The Best Cannabis Seeds in Northwest Territories 2022

Weed Seeds Canada is the premier seed bank in the Northwest Territories market. No other seed bank offers superior seeds at unbeatable prices. Always at the apex of the industry, our top-of-the-line products are unrivaled by any competing cannabis seed vendors. At the absolute pinnacle, and unmatched in superior quality, our top-notch selection of seeds will flourish into stellar plants. Selling only the most outstanding, award-winning, top-of-the-line strains to our Northwest Territory clients, we boast an inventory beyond compare. With more than 500 of the finest premium seeds, the vault at Weed Seeds is all you need when you type in Cannabis Seeds Northwest Territories. At Marijuana Seeds Canada we carry the utmost in top-quality seed products. We offer unequaled germination rates and peak performance strains that will blow your mind. If you are into the chronic, we have outstanding high THC strains, some clocking in at 30%. Our myriad of strains has something for everyone. With rich smoking profiles, tantalizing terpenes, and scents that will tickle your nostrils, the selection also includes the latest innovative hybrids. You can always count on us to deliver the choicest, highest quality brand name seeds in the Northwest Territories. From the most effective and powerful CBD cannabinoid strains to new, top-notch, CBG-dominant curatives, these are the cream-of-the-crop. You will not find high-performance strains like this in a dispensary. We also carry easy-to-grow autoflowers, incredible high-yielding producers, and premium smooth smoking cannabis strains.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Northwest Territories

Weed Seeds Canada is the go-to seed bank in the Northwest Territories. When you purchase seeds from a reputable and professional seed bank you enjoy peace of mind. We strive to provide the highest service standards, along with our quality products. We have an impressive virtual store that offers a massive selection of unique strains, including the latest innovations in CBD/CBG cannabinoids and autoflower hybrids. Our huge inventory of over 500 strains includes 100% guaranteed feminized seeds, hybrids with a perfect blend of terpenes and cannabinoids, and endless varieties of genetic profiles. A professional seed bank will include all the latest, most popular phenotypes and hybrids available on the market today. We support breeders who are passionate about cannabis. These botanists spend their days researching and developing the latest in scientific medicinals and they are always coming up with THC-drenched, resin-laden super strains. Five-star customer reviews, consistent award-winning strains, an easy-to-access website, many purchasing options, and shopping with known qualified professionals make all the difference. Sourced from around the world, chosen for their specific traits and characteristics, or specialty genetics crossbred in-house, there are seeds to fill every need. Our secure servers keep your information safe, and our fast and efficient delivery time means you will get your discreet package of seeds in the blink of an eye. Along with our high-tech, climate-controlled facilities, we store our products in the perfect environmental conditions, guaranteeing freshness and stable germination rates every time.

Northwest Territories’ Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

Ordering online from Weed Seeds Canada just makes sense. It can be challenging for small retail outlets to properly preserve and store seeds. Not many in-store seed banks can compete with the massive inventory of over 500 top-quality products Marijuana Seeds Canada delivers straight to your door. You don’t have to brave the weather and the bad drivers trying to find a seed shop. If you do find one close to home, it seems silly to stand in line and hope the retail outlet has exactly what you want when you can just order seeds online. With our easy-to-navigate website, extensive seed catalogue, and fast doorstep delivery, we beat the limited retail competitor’s offerings hands down. At Weed Seeds Canada, our seed storage facilities offer the perfect temperature, humidity, and light-controlled environments to keep our products fresh and viable, guaranteeing optimal product quality and ultra-high germination rates. Seeds can degenerate quickly when stored in unprotected environments, and retail outlets cannot provide optimal levels of geothermal protection. With top experts and scientists working behind the scenes on new innovative hybrids constantly, we are eons ahead of the pack. With no retail overhead, online seed banks can offer rock-bottom pricing without cutting corners, saving you time and money. With new crypto payment options and other modern web-based payment systems, we provide the most up-to-date technology. With exemplary customer service, a multitude of product and payment options, simple processing, and secure servers guaranteeing your protection, shopping online at Weed Seeds is where it’s at.

