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Single Cannabis Seeds Canada

Cannabis Seeds CanadaGrow single cannabis seeds in Canada without the typical hassles of manipulating daylight or wasting space by growing male plants. i49 Seed Bank’s feminized, autoflower seeds are the easiest-to-grow seeds available on the Web- and it’s legal to purchase them throughout all of Canada.

Why Buy Single Seeds From i49?

More and more growers are looking to i49 to solve some of the most significant problems of growing cannabis. If you’ve experienced the labor involved in moving plants from one location to another or blocking out the sunlight during certain hours, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Our seeds require no special care like that from standard cannabis seeds- and because every seed is guaranteed feminized, you won’t waste a single square inch of your garden space growing plants that won’t contribute to the ultimate harvest.

Concerned About Buying Online?

We hear that a lot from potential customers, which is why we have gone to great lengths to make ordering from our seed bank more secure than on any other website:

  • We’ve submitted a high-risk merchant application and have been approved to accept credit card payments- something only a handful of other dispensaries have done. You don’t have to pay for Single seeds using Bitcoin or Wire Transfer.
  • Our i49 signature guarantee covers feminization, strain authenticity, and delivery, so you can order with exceptional confidence knowing if you don’t receive exactly what you order, we’ll reship or refund your money. That’s peace of mind!
  • Seeds are guaranteed to germinate as well- not just some or most of them, but 100% of the seeds you purchase from us, every time you place an order.
  • We invest our time as well, to provide growing tips for first-time growers and customers who are looking for additional information on how to produce their best crop yet.

See Why We Are a Trusted Supplier

Unlike other websites selling cannabis seeds in Canada, we believe we owe it to our customers to have popular and uncommon strains on hand for the coming growing season. In our inventory, you’ll find the following type of cannabis seeds:

Browse our inventory or reach out to a knowledgeable seed specialist from our seed bank with your questions. We’ll be happy to offer assistance in selecting the right type of seeds for this year’s garden or answer any questions you have about our products or delivery process.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada From the Pros

We’re so sure you’ll be 100% satisfied with our seeds that we have covered every area of your purchase with a guarantee, so you can submit your order without worrying that seeds won’t arrive, or that they won’t live up to their claims. We have earned a reputation in the cannabis growing industry as a company that cares greatly about our customers’ experience when buying from us.

Single Cannabis Seeds Canada

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