Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Order from I49 Seed Bank?

From this website, we ship to Canada ONLY.

If you are in the US or ABROAD please email us at web@i49.net for details on orders or visit our US site at MARIJUANA SEEDS USA.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We recommend using either credit card or etransfer.

These are the methods that work best.

For etransfer’s please send to


and use security answer


How much does your shipping cost?

We have several options for shipping.

$22 – Canada Post Regular with no tracking

$25- Canada Post Expedited with tracking

$30- Canada Post Express with tracking

$35- Fedex Ground with tracking

$50- Fedex Express with tracking

What if I don’t receive my shipment?

We find that 99% of our packages reach their destinations.
If your package is lost or confiscated, we will reship free of charge.

How Do I Know That You Aren’t Ripping Off My Money?

We are a reputable company that values our reputation. We provide a phone number and email to be reached on easily. We take cannabis seed sales seriously and want to help you create cash crops every harvest.

What if my seeds don’t germinate? / How does your germination guarantee work?

First, seeds always germinate because that is what they are created to do. But, occasionally the rapid changes in air pressure and temperature from air mail delivery or poor storage conditions can damage the seeds and create germination problems. If you follow the steps to germinate seeds in the paper towel or cup method, and they don’t germinate, we will send a replacement pack of cannabis seeds to you if you pay the shipping fee of $22.

What if my seeds aren’t feminized? How does your 100% feminized seed policy work?

Our feminized seeds are always 100% feminized. Sometimes storage and transportation issues can cause the seeds not to behave as typical feminized seeds would. If you are concerned that your order is not performing as expected, please call our customer service desk. We deal with this issue on a case by case basis. We value your business and want you to get an excellent value from your i49 purchases.

I have never grown marijuana before. Do you have any beginner grow tips for me?

Content Coming Soon

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds?

When you choose strains for indoor growing, you will want smaller plants and can handle more finicky varieties that can be handled with care in a controlled environment. You have lots of flexibility to choose strains from different climates and simply adjust your greenhouse to meet the demands of the plant.
When you choose strains for outdoor growing, you will want larger growing plants that require less attention and can produce in environments that lack control. You will want to consider the climate that they plants thrive in and ensure that you select based on your weather patterns in your garden. Another factor in Outdoor seeds is the flowering period. You will want to select seeds that will finish before your local winter weather starts. If you have a longer growing season, you can choose a wider variety of out-door seeds.

What are feminized marijuana seeds?

Plants take two typical forms in that they are either male or female. Through feminization, the seed producer can condition the seed to be female in that it obtains male pollen needed for seed production. Feminized seeds have two X chromosomes. The benefit to buying feminized-seeds is that all of your seeds will produce flowers and contribute to the harvest. The downfall, is that your feminized seeds won’t provide you seeds to begin your own seeds production. You will have to buy seeds again next crop. It’s a trade of yield and convenience over sustainability.

What are auto-flowering marijuana seeds?

When you choose an autoflowering cannabis seed, you do not have to alter the daylight to darkness ratio to get your plants to being the flowering process. Other seeds require you to increase the amount of light that a plant gets in order to signal the plant that its time to begin to flower. Then you need to reduce the daylight to entice the plant to get ready for harvest.

Auto-flower features

On average 12-23 inches or 30-60 cm high
Suitable for growing indoors and outdoors
Automatically flowers after about 3 weeks
An average cycle of 8-9 weeks- from marijuana seed to harvest
No need to change daylight hours to induce flowering
No need to separate vegetative and flowering rooms

What’s the difference between Indica and Sativa marijuana strains?

In the marijuana world, there are three types of seeds. Sativa and Indica and then hybrids.
Hybrids can be any combination of Sativa and Indica depending on its genetic influences. Some hybrid-strains are indica dominant, whereas others are sativa dominant. A hybrid offers mixed characteristics of the two primary strain categories.
Sativa’s are known for giving users energy, creativity and a cerebral high. Often called day-time cannabis, these plants are known for having skinny leaves and taller stalks.
Indica’s are used typically for medicinal purposes such as sleep aid, pain management and relaxation. The high tends to be a stronger full-body high that gives it the nick name “in-da-couch” for its “couch-lock” effects.

How should I store to store marijuana seeds?

At i49, we recommend keeping your seeds in a container that is moisture free and sealed. Seeds should be kept in a dark, dry and cool place with temperatures close to 39ºF or 4º C. Moisture causes the seed to begin its germination process and light simply damages the seed. Do yourself a favor and store your seeds in the refrigerator or a cool dark closet in something like a film canister or blacked out mason jar.

How long can I expect my marijuana seeds to last?

At i49 we recommend keeping your seeds for up to three years. While older seeds may very well germinate, flower and produce a harvest, the best results are found within this time frame.