Early Durban Poison Strain


Early Durban Poison Strain

Early Durban Poison StrainLooking for an Early Durban Poison Strain? Get It from I49 Seed Bank

Are you looking for the best early Durban poison strain you can buy? We at I49 Seed Bank might have just what you need. With our products ranging from early Durban poison strain, Cannabis, Feminized, AUTO, to High CBD seeds, all these are tested and proven easy to grow. Therefore, if you are just learning how to grow seeds, you will never have to worry about darkness ratios and light schedules.

We are a company founded by serial entrepreneurs whose goal is to help people attain medicinal cannabis at reasonable prices. We are proud to have reputable direct growers who source and neither makes our seeds decayed nor exposes them to unnecessary moisture, heat, or light. We never make any substitution without your approval.

Our Products are Authentic

We sell a variety of cannabis seeds in sample packs, early Durban poison strain, dwarf, regular, outdoor, short flowering period, indoor cannabis, premium, Sativa, and Indica. We also offer feminized seeds. They are perfect for your garden while they are bearing fruits. Then we have the auto-flowering seeds that would be just right for your residential garden.

When shipping the products, the seeds and strains are stored in proper temperatures in the absence of moisture and light to ensure maximized life and effectiveness.

How Do Shipping and Return Happen?

At I49, we ship the products usually within the first 24 hours you have placed your order. We make sure that you get your products as soon as possible with discreet and unmarked packaging. If for some reasons your package has been lost or confiscated, we will again ship your order without any charges.

We do not entertain returns so please choose what you order very carefully. We take pride in selling products that are well cared of and still have so much shelf life in them so we do not accept any seed returned. Despite us not taking returns, we do provide our customers with a hundred percent guarantee to feminized, auto-flowering, and authentic genetics, all with no substitution.

During order placements, we make use of our secure servers for processing your payment through a cannabis merchant services provider. All information given by you will be safe and handled with encryption.  We also do not share any client information with anyone for any kind of reason so you need not to worry. Our packages are discreetly labeled and they are low-key.

The Company

I49 Seed Bank is a company that specializes in providing customer services and authenticated genetics to the industry that is overwhelmed with alternates and deceitful promises. We are entrepreneurs with passions to provide exactly what we promise every single time.

Our goal is to help our customers gain their hands on inexpensive medicinal cannabis coming from our respectable growers. We also make sure that your seeds are never stale, substituted without your notice or be made open to extreme heat, moisture, and light.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments regarding our products, you can make a call at I49 Seed Bank 1-888-544-4949, or send us any of your messages at www.weed-seeds.ca and we will see to it the soonest time possible.

Early Durban Poison Strain

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