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Marijuana Seedbank

Marijuana Seedbank

As i49 marijuana seedbank continues our search for the latest strains being offered for medicinal and recreational use, you’ll find a long and growing list of cannabis strains for sale in our inventory. The development of new cannabis strains means we have more than ever to offer the marijuana growing industry and home growers alike. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our inventory, feel free to reach out to our staff for assistance in navigating our website.

Tried and True Cannabis Strains

Looking for seeds that germinate and perform well in all growing conditions? You’ll find them in our marijuana seedbank. Just click the Cannabis Seeds link and select ‘Easy-to-Grow’ from the menu to find numerous options for indoor and outdoor growing conditions alike. We proudly carry many autoflower and feminized seed strains that make it easy for anyone to grow cannabis. Just take a look at the following customer trusted strains we carry:

  • AK47 x White Widow
  • Early Durban Poison
  • Mighty Mite
  • Candy Cream Blueberry Autoflower
  • AK47 Feminized

High CBD and High THC Collections

Looking for a strictly recreational or strictly medicinal strain of marijuana to grow this year? You’ll find many high THC-content and high CBD-content seeds when you browse our inventory. Our staff welcomes your phone call if you need assistance choosing a strain or need growing tips and advice- we’re available by phone and through our website’s contact form. It’s our primary goal to be an essential part of your harvest by offering top-grade cannabis seeds that germinate and produce well.

Getting Better Results When Germinating

Buying from a marijuana seedbank is an investment- even if you’re growing for personal use, you’ll want the best possible results from your seeds. Take the advice of cannabis growing experts and germinate your seeds in a kitchen towel, a glass of water, or in peat plugs designed for seed germination. The last place to consider germination is directly in soil; in fact, many growers tell novice cultivators to ‘not even bother’ growing if they plan to begin the plants’ lifespan by sowing directly into soil.

For Best Results

After germination takes place, transfer seeds into medium-sized pots with rich growing medium- one to a pot. Your plants do not need to compete for growing space. When transplanting germinated seeds, take caution to make sure the root is facing down, and the seedling is at the top; seems pretty basic, but this is something many growers ignore altogether. The crown, or top of the seed, will be crater-shaped while the side where the root will emerge will be pointed.

Visit Our Blog

Access our grower’s blog anytime you’re on the i49 marijuana seedbank website to find growing tips, information on particular strains, and much, much more. You’ll also see an index of medical conditions that typically respond well to marijuana as medicine- particularly high CBD-content strains, such as Granny’s Medicine, Dinamed CBD Plus, Zkittlez, Critical Mass, Blue Ice, and Candy Cream.

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