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Cannabis Seeds in Colombia

Colombian Gold is a landrace sativa strain with origins in Colombia’s Santa Marta mountains. Buds are crystal-covered and fluffy, with sweet, yet skunky notes of lime and lemon. Colombian Gold genes can be found in the well-known hybrid strain Skunk #1, which has become a crucial part of cannabis breeding efforts worldwide.

This cannabis strain may help ease pain and muscle tension in some patients, but its happy and stimulating qualities may also help with ADHD and depression. Read on for additional information on Colombian Gold and its seeds.

Is It Legal to Possess Cannabis and Seeds in Colombia?

Back in 1994, the Colombian government decriminalized the personal possession and usage of cannabis, as well as cocaine and other drugs. The decision faced considerable opposition from the United States, where decriminalization was seen as a way to undermine the war on drugs.

The Colombian law was refined in 2012, establishing that any person caught with less than 20 grams of cannabis would not be prosecuted, but referred to a treatment program. This only applies to cases where cannabis is found in private residences; public usage is still illegal no matter the quantity.

In 2018, Colombia’s progressive approach once again faced criticism. The country’s president, Ivan Duque, signed legislation allowing police to confiscate even miniscule quantities of cannabis, even if it’s for personal use. This new amendment allows for fines of up to 208,000 pesos, and it has seen backlash from civil liberty organizations because it doesn’t differentiate between recreational and problematic consumption of cannabis.

Can Marijuana be Sold in Colombia?

It’s illegal to supply or sell marijuana in Colombia. If a person is arrested and has more than 20 grams, it’s considered possession with intent to distribute. The maximum prison sentence for cannabis smuggling is up to 20 years, which is higher than the sentence for other, much more serious crimes. Though Colombia’s drug trafficking problems are well-known, cocaine is seen as the country’s primary illicit product, not marijuana. As of now, over 125 companies are licensed to produce cannabis, with 16 of them being allowed to produce seeds.

Is Cannabis Cultivation Legal in Colombia?

In 2015, the government of Colombia amended existing legislation to decriminalize cannabis cultivation. Now, it is legal to cultivate up to 20 plants if they’re for personal use only. All other forms of cultivation are illegal. Despite these laws, many Colombian farmers grow it to supplement their income and support their families. Anyone can purchase cannabis seeds online as adult novelty goods, but to legally possess and germinate seeds, a company must have a registered license with Colombia’s Agriculture and Livestock Institute.


Cannabidiol (CBD) In Colombia

The Colombian government allows the exportation of CBD oil, no matter its THC content. However, the country’s laws don’t differentiate between the usage of CBD and marijuana, so CBD is technically decriminalized. Simply put, it’s not against the law to consume CBD in a private home, as long as the amount is limited. Under the new decree, CBD oil may be seized by the police and the user may be fined if they’re caught.

Is it Against the Law to Ship Cannabis Seeds to Colombia?

2016’s Law 1787 allows for the usage, sale, import, transport, trade, and storage of cannabis seeds in Colombia, as long as they are used for scientific or medicinal purposes. To legally possess seeds, a company must obtain a license and register with Colombia’s Agriculture and Livestock Institute. Companies must also be certified by the National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring.

For other uses, it is illegal to use, sell, or purchase cannabis seeds. If the seeds are used to cultivate plants for personal use, it’s still a decriminalized act but it may result in fines and the seizure of the seeds.

Colombia’s Laws on Medicinal Cannabis

In 2015, President Juan Manuel Santos officially legalized the medicinal usage of cannabis. Before that time, medicinal marijuana fell into a gray area. Though 1986 legislation allowed for its sale, distribution, and manufacture, the industry was not regulated. President Santos saw the law as a significant step that put the country on the front lines of the fight against sickness.

Now, anyone wishing to grow medicinal marijuana must get a license from the country’s Narcotics Council. Cannabis has been used to treat various conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, severe nausea, seizures, Crohn’s disease, and epilepsy.

Medicinal Cannabis as a Colombian Industry

Colombia distributed its first cannabis cultivation licenses in 2017, with foreign and domestic companies being ready to begin their cultivation efforts. The country’s medicinal cannabis industry started in Medellin, which is where Pablo Escobar began trafficking it in the 1970s before becoming a cocaine kingpin.

The head of Colombia’s National Narcotics Fund, Andres Lopez Velasco, suggests that growers should take the legal pathway with cannabis. He went on to say that it’s okay for growers to retain their experience and cultivation knowledge, but they should work within the law to do so. Now, farmers who previously supplied cannabis to the country’s black market are looking for ways to legitimize themselves.

The Colombian Hemp Industry

The country’s climate is perfect for hemp production, and Colombia is ready to take its place as a major global player. However, it’s still illegal to cultivate hemp unless it’s for research or medicinal purposes. Industry experts are pushing to make cultivation legal, citing the economic benefits for paper, food, and fiber manufacturing. The success of those efforts remains to be seen.

What You Should Know About Colombian Gold Seeds

If you live in or are planning to travel to Colombia, you should consider the following factors.

  • The country does cultivate cannabis, but cocaine is its primary illegal product. As of 2017, over 171,000 acres were devoted to coca cultivation, and Colombia is still one of the world’s biggest suppliers.
  • With the legalization of medicinal cannabis, experts predicted that up to six million patients would request access to the medication.
  • Foreign investment in the country’s medicinal cannabis industry is substantial. As of 2018, seven Canadian firms were operating in Colombia, as it costs about five cents to cultivate a gram of marijuana there (as compared to about $1.50 domestically).

It’s Easy to Buy Colombian Gold Seeds

After learning about cannabis in Colombia, are you ready to grow your own medicinal crop? If so, the seed selection process starts with finding a reliable supplier. At i49, we focus on product quality and customer value. Once you’ve made a selection, we’ll ship your seeds as quickly and discreetly as possible. Browse our selection of Colombian Gold seeds and hybrid strains and contact us with your concerns and questions. We’re here to help you grow!


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