Northwest Territories’ Best Canadian CBD Products

With limited retail options in the more remote Northwest Territories communities, more people are turning to online retailers that can offer a wide range of different CBD products. Containing only trace amounts of the psychoactive THC cannabinoids, CBD or cannabidiol, offers all the benefits of cannabis without the high. For those not interested in the mind-altering effects of marijuana but who want to benefit from the medicinal and curative properties of cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG, you now can breed CBD-rich strains. CBD is the highest cannabinoid present in hemp and the second most active compound in the genus cannabis marijuana. Being just one of 113 known cannabinoids, it is mainly responsible for the many medicinal properties of the marijuana plant. A colourless crystalline solid, cannabidiols oxidize under certain conditions into THC, also producing CBD through the same metabolic pathway. In the last step, where CBDA synthase catalyzes into CBD instead of THC, simple scientific manipulation of one cannabis gene has switched this process to produce dominant CBD content instead of THC. Beneficial as an antidepressant, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and sleep aid, CBD offers holistic healing benefits. Available in tinctures, gummies, oils, edibles, and capsules, this natural element was brought to the forefront as a way to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Now it is bringing light to sufferers with severe disorders such as PTSD, epilepsy, gastrointestinal issues, and arthritis. Changing the landscape of natural medicine and giving people alternatives to often toxic allopathic pharmaceuticals, CBD provides much-needed relief for many.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Northwest Territories

With the endless options in gummies, vape concentrates, and oils the plethora of flavours and infusions have created a whole new level of cannabis taste and aroma experiences. From the deliciously alluring to the bizarre, the array of flavours packed into some strains is mind-blowing. Watermelon Weed and Pumpkin Spike are now a thing. Vaping has hit the smoking scene hard over the last few years, especially taking off with younger generations. This has filtered into the marijuana and cannabis industry in a big way. Oils and concentrates are now a huge business, allowing the development of new blends, potencies, flavours, and aromas never before experienced in the world of weed. Blending THC, CBD and even CBG potencies for a customized product allow for a wider customer base and the ability to target different needs. You can find everything under the sun, from purely medicinal CBD tinctures and edibles to high potency THC content and everything in between. With limited retail options in the NWT, it makes sense to create your own vape juice and gummies. With a DIY recipe, you can perfectly customize blends to your own specific tastes and needs. With just a few basic ingredients that can be ordered online, you will be well on your way to curating some Insta-worthy cannabis cuisine. With some base liquid, flavour concentrates, THC or CBD oils, a few basic ingredients, vape juice bottles, or gummy molds, you will be in business. You will have control over the quality and purity of the end product, and you can tailor it exactly to your taste.

Northwest Territories’ Best Cannabis Accessories

With a world of weed accessories at our disposal, everything from bongs, vapes, pipes, pokes, pens, and papers, the pot paraphernalia business is an entire industry all its own. Some have their favourites and stick with what they know and love but for others, diving into the world of cannabis consumption implements may feel overwhelming. The different types of vape pipes and pens are endless. Trying out some of the new smoking technologies can be exciting because you never know what you might discover. There seems to be something new coming out every day, and it is not only with styles and sizes. Now you can choose different methods of inhaling your favourite oils and concentrates. Hand-blown glass bongs of every size, shape, and colour are an art form all to themselves. The beautiful patterns and gorgeous colours are mesmerizing to behold. Metal and hand-carved stone pipes with intricate designs also make smoking that chronic dank a cool, unique, and eye-catching experience. From the fun freaky designs printed on rolling papers, to the non-toxic glues for the more health-conscious, joint rolling has never been this fun. People can find almost anything to suit their needs. Even the old-style hookahs have come back into fashion! Now you can pack a bowl with some hashish, throw in some comfy pillows, add low, warm liquid lighting, and you’ve got yourself an old-world smoking den. All these things and more are available to order online, for delivery to the NWT.

Best Canadian Sativas in Northwest Territories 2022

Let’s start out with some of Weed Seeds Canada’s top sativas in the Northwest Territories. Here are just a few samples of our sensuous sativa hybrids killing it on the cannabis scene today. For fun, energetic, heady sativa highs that keep you going for hours, these are the ones to watch for in 2022.

One of the all-time solid OG strains, our dank Diesel Sativa seeds are still as popular as ever. Always loved by growers for their huge showy, dense colas and heavy yields, Diesel grows like a weed and doesn’t disappoint. With 21% THC and euphoric, high-energy effects, this one is here to stay. With a combo of earthy and berry citrus flavours, it’s an old-school favourite.

