of between 15-19%, with excellent reviews from buyers. Great White Shark plants are tall with oversized buds covered in white resin, taking just ten weeks to go from seed to flower. Not only is this strain very high in THC, but it’s also often used for its medicinal benefits as well. Browse our seedbank to find numerous high THC strains for your garden or indoor growing environment.

Trust Us For Quality Seeds

We want to be your single source for high-quality cannabis seeds, and we’ll go to great lengths to earn your trust and loyalty. Aside from accepting credit card orders in our secure payment gateway, we protect your investment with a number of product and service guarantees, which you’ll find more information about in our FAQ section. Shop with i49 for growing tips, access to our information blog, discreet delivery of your order, and the most excellent seeds available. Why shop at any other cannabis seedbank?

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