High Cbd Hemp Seeds Canada


High Cbd Seeds Canada


High Cbd Seeds CanadaIf you want high CBD seeds in Canada or the United States, i49 is an online seed bank with a large selection at schockingly low prices. Our seeds are hand-chosen from the best CBD breeders in Canada. No other seed bank, either online or in-store, offers as much of a variety of CBD seeds and categories to select your seeds from. Since our seed stock change regularly, please check back frequently to learn about new seeds and new deals. Here are some of our more popular CBD seed strains as of now:

CBD Seeds with and without THC

When smoking CBD marijuana, it’s important to have a strain that smokes well and tastes great. Many CBD consumers also enjoy consuming THC. This can be a conflict because the general rule is that more CBD equals less THC and vice-versa. However, there are some strains that are CBD-heavy but also have a fair amount of THC. Hence, you get the medicinal effects and get stoned from the same bud. i49 Seed Bank has CBD seeds with THC as well as CBD seeds with little-to-no THC.

CBD Seeds for Everyone!

Many of our CBD seed customers are new to marijuana. Indeed, it is typically people with medical conditions who are looking for relief for symptoms who find us. Either they can’t afford the ungodly costs of their prescription medication, or they prefer an all-natural prescription medication alternative. Still, many people have found CBD to be more effective in treating their ailments than prescription medication and without the toxic side-effects.

On the other hand, a lot of our customers were marijuana smokers before they sought high CBD-rich cannabis seeds for hemp plants. In other words, they used to or still do smoke pot for the psychoactive effect. CBD-rich marijuana can be mixed with THC-rich cannabis to give you the best of both worlds. If you choose to smoke CBD marijuana flowers straight up, there are some nice CBD buds out there, and we carry the seeds at i49. Smoking CBD weed doesn’t have to be unpleasant. You can choose from Sativa CBD seeds, Indica CBD seeds, and hybrid CBD seeds. Further, many of our CBD seeds come from strains with great character, colors, texture, odor, and taste. However you consume your CBD cannabis, i49 has the CBD seeds to get it growing.

CBD Seeds are a Beginning to an Endless Supply of Fresh, Home-Grown, Quality Bud

The beautiful part about growing your own CBD seeds is that, over time, you can eliminate the need to find and purchase CBD pot. For example, when you buy your hight CBD strain seeds from i49, you will be able to clone your best plants. By cloning and continually crossing your own CBD-heavy strains, you can always have fresh CBD pot straight off the stalk. If you cross multiple strains, you will always have different strains to smoke, so you won’t get burnt out or develop a tolerance to a particular strain. To discover your favorite autoflower high CBD seeds in Canada or the US, contact i49 or visit our website today.

High Cbd Seeds Canada

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