A great medicinal and all-around mood enhancer, our White Russian seeds are growers, not showers. These nugs may not be huge showstoppers but the yields don’t disappoint at a massive 450g/sqm. Producing a rich smooth smoke and mellow, relaxing, calming high, she’s a great one for depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Sitting at a decent 23% THC, along with a diverse array of terpenes, this strain will impress.

A Cannabis Cup winner and all-around top-rated strain, this bombastic beast lives up to its name. Bruce Banner Regular seeds put out a whopping 27% THC content and huge yields at 500g/sqm. Almost intimidating with its massive yields, intense, euphoric highs, and extra tough resilience to mold and pests, it has been hailed as one of the biggest brutes on the market today.

Best Canadian Indicas in Northwest Territories 2022

Oh boy do we have some incredible indicas for you. These are the crazy, body-melting, mind-bending, carefree, couch-locking Kushes, and their indica hybrid cousins. We have picked three of our best right here but if you want more options feel free to look through our extensive selection because you deserve to feel real irie up in the NWT!

Shiskaberry Feminized seeds sound like something you’d bake a pie with. The earthy, spicey, berry flavours of its namesake make it a pleasure to smoke. 100% feminized seeds equal an all-female crop. With a bomb 25% THC content, this indica hybrid can create some seriously baked goods! In just 8 to 10 weeks, you’ll be cashing out a solid 450g/sqm indoors. Get it while it’s hot.

A gift from God and Bubba Kush, Bubba Gift Feminized seeds truly were sent from heaven, or more like it, will send you to heaven. A perfect blend of indica-dominant and sativa highs, this one has a bit of a psychedelic effect. With a quick six to eight week harvest time and Bubba Gift’s 20% THC profile, you’ll be meeting the Gods of ganja soon enough.

Take some Afghani Kush, throw in a little Skunk, a bit of Russian Ruderalis, and you have this Dutch bred treat. The Autoflowering Mazar seeds strain is an interesting 20% THC-heavy, automatically flowering hybrid. Those old-school OGs bring the calm, relaxing, happy vibes while the Russian brings that easy growing resilience. Anxiety, pain, and stress begone! You will find big relief in this one’s superior medicinal qualities.

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Northwest Territories’ Best THC Seeds

As for some of our all-time top THC drenched winners, we’ve got a few fab faves in the spotlight right now. If you are just looking for the most potent, chronic, dank herb on the market when nothing matters outside of getting straight blasted to the moon, these are the babies for you.

One of Leafly’s Strain of the Year winners, Runtz Feminized seeds strain is not only a top 27 % THC-soaked, resin winner but it’s quite the sight to behold. These beautiful nugs are some of the most crystalline, colourful stunners on the market today. Get those Instagram shots in before partaking in her sweet, tropical, fruity flavours and lovely, relaxing, dreamy highs.

Do si do and away we go with Moby’s Do Si Dos Feminized seeds. A whopper of an indoor producer at 600g/sqm and up to1000g/plant al fresco, it’s a grower’s dream. Throw in a mind-numbing 28% THC profile and what’s not to love? With hardy, potent, and bombastic yields, this super appealing strain is hard to keep in stock.

LA Confidential Feminized seeds are a 100% pure potent indica. It gets the job done when it comes to getting baked, bombed, buzzed, and utterly wasted. One of the freshest herbs on the scene, it’s not for the novice smoker, so take it slow. LA’s 26% THC cannabinoids pack a punch. This earthy, woodsy, pine smoke will put you deep into dreamland, so blaze up before bed and drift off in a sweet, sweet haze of heavenly bliss.

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In NT, Canada

Weed Seeds Canadas’ extensive selection of quality 100% feminized, top-selling strains, such as our northern auto-flowering Russian ruderalis phenotype hybrids, makes our seeds the simplest and easiest option as far as growing cannabis in the NWT is concerned. Purchasing from a reputable seed bank guarantees you are getting quality every time. Buying clones off of the black market can be risky. There is no guarantee you get what you paid for, it is expensive, and it could cost your entire crop in unknown diseases, and pest infestations. If growing outdoors, starting a hardier Russian ruderalis hybrid from seed allows you to slowly acclimatize the seedlings to the harsher northern, early spring weather conditions. If using clones, a harsh cold snap could take out your entire crop of babies if they are still too delicate for the cold temperatures. As far as indoor crops are concerned, most often pests are introduced into a grow space on infected babies. Some are nearly undetectable in the early stages and, with spider mites, for example, you may not notice an infestation until it is far too late to stop them. Many diseases can be brought in on clones because there is little quality control surrounding the clone market. Once it takes hold, it is sometimes next to impossible to completely eradicate an infestation or disease. Time, money, stress, and even seriously toxic or illegal chemicals may be needed to deal with the problem. Starting with quality seeds from Marijuana Seeds Canada is your safest bet by far.

