Marijuana Seeds For Sale Online


Marijuana Seeds For Sale Online

Marijuana Seeds For Sale OnlineFind healthy, high germination marijuana seeds for sale online at i49 Seed Bank. Whether you grow marijuana for recreational, medicinal, or retail purposes, having the right seeds from the best strains is the way to take your garden to another level. It all starts with seeds! Having the right strains and having quality seeds that germinate, grow, and flower at high ratios is the way you can crossbreed new strains, establish great mother plants for clones, and know exactly what you’re getting.

Choose from Seed Categories

You might be surprised at how many categories you have to choose from when you view our marijuana seeds for sale online. i49 Seed Bank makes it easy for everyone to find exactly what they’re looking for. We’ve got the widest selection of seeds in Canada – something for every need and every budget. Choose from indoor/outdoor seeds, Indica/Sativa/hybrid seeds, auto-flower seeds, feminized seeds, sampler packs, and more.

Know What You’re Growing for the Best Results!

For new growers, i49 recommends that you do your research before you buy your marijuana seeds from us or from any seed retailer. There’s a lot you need to be aware of, not the least of which is the laws in your land. This applies especially to our US customers. Additionally, before you go purchasing your seeds, make sure you have your plot ready. Keep in mind that indoor plants won’t perform well outdoors and outdoor plants probably won’t grow to full maturity indoors.

Likewise, some strains are climate-sensitive. For example, if you live the Yukon and order Durban Poison seeds, don’t be surprised or upset when those seeds don’t grow outdoors. Durban Poison is a native African strain and 100% Sativa. Sativas typically perform better in hotter climates whereas Indicas do well in mild climates. You can order Durban Poison, but you will need to grow it indoors in a climate-controlled environment.

Seeds from Canada’s Best Cross-Breeders

i49 hand-selects seeds only from the finest cannabis breeders around. Our Canadian marijuana breeders use only their best male and best female plants for pollination. This ensures that the seeds are at optimal health. Plus, many growers pull their plants prematurely because they are too anxious to consume or sell them. At i49, our expert growers and breeders know just when to pull their plants. This ensures that your seeds will be fully-developed, healthy, plump, solid, and distinguished.

We Do Good Business at i49

One of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us is that we are reliable. What you see is what you get when you’re dealing with i49. When we say “marijuana seeds for sale online,” you know that we are legit. Our reputation speaks for itself. We encourage you to look us up online. We guarantee that you won’t find one person saying they didn’t get their seeds from us or that their seeds were something other than what they paid for. Sadly, not all marijuana seed retailers can honestly make that claim.

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