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Is Purchasing Marijuana Seeds in Manitoba Legal?

Since Canada has legalized marijuana, individual provinces and territories have set their own laws regarding marijuana use. For those in Manitoba, it is legal for adults to possess cannabis, but it is not legal to grow. However, it is still legal to obtain seeds, so long as they are souvenir marijuana seeds. If you’re interested in buying cannabis seeds, browse our selection now or read below to learn more about legalization and buying marijuana seeds in Manitoba.

Marijuana Legalization in Manitoba

When marijuana became legal in Canada, Manitoba created their own laws regarding use under the Safe and Responsible Retailing of Cannabis Act. This act sets limits for who can purchase cannabis, how much can be obtained, and where it can be used. Right now, adults over the age of 19 can legally possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in public. Purchases must be made through authorized retail stores that are licensed by Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries. Residents can purchase cannabis online or in retail stores.

In Manitoba, it is not legal to smoke or vape marijuana while in public. They have also announced a plan to ban the consumption of edibles in public. At home, it is legal to smoke, vape, consume edibles, or use other types of marijuana. It is not, however, legal to grow marijuana at home, even though it is legal federally. Right now, there are no plans to change whether residents can grow marijuana at home, though it is possible for changes to occur in the future.

Can Cannabis Seeds be Legally Purchased in Manitoba?

Even though it is not legal to cultivate marijuana at home, it is still legal to obtain seeds. The marijuana seeds purchased by residents of Manitoba need to be considered souvenir seeds. This means the seeds are purchased with the intention of adding them to a collection instead of germinating them. Some residents may wish to purchase marijuana seeds now and start a collection so that if growing at home is legalized in the future, they will already have a selection of seeds to start growing with. It is important to store souvenir seeds properly to ensure they are viable if marijuana cultivation does become legal.

Buying Souvenir Marijuana Seeds

Souvenir marijuana seeds, or seeds that aren’t intended to be germinated, can be purchased by residents in Manitoba. There’s no need to declare them as souvenir seeds. They just can only be stored once they are purchased. As long as they aren’t germinated, they are legal to own. Once a resident has purchased the souvenir seeds, they’ll need to keep them stored properly to ensure they are viable when the resident moves to a location that allows marijuana cultivation or once Manitoba starts to allow home growing. Proper storage includes keeping the seeds away from moisture and light to ensure they do not degrade or start germinating.

Before Buying, Know the Types of Seeds Available

Residents who do want to start a collection of souvenir cannabis seeds will want to understand the different types of seeds available. Even though the seeds can’t be planted right now, it’s a good idea to understand what is being purchased and what the differences are when they can start growing marijuana. The basic types of seeds available today are regular, feminized and auto-flowering.

  • Regular Seeds – These are the basic seeds produced by marijuana plants that have been pollinated. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants. Though they are often easy to grow, it is important to remove male plants before they can pollinate the female plants.
  • Feminized Seeds – Some marijuana plants are specially treated to ensure all seeds they produce will grow female plants. These are the feminized seeds. This eliminates the worry of male plants growing, so all plants grown will flower.
  • Auto-Flowering Seeds – Another option, and one that’s perfect for beginners, is the auto-flowering seeds. Like feminized seeds, these will only produce female plants. They also will automatically flower at the right time, which means there’s less work involved in getting the plants to flower.

Ready to Buy? Try These Strains

If you’re ready to purchase souvenir marijuana seeds, there are plenty of strains for you to choose from. Pick out a Sativa strain for extra energy, an Indica strain for a more mellow high, or choose a hybrid seed. We have a huge selection of seeds available, including the following that you might want to try out.

Are you thinking about purchasing new seeds that have just become available? We now have Snow Ripper feminized seeds, Power Plant Fast feminized seeds, and Gold Leaf feminized seeds available. All are feminized, so there’s no worry about too many male plants growing when you are able to cultivate them.

If you might prefer to look into the most popular strains, we offer a number that you’ll be happy to purchase. Some of our most popular options today are the Fire OG feminized seeds, Auto Blue Ice feminized seeds, and Legend OG feminized seeds. All of these are feminized as well, and the Blue Ice is also an auto-flowering seed, so it will be easy to grow once cultivation is possible.

Buy from a Seed Bank for Quality Seeds

No matter which strains you’d like to purchase, buying high-quality seeds is crucial. Our seed bank only stores the highest quality seeds, and all seeds are handpicked before being shipped to your home. We offer a huge selection, as well as fast shipping, so you can get the seeds you prefer delivered to your home quick. We also offer a superb support team to answer any questions you might have about marijuana seeds before or after your purchase.

If you’re in Manitoba, it may not be legal to grow marijuana at home yet, but you can still purchase souvenir cannabis seeds to start a collection. We have a huge selection of different types and strains to ensure it’s easy for you to find the seeds you want to purchase. Browse our website now to learn about all of the strains available or contact us with any questions you might have.

Manitoba Seed Bank

Manitoba Seed BankAnyone who understands anything about growing marijuana in your home or greenhouse realizes the key to a healthy and prosperous grow begins with the seeds that you are using. If you’re not using the highest quality of seeds, your crop might not only be a disappointment, it may also fail, which results in a significant loss of time and money. I49 is the premier Manitoba Seed Bank which guarantees you will be purchasing only premium seeds that are guaranteed to produce a rich and hearty crop of plants and buds, all at affordable prices, and right to your door.

About Us
I49 is recognized as the leading Manitoba Seed Bank throughout Canada, providing you with the largest selection of the most excellent seeds available anywhere. Our company is founded and developed by many of the top cannabis experts throughout the country, so you can rest easy that you are selecting only hand-picked seeds that have been thoroughly examined and harvested by our team. We have a fantastic selection of several unique strains of marijuana seeds for you to choose from, and our prices can’t be matched. If you pride yourself in growing an abundant crop, I49 is the place to shop.

We understand that your privacy is most important to you, which is why all of our products are discreetly packaged and delivered directly to your door. We also promise never to share any of your personal information with any other company, so you can be sure that your data is appropriately safeguarded and under our control. If you ever have a question or ay concerns, we are always available to speak with you, and you will be able to talk to a live customer service rep who is knowledgeable and friendly.

Our Products
I49 offers a wide variety of various seed strains, so depending on what type of high you enjoy the most, we have the seeds that will best suit your needs. Please check out our clearance page to see even sweeter deals on many of the most popular varieties of high-quality marijuana seeds and pot seeds. We also take care of the seeds before they are yet shipped out, ensuring that they are fresh and remain in a controlled environment where the elements can’t harm them.

You can choose between high-intensity seeds that contain the highest levels of THC, or you can even select seeds that are rich in CBD, which give you the feeling of peace and tranquility, minus the actual “high.” We also have auto-flower seeds which are perfect for the novice grower, along with seeds that are easy to grow, perfect for an indoor garden.

Whether you have a green thumb and have been producing marijuana crops for years, or even if this is your first attempt at a grow, I49 is the most trusted and reputable Winnipeg Seed Bank that more growers rely on for affordable, premium marijuana seeds. Please check out our enormous selection of inventory, and be prepared to be amazed.

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