Medical Marijuana Seeds Canada


Medical Marijuana Seeds Canada

Medical Marijuana Seeds CanadaIf you’ve noticed the vast majority of seed banks online selling medical marijuana seeds in Canada only take Bitcoin and wire transfer payments? These sites make a big deal out of the fact that they provide access to an exhaustive inventory of seeds, but ignore the obvious fact that most customers don’t have access to Bitcoin and that wire transfer payments are a hassle.

Shop i49 Canada Seed Bank

i49 is proud to have gone the extra mile to make it easy for our customers to pay for cannabis seed orders with credit card payments- the most popular way to pay for goods and services online. We won’t ask you to jump through extra hoops just to buy seeds from us. If you’re thinking about buying medical marijuana seeds in Canada from a company that doesn’t take your credit card as payment, it means they have been turned down by their bank for a merchant account and deemed a high-risk seller.

Don’t Risk Your Investment

Cannabis seeds aren’t cheap- they’re considered an investment on the crop that growers intend on harvesting at the end of the growing season. Sending a Bitcoin payment to a seed supplier offers no recourse if the seller claims not to have received your payment- it’s like sending your money into the ether and hoping the company is honest enough to say they got it. i49 wouldn’t think to ask our customers to cross their fingers and hope their seeds arrive.

Your Purchase is Guaranteed

Buying medical marijuana seeds in Canada from i49 means your investment is 100% protected from the moment you approve payment for your order. We don’t just guarantee that your seeds will arrive, but we also promise all of your seeds will germinate, and all are autoflower, so every plant you invest time and effort into growing will contribute to the harvest. The strain you choose is guaranteed as well- so no surprise plants popping up in your garden.

This is the Way to Grow!

There’s a better way to grow and harvest cannabis. i49 is making huge strides in transforming the way growers are planting, developing, and turning a profit. It starts with high-quality seeds that are backed with our promise that any seeds not germinated will be replaced by us. Along with our germination guarantee, we believe it’s essential to protect our customers from prying eyes during shipping, which is why we go to great lengths to keep your identity from being seen by others in your community.

We Offer an Exhaustive Selection of Seeds

We’re sure you’ll find a few strains you’re familiar with in our inventory, along with many you may have heard of and have wanted to try. Browse our seed collection and let us know if you need assistance at any point during the order process. We’re here to help with strain selection, seed count estimation, and growing tips for first-time cannabis growers.

Medical Marijuana Seeds Canada

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