The Best Cannabis Seeds in Nova Scotia 2022

Most people want cannabis seeds that grow plants that are beautiful, potent, abundant in their production of buds, and easy to take care of. Accessing seeds that have been lab-tested for all of these things is easier than ever! Whether you are looking for sativas, indicas, or hybrids, you can find the perfect seed at Weed Seeds. You don’t have to search high and low for cannabis that smells incredible, tastes delicious, and produces a predictable taste and effect. All you have to do is purchase our well-bred seeds and get them in your garden.

When you search for cannabis seeds Nova Scotia, you will see a lot of options. It doesn’t matter if you grow indoors or outdoors but what does matter is that you buy seeds that have been stored in optimal conditions. It might be tempting to germinate any old seed you find in some schwag but why put the work into growing something that is low quality. When you want to grow the prima donnas of chronic, it’s important to trust the experts. Professionals store their genetics in a sterile environment with eight to ten percent ambient humidity and at a temperature between two and five degrees Celsius, or just below room temperature depending on the seed and the storage time. If you want seeds that have germination power, you need seeds that have never been touched by anything but tweezers or nitrile gloves. Our team of professionals follows strict guidelines when handling seeds because bare hands can contaminate a seed and that can affect the germination process and the growth cycle that follows.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Nova Scotia

A seed bank worth patronizing wants its customers to have all the knowledge they need to grow incredible plants from their amazing stock. A reputable seed bank will have a fabulous array of genetics for every growing situation. It should not matter if you are looking for the traditional unsexed regular and photoperiod seeds or going more modern with feminized and auto-flowering varieties. You should not have to be an internet sleuth to find what you need. Trustworthy seed banks are focused on helping their customers make the right choice, rather than focusing on getting a sale. Weed Seeds is a reputable seed bank with repeat customers. Nothing ensures repeat customers like an expansive, no-stress website full of information on a world of quality genetics and a variety of payment options.

Weed Seeds CA has more than five hundred varieties of seeds, each with a thorough writeup describing all the pertinent details. We carry both high THC and low THC seeds, as well as ones higher in other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN. We regularly fill orders between five and fifty thousand seeds. All of our seeds come with a ninety percent germination guarantee, and all of our feminized seeds are guaranteed to come out ninety-nine percent female. We want to support you on your journey to becoming a master cannabis gardener, not just hocking you a couple of magic beans. Our mission is to deliver top-quality seeds and that’s why our site is full of reviews from happy customers.

Nova Scotia’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

A tricky thing about getting seeds from dispensaries in Nova Scotia is that most dispensaries don’t have the infrastructure to store seeds properly for more than a few weeks. Most of the time, there is no temperature or light controls, and improper storage can lead to lower germination rates as the seeds slowly decay. We take the storage of our seeds seriously. Our facilities are equipped to keep seeds in cool, low-humidity environments. Most people do not buy produce that is old so why buy stale seeds from a store?

Our website is our storefront. It is open twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, and is accessible in seconds from anywhere in Canada. Why sit in traffic and wait in line when you can start your research right here? All of our information is updated regularly to keep up with the rapidly changing world of ganja. A huge variety and cutting-edge quality genetics are what we stake our business on so we get new strains in all the time. We take a wide variety of payment options including debit, credit, cryptocurrencies, Venmo, and Zelle. Our customer service team maintains both a phone number reachable during business hours as well as an email address to answer any questions or confirm any details. If you are looking for the best in top-of-the-line genetics and novelty strains, you can trust Weed Seeds Ca. We know what we are talking about so let us guide you through your seed shopping experience.

Nova Scotia’s Best Canadian CBD Products

CBD is all the rage right now in both wellness and recreational markets thanks to its ability to chill out consumers without getting them high. CBD is short for cannabidiol, and cannabidiol is one of the two most high-profile cannabinoids that are found within pot plants. Cannabinoids are enzymes that interact with our nervous systems to help regulate feelings of pain, pleasure, fatigue, and hunger. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that it doesn’t get you high like THC. Instead, it supports your body’s own endocannabinoids, helping them to do their jobs better for longer.

CBD products are ideal for people with chronic muscle, joint, and nerve pain who don’t like the psychoactive components of high THC cannabis products. Many people prefer to ingest CBD using oils and gummies, which are widely available at NSLC stores in a variety of flavours and ingestion methods, even as canned beverages! The dank, skunky smell, and taste of many edibles are largely absent from most CBD products, though there is of course some variation between them. CBD is also considered to have zero addictive or recreational potential. High CBD plants are often quite easy to grow and generally come with an amount of THC in them. The only exception would be if you were growing strictly hemp seeds, which are engineered to grow less than 0.2% THC to fit with government regulations. The healing properties of CBD are still being discovered and as clinical studies continue, so does the hope for many who rely on cannabis for health and wellness.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians love cola flavoured, peach, and blue raspberry edibles, though the NSLC seems to carry a lot of chocolate. Gummies typically come as either CBD or THC varieties, and usually, the THC variety is divided into indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Potency ranges from ten to one thousand milligrams per gummy.

