Cannabis Seeds Ontario


Cannabis Seeds Ontario

Cannabis Seeds OntarioWhere to find the best cannabis seeds in Ontario? If you’re looking for a large selection of high-THC seeds at an affordable price, then the answer to this question is the i49 Seed Bank. Here, we sell all kinds of marijuana seeds to individual growers and marijuana dispensaries. Whether you’re looking for medical marijuana seeds or seeds with lots of THC, i49 has you covered. Plus, we break our seeds down into easy to understand categories that make your shopping experience hassle and stress-free.

You Get Convenience and Selection from i49

Of course, there are plenty of places both in-person and online to purchase your cannabis seeds in Ontario. i49’s customers love the large selection we offer, with currently more than 70 strains to choose from. Plus, i49 offers free shipping to help you save more money. In addition to high quality, low prices, and a large selection, you will also get the convenience of never having to leave your home when you buy your seeds from i49 Seed Bank. All of our packages are shipped as soon as your order is processed. All packages are discreet, and unless you open the package and remove its contents, you would never know that weed seeds were inside of it. Further, we can ship your seeds to any address.

Choose Your Cannabis Seeds by Category

In addition to our unusually large selection of cannabis seeds, we also have an abnormal amount of seed categories to choose from. For example, when you shop at i49, you can choose from Indica or Sativa seeds, auto-flower seeds that flower automatically, feminized seeds to get 85%+ female plants, clearance seeds, regular seeds, premium seeds, indoor seeds, outdoor seeds, and more!

Do You Prefer Indicas, Sativas, or Hybrids?

One of the best ways to find the seeds you want is to know what kind of high you want. For example, Indicas are ideal for people who want a full-body high that can be articulated by imagining guy smoking a joint, ordering a pizza, and falling asleep on the couch with the pizza still on his stomach. Indicas give you the kind of high that knocks your dick in the dirt, figuratively speaking. Indicas are powerful. The leaves of Indica plants tend to be smaller and fatter. Likewise, the buds tend to be more compact and weightier. A popular example of a quality Indica strain would be Kush.

The Difference Between Sativa and Indica Seeds

Sativas, on the other hand, such as Durban Poison, are great strains to smoke when you want to get high but still need to get stuff done. A lot of writers and artists smoke Sativas before working to enhance their creativity. A grower can easily distinguish a Sativa from an Indica by its leaves and buds. Sativa leaves tend to be longer and skinnier, and the plants are usually taller than Indicas, which are shorter and bushier by nature. Also, the buds are less tight, usually a bit leafier. To learn more or to purchase your cannabis seeds in Ontario, shop online at at i49 Seed Bank today.

Cannabis Seeds Ontario

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