Plan Your Northwest Territories Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Growing your own weed in the Northwest Territories can be rewarding. Residents are legally limited to four plants per person no matter if they grow indoors or outdoors. Whichever route you decide will determine the style of growing method and type of strain you choose to cultivate. Indoors, a stealth Sea of Green (SOG) style operation with many smaller plants compacted together into a smaller space will bring massive yields. If considering a simple outdoor four plant garden, strains bred to harsher climates, shorter northern growing seasons, and resiliency would be ideal. Many factors will determine the strain you choose but your experience, budget, and grow space top the list. Weed Seeds Canada sells the perfect sativa/ruderalis hybrids for all who have a green thumb in the NWT. Indoor gardens will require more thought, time and investment but are a great option if planning to grow year-round. High-tech LED lighting is an amazing industry innovation that can save tons of money on excessive amounts of power usage and expensive cooling systems. A shorter stature, compact, high production photo flip strain may be best suited for this style of a grow-op but whatever strain you decide, Weed Seeds has them all. Growing mediums play a huge role in weed cultivation. The easiest and most common choice is high-grade organic soil, but some prefer hydroponics or the water bath method. There are many options for each unique situation but first and foremost is of course research, research, and more research.

When To Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Northwest Territories

If growing indoors, start your seeds two weeks before the last crop out and those little seedlings will be ready to go. For outdoor operations, it’s simply a seasonal issue. The Northwest Territories have a shorter growing season and later planting time than southern provinces. Choosing a strain bred specifically for your particular climate and growing method is key. Weed Seeds Canada offers some amazing sativa/ruderalis hybrid strains perfect for the NWT. Super hardy, and able to automatically flower within just a couple of weeks, the ruderalis, a Russian-born phenotype naturally adapted to its northern growing conditions over time. When cross-bred with the fast-growing outdoor sativas, these new resilient autoflower hybrids will be perfectly at home in the NWT. Canadian gardeners should know their cold hardiness zone, or they may have some nasty surprises come spring. Simply look up the NWT zone on a hardiness map to find your spring planting time. Ideally, seedlings should be sprouted indoors to compensate for a short season, and slowly acclimatized over a few weeks before transplanting outdoors. NWT generally lands in either zone 2a or 2b, both very hardy zones. Plants not well acclimatized to these zones could suffer some frost damage during early spring. Germinate your seeds in a suitable growing medium such as peat moss pucks, perlite, or rock wool cubes, always being very careful not to touch and contaminate them with your bare hands. Keep them slightly moist at all times, add a little root powder, and voila, watch those babies grow.

Growing Marijuana in Northwest Territories

With a shorter growing season in this province, an indoor operation might be your best option. It is legal in the Northwest Territories to grow cannabis at home and although there are parameters that must be followed, there is no reason not to start your very own ganja garden. As it stands, the law permits each household to grow four marijuana plants but there are ways to push these boundaries and create quite a sizable garden if one chooses. Weed plants may be grown to the size of trees depending on the space and the growing medium. Atop-grade organic, vermiculite-heavy, soil will help nurture your plants. Usually, it’s the space, not the plant, that is limited. The vegetation stage takes longer for a plant to reach its desired size, but it can produce a sizable amount of product when done correctly. Using the largest pots available for the size of the plant depends mostly on space, but the bigger the better. You will judge the photo flip timing when they reach approximately ¾ of their final height at harvest. Once in flower, the branches will begin to gain weight under newly forming buds. Before they get so heavy as to snap the branches, they must be individually tied or supported in some way, usually by strings attached to the ceiling. These branches can produce enormous individual nuggets of dense bud called colas, and it’s quite a sight to behold. A seed strain geared to large sizes and massive yields is ideal for this growing style. Sativa-dominant hybrids from Weed Seeds Canada are a perfect choice.