Nova Scotia banned flavoured vapes in 2019, so it’s wise to choose a vape juice based on the tastiness of a strain. Gelato and Wedding Cake are readily available and deliver a blast of sugar and fruit. A Tangie or Lemon Kush is a good alternative for those seeking more citrus-based flavours. Peanut Butter Breath and Blue Dream are wonderful options for people looking for something a little woodier or spicier.

Oils are usually sold with no affiliated strain and are packaged according to how much THC and CBD they contain. This information is shown as both a milligrams per gram amount and as a ratio. A balanced oil, also called a one-to-one, will have the same amount of THC as CBD, while a fifteen-to-one will have fifteen of one cannabinoid to every one of the other. Most oils have no flavour added to them, except for a few that are cut with a bit of peppermint. Putting a drop of oil under your tongue is one way to get medicinal relief and if you do not like the taste, try adding it to food. Nova Scotians will pay extra for a made in NS product, and the good news is that there are many local companies making oils.

Nova Scotia’s Best Cannabis Accessories

There is technically one NSLC designated provider of accessories in Nova Scotia, and their website is expansive. You can also find all kinds of amazing alternative cannabis accessory stores in Halifax and beyond, including pot-specific smoke shops in Truro. Many of these places have been around for decades and know their stuff. Fumes is a Nova Scotia-based hemp paper company that makes high-quality rolling papers that come with tips. They can be ordered online or purchased from many local shops if you’d like to support local businesses.

Ganja grinders are helpful when rolling joints. They range from little acrylic disks or plastic tubs that come with a smell-proof storage container, to three-chamber metal devices that will collect kief for concentrate enthusiasts. The best bongs and pipes are glass. Metal pipes can get hot enough to burn you and although wooden ones are classy, they can affect the taste of your weed. Anything with plastic pieces, aside from the occasional silicon mouthpiece, is probably not worth the money. Glass pipes and bongs are also helpful because it’s very obvious when they need to be cleaned. Soaking your pipe in rubbing alcohol or isopropyl for a few hours and then scrubbing or flushing it out will typically get rid of any built-up resin. Dirty pipes can affect the taste of your cannabis, and can eventually become too clogged to use. It’s best to clean them at least once every six months if you are a regular smoker.

Best Canadian Sativas in Nova Scotia 2022

If you are looking for a truly classic strain with mental health supporting attributes and reggae appeal, you’ll want to get your hands on some Lamb’s Bread Sativa Seeds. Lamb’s Bread has between sixteen and twenty-one percent THC and less than one percent CBD. Its energizing and uplifting high helped Bob Marley create his oeuvre! LB is slightly harder to grow because it needs a lot of room to spread out but the result is a sativa tree that can yield up to five hundred grams per square metre!

For an edgier strain, related to the world-famous Girl Scout Cookies, try some Zombie Death Fuck Seeds. With up to twenty-five percent THC, it is used for everything from arthritis to depression, and it delivers a euphoric high in a dank and spicy package. This one loves growing indoors but does even better outdoors where it can net up to six hundred grams per plant!

Those populating an indoor grow table might jump at the chance to get a hold of some of our Tangie Feminized Seeds. This delicious and active strain comes with a serenity boost and the vibrant taste of citrus. With a THC content of twenty percent and a yield of up to six hundred grams per plant when grown outdoors, this is one sativa monster that likes to spread out. Tangie is less active than a lot of other sativas, with a strong sedative streak that makes it perfect for focusing on tasks or getting some rest.

Best Canadian Indicas in Nova Scotia 2022

Indicas are typically shorter, bushier, plants that are used for their relaxing, sedative highs. Here are some of our favourites for NS!

Do Si Dos Feminized Seeds are perfect for those who want a potent and popular strain that’s also easy to grow! It’s fabulous for chronic pain and insomnia. With a THC content of up to twenty-eight percent, this heavy hitter can net novice growers more than a pound in as little as two months! Maybe keep this one indoors in Nova Scotia, where it can be protected from humidity.

A potent strain that hits like a freight train, Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds grow plants that hold up to twenty-four percent THC. They can grow over a pound indoors or up to six hundred grams per plant outdoors in eight to ten weeks. AGG is used to increase hunger and decrease pain. This is a plant that needs very minimal care to get those huge yields! Just a little bit of fertilizer and selective pruning at the start, plus some strong light and it’s good to go!

A rare and classic strain, Autoflowering Acapulco Gold Seeds are the easiest way to cultivate this psychedelic legend. This strain is perfect for people suffering from mental health conditions that make them anxious and poorly motivated. With twenty-three percent THC, its taste is one of caramelized sugar, just like the top of creme brule. It may not give a massive yield in its three-month cycle, but it’s a flex just to grow it.

Nova Scotia’s Best THC Seeds

THC seeds are the big dogs of the psychoactive cannabinoid world. We’ve got more than a few that Nova Scotians will enjoy!

