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How to buy marijuana seeds in Ontario: your i49 seed bank guide

Since Canada legalized recreational Cannabis October 17th 2018, people across the country have been investing in growing their own cannabis for recreational use and medical use. There are places in the province to obtain cannabis seeds off the store shelf – but why do this when you can just click a few buttons and have them delivered? Ontario cannabis seeds that will grow well in Ontario soil can keep your weed collection stocked without costing you the high price of Cannabis that has been grown in a factory setting. Buying seeds in Ontario doesn’t have to be complicated. Our website serves customers across Canada, and that includes the major communities within Ontario too! London, Barrie, Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor, and Kitchener will all benefit from our speedy deliver through Canada Post. We sell regular and feminized cannabis seeds. We even have the kind of weed seeds that will auto-flower and save you time and other valuable resources! We love to offer Canadians a great bargain on Pot seeds Ontario – so much so that we cut out prices by more than 30 percent when you buy a pack of 10! Check out our selection of upper-class strains in our Upper Canada Seed Bank.

Online seed bank dispensary with Canadian weed seeds

Now that home growing is becoming more common among Canadians, we at i49 are seeing more inquiries for things like where to find cannabis seeds Ontario? Or How to buy marijuana seeds Ontario? We have created an online dispensary able to carry all kinds of marijuana seeds – regular, feminized, autoflower, sativa, indica, hybrid, and high-CBD! The benefit of choosing 149 seedbank is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer an 80% germination guarantee – as long as you follow our germination guide that instructs exactly how to do so. Growing yourself will take patience, and dedication, but with a little bit of help along the way you will be a cannabis growing expert in no time flat! Order a few extra seeds to allow yourself the chance to experiment with different setups. Growing results can change vastly based on numerous factors: light source, growth medium, pot size, nutrients, water, and nutrient (fertilizer) feed. Overall care and attention will show in your final buds. You want nice clean, tight, colorful, resinous buds that maximize the plants potential in terms of THC and CBD levels. Dedicate yourself to the craft of cannabis cultivation and it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Ontario

When looking to grow your first marijuana plants, taking steps to make sure that the process is simple as it can be is a great way to ensure a successful yield. However, shopping around for cannabis seeds for the first time online can put your brain on overload.

If you’re not sure how to buy marijuana seeds online, and if you’re even allowed to buy cannabis seeds in Ontario, keep reading for more!

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Marijuana seeds grow into a dioecious plants, which means that separate marijuana plants have both male and female reproductive organs. Grown in an environment that’s separate from male marijuana plants, female cannabis plants grow flowers, which is what you find in the recreational and medical industry.

To create cannabis seeds, a male marijuana plant will pollinate female marijuana plants. For a female plant to only produce flowers, all male marijuana plants must be removed from the location that’s growing the female plants. Thankfully, there have been strains of seeds developed to ensure that they only grow into female marijuana plants, making them an ideal seed for beginners to buy.

What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds?

The most important factor to figure out before you shop around for cannabis seeds is that you have an understanding of the different types of cannabis seeds and what they do. Having this understanding will allow you to determine what seed is the best for you to buy, as each seed needs a different level of care.

Here are the three main types of cannabis seeds that you’ll find when shopping around:

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds produce both female and male marijuana plants. This type of seed isn’t ideal for beginners, as it depends on the knowledge of being able to identify the sex of each marijuana plant in your garden. If you’re an experienced grower who’s looking to breed your own strains (or you’re simply looking to expand your experience), regular seeds are a great option.

To prevent the male marijuana plants from pollinating the female plants, it’s important that all male plants are identified and removed from the garden, to ensure that your entire harvest isn’t ruined.

Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto-flowering Seeds are perfect for beginners because they don’t need a specific light schedule to enter into their flowering cycle. Available in both feminized and regular options, this type of cannabis seed is low maintenance and don’t need a whole lot of cannabis knowledge to have a successful yield.

Other types of marijuana plants depend on a specific light schedule to enter into their flowering stage. The biggest drawback that comes with auto-flowering seeds is that they don’t produce a large yield at once.

Since these plants flower faster than other types of marijuana seeds, you’ll be able to harvest several times a year!

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

With special treatment applied (Rodelization) to the female parent plant of feminized marijuana seeds, this type of cannabis seed will ensure that all of the seeds that you buy will turn into female marijuana plants.

If you’re not comfortable in your ability to identify the sex of your marijuana plants, feminized seeds take the need of doing so out of the process of growing. Instead of worrying about male plants ruining your harvest, you’ll be able to focus on growing your marijuana and reaping a larger harvest.

Yet, if you’re looking to have diversity in your plants, feminized seeds only have one set of genes. This means that the majority of feminized marijuana seeds are going to be nearly identical to their female parent plant.

On the other hand, if you’re only interested in growing marijuana for the flowers that female plants produce, feminized seeds are much easier for beginners to grow.

How to Buy Marijuana Online

Shopping around for marijuana seeds online can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Thankfully, ordering marijuana seeds online is just as easy as shopping around online for a video game or any other type of product!

Before purchasing marijuana seeds online, be sure to check in with your local province laws to ensure that you’re able to order legally. To ensure that you’re going to receive high-quality marijuana seeds, it’s also important that you buy your seeds from a reputable seed bank.