Harvesting in Northwest Territories

Because of the shorter northern growing season, harvest in the Northwest Territories will naturally come a little earlier than in other places. Being located in hardiness zones 2a and 2b, frost can arrive sooner than one expects and may do damage to your crop. Be careful to watch out for any seasonal changes or oncoming cold snaps as you might need to bring your crop down slightly early. Ideally, when one notices the plant’s natural cycle coming to an end, those little trichome-drenched hairs on the buds will be super sticky with sparkling, crystalline resin that turns a rich, golden, amber color. Fan leaves will yellow and drop, and thinner branches may snap under the weight of those heavy, dense king colas if not properly supported. These are signs that your buds are ripe and ready for market. Each cannabis strain will have its own flowering period. Some require eight weeks while others need up to twelve weeks in the flowering phase, so time your harvest accordingly. Watch for signs of maturity and take your crop down at the end of its cycle. If harvested too early, those trichomes and cannabinoids will not properly develop the rich, robust flavours and high THC content one wants in a product. If you wait too long, the buds may burn under hot HPS lamps, bud rot may set in, and the product will quickly degrade and oxidize. So as you can see, getting the timing of the harvest right is key to the success or failure of the entire process.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Northwest Territories

Come harvest time is when you should think about the final product and what needs to be accomplished to create that smooth, rich, flavourful smoke the market expects in a quality cannabis today. An exceptional smoke almost always means perfected curing and storing has been accomplished. Some growers get a little too excited at this stage and rush it but patience here is key. Premium ganja can fetch a much better price and is worth the extra time and effort required. After carefully trimming the buds, cutting them to equal size, and being extra careful not to disturb those resinous trichomes too much, it will then be laid out on fine mesh screens for drying. Once dry and crispy it’s time to sweat the ganja in plastic bags. Do not pack so tightly as to bruise those tender nugs but also make sure there is as little air in the bags as possible. Sweat until the outside flowers are again moist to the touch and then repeat the screen drying process. Do this over and over until the marijuana reaches a perfect consistency of moisture content to dryness. The best way to check is when the stems easily snap between your fingers, but the buds are still moist enough to hold their weight and produce that desired velvety smooth smokeability. If it is too dry, the weight is lost, along with that deep, rich flavour. Store in airtight UV blocking glass jars, and you have yourself a quality product for months to come.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Marijuana in Northwest Territories

With so many ways to consume that glorious green, it’s hard to know where to even start. Blazing up a big fat reefer as your parents did with wacky tobacky back in the 70s is still the most common method but vaping is quickly taking over the scene. Vaping offers such a wide range of diversity, and, along with being considered somewhat easier on the lungs, another benefit is the new discreet disposable pens. Vaping is an all-around much less obvious, way to enjoy that stealth coffee break at work. All your coworkers are going to wonder why you don’t hate your job like everybody else. Not knocking the old school methods, a solid hit from the bong never goes out of style, especially these days with bongs that tend to be more objects d’art than smoking paraphernalia. Packing a bowl, sparking up, and listening to that sweet sound of a bubbling brook as some smooth dank flows through the water is a fun way to get high. Between hot knifing some hash over the kitchen elements, all the way to healthy organic edibles and drink infusions such as cannabis coffee, kombuchas, and juicing, there is something for every taste and lifestyle. Even the most discerning vegans can find a product for their lifestyle. Even the gym rats looking to get into the zone with a punched-up, pot protein shake can find a fit for their cannabis consumption needs. Gummies, shatter, butter, baked goods, diamonds, and dabs, there are so many options for all you NWT weed fiends.

Northwest Territories’ Cannabis Culture

Each year folks in the Northwest Territories celebrate that wacky weed we all know and love on April 20th, along with the rest of us. The annual grassroots 4/20 March and Festival in Yellowknife brings all those dope-smoking, pot-crazed, cannabis candy lovers out of the wilderness, from both near and far, across the NWT. In one big old blaze of glory, everyone partakes together in celebration and reverence of the mother of all marijuana lovers, Mary Jane. Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, it’s now become less of a march and more of a fun, freaky, wide-open festival. There is no need for marches, demonstrations, or activism anymore, just some great old ganja good times. Being a more liberal-minded community, even before weed was legal, 4/20 participants have smoked right in the Somba K’e Civic Plaza, just steps from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) headquarters without being charged or arrested. We wouldn’t be surprised if this year there are even a few LEO in the crowd partaking of a puff or two themselves because everyone deserves a break. The RCMP stated they would respond to calls for service at the rally if required but will respect the public’s right to assemble and enjoy their newfound freedoms to burn one down. Rally organizer, Kim MacNearny, has worked hard over the years to see this day come to fruition. When the NWT community can come together and legally enjoy one of nature’s God-given gifts in peace, serenity, and a lot of bongo drums, you know you are in Canada.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in NT, Canada

