Marijuana Seeds Near Me


Marijuana Seeds Near Me

Marijuana Seeds Near MeMarijuana Seeds Near Me are Shipped Around the World at I49 California Seed Bank

If you are asking for marijuana seeds near me, we have just what you need at I49 California Seed Bank. We are a company that is reputable for selling and shipping marijuana seeds in the United States and anywhere in the world. We source our seeds directly from our trustworthy growers and we ensure that they are well-cared to prevent them from being damaged. Anything ineffective that is delivered to you will wound our image, so we greatly value your satisfaction as much as we take care of our reputation.

I49 is a marijuana seed bank in California that sells quality seeds online and via telephone. We do not have any specific location in Los Angeles where you can purchase our seeds in person. And we also like to speak better on the phone with our clients from anywhere abroad.

Shipping and Fee

I49 uses Tracking through USPS in shipping all its orders. In case your package has not reached you for some cause, we will ship again with no charge. Please note that this tracking confirms when the package has been delivered and we regard this as accurate. With this, we will not reship.

Our company offers the following shipping cost options.

  • 10 Days of Business with Tracking- $30
  • 10 Days of Business with Insurance and Tracking- $60
  • 3-4 Days of Business with Tracking- $55
  • 3-4 Days of Business with Insurance and Tracking- $85

Payment Forms

We accept varied forms that include cash, coins, money orders, wire transfers, and credit cards for your payment transactions. If you have an issue with your credit card, call 1-855-888-64562 or send an email at When processing Canada cards, sometimes you need to give your bank a call and authorize PacSafe Exchange to charge your card. This is how your credit card’s security feature works. This happens normally.

For payment using money orders, simply address it to I49, 2608 W Kenosha #720, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 and make sure not to write unnecessary markings on it. Our sales process begins when you opt for MONEY ORDER on the screen after you have placed your order. The transaction includes your name, order number, and address.

When Seeds Are Not Germinating

If after following the steps provided in our website and your marijuana seeds near me still do not germinate, we will deliver you cannabis seeds in a pack as a replacement if you will pay for the shipping charge. This is based on your order’s initial value.

  • $150 to $299 value of order before shipping and taxes- $40 and tax
  • $300 to $499 value of order before shipping and taxes- $60 and tax
  • $500+ handling on a case by case basis

Our Contact

Visit our site for more of our premium genetics and specific details regarding I49 California Seed Bank. Our phone number is 1-888-544-4949, call us if you have questions about growing seeds, or send us an email at to start ordering. Our site and phone await you, call now!

Marijuana Seeds Near Me

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