When shopping for cannabis seeds, keep in the back of your mind that you get what you pay for. Cheaper prices don’t mean that you’ll be getting high-quality seeds!

Proper Storage

If you’re buying your seeds online and you’re planning on planting your seeds at a later date, make sure that you properly store your seeds away somewhere. As easy place to store them would be in your refrigerator, as you want to ensure that your seeds are stored in a dark, cool place with a steady humidity level and temperature.

Make sure to keep your seeds away from moisture and that they’re dry before you store them away.

Growing Your Own Marijuana Plants

Once you have a better understanding of how to buy marijuana seeds online, the entire process of actually growing your plants becomes a lot easier. With the proper care and environment for your cannabis plants, you’ll be certain to reap a high yield, even if this is your first time growing!

Are you interested in learning more about the best marijuana seeds to grow in Ontario?

We’ve compiled a short list of some of our favorite strains to grow in Ontario:

Northern Lights Regular Seeds

Northern Lights #10 Feminized Seeds

Skunk x Mazar Feminized Seeds

Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Seeds

Autoflowering Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized Seeds

FAST Flowering AK-47 Feminized Seeds

Green Crack Feminized Seeds

Click here to shop our available collection!

Tips for Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana is not like growing other seeds and herbs. An avid gardener is going to see great results over time, but the initial learning phase can include some failure. Germination is more difficult with cannabis seeds and they are much more finicky than your average garden vegetable. 420 seeds need warmth, moisture and darkness to germinate! Check out our germination guide for more information.

Once your cannabis seeds germinate, you need to move them into your  grow medium of choice. Getting the right nutrient blend and composition can be challenging. Each marijuana strain has slightly different requirements and optimal settings, so its normal to use trial and error to weed out the methods that produce the best results.

When choosing a weed seed to grow in Ontario, please consider the climate if you are growing outdoors. You will want faster strains that are going to produce flowers within the grow season and before the frost comes.

Autoflowering seeds are great for beginner growers in Eastern Canada. These produce flowers within about 10-12 weeks and are more forgiving over the long-run because you can flip so many more cycles per year to learn from!

Choose High Quality Cannabis Seeds in Ontario

When choosing the right strain of cannabis for yourself, there are many different things to consider.

1) Are you planning to use for more MEDICAL or RECREATIONAL purposes? While most strains have benefits in both realms, there are some general characteristics that can make one a better choice over another. Certain Sativa’s can make you feel uplifted and creative, good for artists seeking creativity or people with depression or chronic fatigue. Indica has more of a downward, or calming effect, which is a good fit for someone who suffers from anxiety or physical body pain or tension.

2) If you are growing from seed, what are the plants growing conditions going to be? Do your research and find out what temperature climate is best if you are growing outdoors, or if the strain does well with humidity and pest-resistance, as this will help for hassle-free indoor grows. Indica are generally shorter and more broad, while Sativa tend to shoot up tall and have a more lanky appearance. Keep this in mind for how much garden space you allot (outdoor) or how high you hang your lights (indoor).

3) What is your tolerance to THC like? (I.e. how long have you been smoking? What effect are you going for?). Some plants, regardless of nutrients added or fancy hydroponic equipment, will just have a NATURALLY higher THC level (I.e. White Widow, Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue, just to name a few). Choose strains with a mild THC level if you simply want a light buzz to take the edge off, rather than a potent heavy smoke that will get you more “stoned”.

4) Use your spidey-senses! The effects of each strain are only loosely associated with the different flavors (terpenes) that are contained within, so you can’t JUST follow your nose. Sometimes you will catch a whiff of something that is familiar or reminiscent of a particular place or time. Maybe it’s the “Lemon” genes that you just can’t get enough of, or the pungent thick and full-flavor that you get from a classic Kush. Smell and taste are closely linked. And you obviously want to enjoy your medicine as it goes down.

Have a visual look over the buds for obvious signs of pests or damage (I.e. mold, mildew, spider mites, or gnats). Typically, more visible “crystal” on the buds or leaves means the THC level will be higher for the particular plant. Some buds have clearly colored hairs (red, blues, yellows, purples, orange) that are very typical of the strain and those may give you an indication of what you will like and dislike. The size of a large cone-bud may appear more enticing than small dark popcorn-nugs, but remember that size isn’t always related to potency!

When it comes to touch, Sativa buds will typically be lighter and airier while Indica tend to grow tighter and more compact. Pinch a dried bud between two fingers and this will give you some hints as to how well it was cured (you want something not dry and crumbly and not to sticky and moist, but somewhere in the middle, “just right”!)

Buy cannabis seeds Ontario that are energy creating and euphoric when you choose sativa varieties. Or choose pain management, appetite stimulating and insomnia relief when you buy Indica varieties. Hybrid marihuana seeds offer a broad range of alternatives to choose from.

We recommend Gorilla Glue #4 and Autoflowering White Widow for your next growing cycle. Or choose the most popular indica in 2018 and buy Wedding Cake from the I49 Seed Bank.

Check our our sampler packs for quick access to hot new strains and old favorites at a great price! These packs include bonus seeds additional to the ones included for paying with eTransfer, so rest assured you are getting a value well beyond what the other Ontario Seeds Alternatives!

Marijuana Seeds Ontario

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