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Now that Canada has legalized marijuana, individual provinces and territories have to determine their own laws for purchase, possession, consumption, and cultivation. For Newfoundland and Labrador, the laws regarding cannabis allow adults over 19 to purchase, possess, and cultivate marijuana. This means it is legal to purchase marijuana seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador, for most residents. If you’d like to purchase marijuana seeds, browse our selection now or read below to learn more about the laws, the seeds to buy, and how you can purchase seeds.

Laws Surrounding Recreational Marijuana Use

Adults over the age of 19 are allowed to purchase or possess cannabis in Newfoundland and Labrador. Marijuana can only be purchased through stores that are properly licensed through the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation or their website. However, there are more than 20 stores throughout the area. Residents can legally possess up to 30 grams in public, though they can have more than that at home. Marijuana can be consumed in a private residence or yard, some hotel rooms or apartments, and some rented campsites. No marijuana can be consumed in public or in a vehicle. Restrictions can be placed on consumption by hotel or campsite owners and landlords.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, residents can grow up to four plants at one time. The plants cannot be grown outdoors at all. If the resident does not want to grow inside their residence, the only other option is in a secure, adjacent building like a shed. Those who live in an apartment will need to check with their landlord for any growing restrictions. Landlords are permitted to make their own rules regarding marijuana consumption and cultivation.

Is it Legal to Purchase Seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Since it is legal to grow marijuana in NL, it is legal to purchase marijuana seeds. Residents who own a home can purchase as many seeds as they would like, though they are limited to growing four plants at a time. Many will purchase more than four seeds at a time to ensure they have four viable plants and so they can have a collection of seeds to choose from when they want to grow a new plant. Residents who live in an apartment will need permission from the landlord to grow plants. However, they can purchase as many souvenir seeds as they would like. These are seeds that are viable, but that are not intended to be grown.

Purchasing Seeds for Souvenir Purposes

Renters who are not allowed to grow plants due to the landlord’s restrictions still may want to purchase seeds. They are able to purchase and collect souvenir seeds as long as they do not germinate the seeds. In these cases, they can purchase a variety of different seeds just to add to their collection. If they do move in the future or their landlord decides to allow marijuana cultivation, the renter will already have seeds on hand and can begin growing their own plants right away.

Guide to the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

There are three distinct categories of marijuana seeds that growers will need to be aware of: regular, feminized, and auto-flowering. When a standard marijuana plant is grown, no matter the strain, it produces regular seeds. These seeds can produce male or female plants. Male plants need to be identified early in the growing process so they can be removed before they pollinate the female seeds.

Plants that are treated will produce feminized seeds. These seeds will only grow female plants, which eliminates the worry of throwing away or otherwise disposing of male plants that might grow. This allows growers to ensure all seeds they plant will produce productive marijuana plants. They do still require care to ensure they grow properly.

Another option, and one that is likely the best for beginners, is to try the auto-flowering seeds. These seeds are feminized, so they’ll only produce female plants. They’re also going to automatically flower at the appropriate time in the plant’s lifecycle, without the grower having to worry about keeping a close eye on them. Those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the growing process or who don’t want to risk any mistakes may prefer the auto-flowering seeds.

Ready to Start? Try These Strains

In Newfoundland and Labrador, plants must be grown inside, whether that’s in the residence or a dedicated shed. Some of our most popular strains that do well indoors include Do-Si-Dos feminized seeds, Banana Kush feminized seeds, and the Purple Star Killer feminized seeds. We also have a number of other strains perfect for indoor cultivation.

Beginners may want to try out auto-flowering seeds so they can grow plants without worrying as much over potential mistakes and ensure they get a good amount of marijuana from each plant. Popular options for auto-flowering seeds include the Auto Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds, Auto Love Potion feminized seeds, and the Auto Sweet Tooth feminized seeds.

Those who would prefer marijuana to help with medical issues may want to grow strains that are perfect for producing medical marijuana. Some of the most popular medical marijuana strains we have available include Critical Mass CBD feminized seeds, Chocolope feminized seeds, and Strawberry CBD 1 to 25 feminized seeds.

Buying Your Seeds from

Buying marijuana seeds doesn’t need to be difficult. We make it easy for you to find the exact strains you’re interested in or discover new strains to try. All of our seeds are high-quality cannabis seeds, and we hand-select the best seeds before shipping. We offer fast shipping directly to your front door and have a dedicated support team available to offer any help you might need.

If you’re in Newfoundland or Labrador, it is legal for you to purchase seeds and, so long as you’re in a private residence or have permission, legal to grow marijuana plants. Browse our website today to check out the many unique NL strains we have and let us know if you have any questions before or after your purchase.

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