In the Northwest Territories, all adults 19 and over are allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis (or equivalent) on their person in a public place. Under the age of 19, no one is allowed to purchase or possess marijuana products under any circumstances. Cannabis may be transported in a vehicle but only in enclosed packaging, not within access of the driver or occupants, such as the trunk of a car. Legally, adults may cultivate up to four marijuana plants on their property, grown indoors or outdoors on privately owned land. Seeds are legal to buy and possess but must be purchased from a registered legal supplier such as Weeds Seeds Canada. Weed itself became legal in Canada and the Northwest Territories in October of 2018. Since that time, the Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission (NTLCC) has been responsible for the distribution and sale of all marijuana products in the NWT, though only fresh or dried cannabis, cannabis oil, and seeds are available for sale. Northwest Territories residents may also buy marijuana online from the NTLCC, which may be consumed on private property, wherever smoking tobacco is allowed, on trails or roads, or in parks when not in use for public events. Smoking or vaping cannabis is strictly prohibited in any locations frequented by children, such as playgrounds, schools, sports fields, or underage outdoor gatherings. Local governments also have the authority to make and enforce their own bylaws that add to the Greater Northwest Territories rules around public cannabis use.

Buy Medical Marijuana in Northwest Territories

Under federal Canadian law, Northwest Territories medical marijuana patients are permitted to have up to 150 grams on their person, or up to 30 times the daily dosage of dried cannabis, or equal in a cannabis product, only if prescribed by a doctor, nurse, or qualified care practitioner. Across the country many Canadians are legally licensed to hold medical marijuana products on their person, however, they must qualify under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), which came into effect on August 24, 2016. Patients need to provide an official medical prescription and not have been convicted of any marijuana-related offenses in the past. Generally, people qualify under either one of two categories. First would be palliative patients at end of life, to help offer relief from pain due to cancer symptoms, HIV/AIDS, and other terminal illnesses and injuries. Marijuana also may be used for severe side effects due to medications. Next would be patients with various, long-term, chronically painful conditions. Listed are a few of the medical issues that may qualify through Health Canada, such as Alzheimer’s disease, mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and ADHD. Chronic pain, including arthritis and inflammation, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and many forms of gastrointestinal disorders, such as IBS, colitis, or Crohn’s disease. You may find out if you are eligible and apply through the Canadian Government’s medical marijuana website. Authorized caregivers may also possess marijuana and cannabis oil and administer the substance to patients as long as they are licensed as qualified caregivers.

Northwest Territories’ History of Marijuana Legalization

When drug prohibition first came into effect across Canada over 100 years ago, there was a consistent march towards the more lax attitudes around marijuana that led to the legal status it holds today. Before the Oct 2018 national legalization, a vote was passed for towns that already had licensed liquor stores, to decide whether to ban recreational marijuana in their communities. They voted to proceed with Canadian legalization. With such a small population spread across an area the size of half of Canada, product availability was an issue. Initially, marijuana was only sold by the government through a handful of liquor stores in the larger communities of Yellowknife, Inuvik, and a few others. Northern Canada has dry communities which are townships that have decided to ban liquor sales and remain dry. As such, communities were also given the choice of whether they wanted to ban cannabis sales, and all declined. With that, the Canadian Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Act went into effect. The Northwest Territories is one of the lowest marijuana-consuming provinces, but people pay the highest prices, so overconsumption doesn’t seem to be an issue. Like in most other provinces, surveys were conducted to gauge community attitudes towards recreational marijuana. Most supported government distribution and oversight but were split on government or private retailers and dispensaries. They favored limits on possession and home growing, and penalties for DUI and workplace impairment. Today, the NWT enjoys the many benefits of marijuana legalization along with the rest of Canada.

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