Feminized Marijuana Seeds Canada

Feminized Marijuana Seeds Canada


Feminized Marijuana Seeds Canada

Feminized Marijuana Seeds CanadaWith the growth of marijuana legalization, it is only natural that more and more consumers are looking for the best ways to grow their own plants. The marijuana possession and growing laws are being loosened, which means more shops and websites are popping up to provide customers with a wide variety of seeds for cultivating marijuana for personal use. If you are looking for feminized marijuana seeds in Canada, you will have a host of options to pick from. The most important thing is that you are able to find the right company to get them from.

Some people are unaware that the marijuana plant comes in both female and male forms. When looking at male pollen, it can ruin the overall potency of the female flower buds that are not fertilized. Usually, the germination of marijuana seeds along with sexing of the saplings can be a case of luck. However, many of the breeders today are finding ways to offer seeds that are able to take this game of chance completely out of the equation. 

Feminized Marijuana Seeds In Canada

When you are shopping around for seeds from a trusted seed bank in Canada, you will more than likely find a good selection of what are known as feminized seeds. These feminized seeds will only flower female and they come from a certain process that works to alter the traditional see development. This is a process that was popularized in the late 1990s.

Taking a closer look at feminized marijuana seeds, the genetics are great when you want easy and quick growing and flowering. When you have a feminized seed variety, the grower is able to decide exactly how many bushes they would like to have while also germinating a certain number of seeds to give them the best yield.

A feminized seed is made by stressing the female plant to the point where it will grow male sex features, such as pollen. This pollen is then used to help fertilize another female plant, which will bring about a lack of ale chromosomes. There is also a result that offers very little difference in terms of THC levels, flavor and aroma when comparing the feminized and regular marijuana varieties. For the most part, these seeds are nice for a grower that does not have time to go through a lot of the guesswork that you may have with traditional seeds.

To find the best feminized marijuana seeds in Canada, you can look to our full selection at i49 Seed Bank. We have a vast assortment of feminized cannabis seeds that are just right for you whether or not you have a commercial garden or home setup. Instead of wasting all of your time with male plants that can be troublesome, you will end up with a female plant that is very fruitful. We take great pride in not only the various strains that we have to offer but also a dependable and friendly customer service team who are always ready to help answer any questions that you may have.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds Canada

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