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High Thc Seeds Canadai49 Seed Bank sells high grade THC seeds in Canada and the US. We sell to individual growers as well as to dispensary owners looking for high-quality and potent marijuana strains to jump-start their pot farms. Visit our seed bank today for the largest selection and highest-THC marijuana seeds in Canada.

Select Your High Grade THC Seeds

To choose your high THC marijuana seeds, simply visit i49.net. Click on the menu tab, and select Cannabis Seeds. You will see a list of seeds to choose from, including, as of now:

Please note, amongst friends, “medical marijuana” is often used to describe high THC pot. However, medical marijuana strains are typically low in THC content and high in CBD content. CBD is the compound in marijuana that provides users with a medicinal effect, but it doesn’t give the user a psychoactive response. If you are looking high THC marijuana seeds, stay away from the medical marijuana seeds.

High THC Auto-Flower Seeds

People love auto-flower seeds because, in just 90 days from germination, you can harvest and smoke your bud. Plus, auto seeds switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase automatically without changes in the light cycle. This makes auto-flower seeds easy to grow and ideal for beginners or growers who don’t have the time to manage their crop closely.

The setback with auto-flower seeds as that they tend to lose THC as they are crossed by breeders. For example, a Blueberry auto-flower seed will only have about 66%-75% of the THC that a regular Blueberry seed has. However, i49 auto seeds have been crossed by the best breeders using only the best practices, and we can proudly say that our auto seeds have a higher THC rate than most.

Some of Our Highest THC Seeds on Sale Right Now

All of our marijuana seeds are highest in THC content, except for our medical marijuana strains. If you shop right now, we have the following Regular Seeds to choose from which can also be found in the Clearance Seeds tab in the menu bar on our Home Page:

If you go to the Regular Seeds tab in the menu bar, you can click on each strain to see detailed information regarding THC content, grow criteria, and more. Of course, some of our strains change from time to time, so you will want to check back frequently to see what’s new. We usually have great deals and sales. Whether you’re Indica guy or gal or a Sativa guy or gal, you’ll have plenty of selection as i49 has more than 70 strains to choose from.

Check Out i49 Today

To see all of our high grade seeds or to purchase high THC seeds in Canada or the US, visit i49 today and make your selection. Our packages are highly discreet and can be shipped to any address.

High Thc Seeds Canada

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