Green Crack Fast Feminized Seeds grow buds with an antidepressant and motivational high. These plants have beautiful lemon-lime appearances and aromas. Incredibly easy to cultivate and packing a whopping twenty-five percent THC, the harvest will be ready in seven to nine weeks and might be in the neighbourhood of two pounds if you can support this outdoor plant’s true height and carrying capacity.

Grandaddy Bruce Regular Seeds combine the stress-destroying magic of Grandaddy Purple with the creative focus of Bruce Banner. At up to twenty-eight percent THC, the females that grow from these unsexed seeds can grow anywhere from five hundred to six hundred and fifty grams per square metre or per plant in eight to ten weeks. Battling everything from anxiety to nausea, its potent smoke tastes like vanilla and grapes. These small plants do best indoors in Nova Scotia, where they can be protected from humidity.

Kosher Tangie Regular Seeds are for connoisseurs who require both male and female plants. With twenty-four to twenty-six percent THC, KT is used for both mental and physical ailments. Its calming, happy high matches the pleasure of growing up to five hundred and fifty grams per square metre when grown indoors. Its smoke has twangs of citrus and skunk thanks to its Tangie genes, with the earthy musk of Kosher Kush. This is a niche crossover that is not to be missed!

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In NS, Canada

Clones are popular but seeds are where the true quality is. To grow those towering sativas to their full height, it takes seeds that can develop strong root systems. More specifically, to get the kind of yields that only a taproot can provide, seeds are the only way to go. If experimenting with making your own strains is what you’re looking to do, unsexed regular seeds are necessary. Clones can quickly populate a grow table with bud colas, but seed crops are always larger, tastier, and more vibrant than even the best clones.

Beyond the benefits of strictly growing seeds, growing your own cannabis is an incredibly rewarding hobby that can provide a lot of satisfaction. Learning new things while growing something that can be used as a recreational substance is the dream of a lot of baby gardeners who are sick of just growing hothouse tomatoes. If you are a chronic pain sufferer, there’s the added benefit of being able to be somewhat self-sufficient in your medicinal choices for pain management. If you are growing from seed, you can cross-pollinate your two, or even three favourite strains to produce a personalized crop specifically for your personal health regimen. Why fuss with expensive clones that might be tainted by pesticides and genetic impurities when you can buy high-quality seeds right here? The trade off of an extra few weeks of germinating and vegetating is worth it when you have massive crops of amazing weed that taste delicious.

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Plan Your Nova Scotia Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Before ordering your seeds, it’s wise to make some choices about your future. Do you want to grow indoors or outdoors? Indoors, you’ll have more control over the environment, can grow year-round, and can better protect your plants from spider mites, thieves, and humidity. Outdoors, the sun, and summer weather do most of the work. Your crops will also benefit from the richer, deeper bouquet that soil and thick root bulbs can help to provide.

When prepping an indoor space, it’s important to think about things like power sources, proper ventilation, lighting rigs, possibly hydroponic setups, timers, and most importantly, securing the room. Before anything moves in, it’s important to inspect the room for cracks and gaps that hungry insects might come in through. Pests can destroy a grow room once they get in, and an ounce of prevention is worth an entire ton of cure in this regard. Sealing up all of the gaps will both help to centralize airflow and keep your space secure. When considering airflow, make sure you’ve got both an intake and an outgoing fan, interfaced each time with filters to kill off airborne pests like fungus and to tamp down on smells when venting outside. Outdoor you’ll want to consider the path of the sun on your growing plot. Prep the soil a few weeks in advance and let it heat up to the ambient temperature before transplanting seedlings. You’ll also need to secure the plants with a fence. Beware of local bylaws when growing outdoors.

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a continental climate with cold winters and warm, humid summers. For this reason, it’s wise to wait until at least two weeks after the last frost to plant outdoors. Mid-May is usually alright but Mother Nature is unpredictable. If you are growing indoors, you can start your seeds whenever you want. If you are planning to transfer the plants outdoors, it’s best to start your seeds two to four weeks beforehand, depending on what strain they are.

There are many ways to germinate seeds, some better than others. Weed Seeds swears by the paper towel method. To use this method, you’ll need some seeds, two ceramic plates or similar flat waterproof surfaces, fresh paper towels, sterilized distilled water, a warm dry, and dark place, tweezers, and some patience. Wet the paper towels with the water. Place them on one of the plates, making sure that the towel is thoroughly wet but isn’t causing water to pool. Arrange the seeds on the first towel using the tweezers. Cover them with the second towel, and then cover the whole thing with the other plate. Make sure to tuck all the corners of the paper towel in to prevent drying out. Keep this plate sandwich in a warm, dry, dark space for one to six days, checking on them at least once a day to make sure the paper towels are still damp. Once the seeds crack open and begin to grow a sprout at least a centimetre long, they are ready to be placed in pots.

Growing Weed in Nova Scotia

If you are growing outdoors in Nova Scotia, chances are you’ll want auto-flowering seeds that can handle an occasional downpour or a frigid September day. These plants also have the added benefit of being mold and pest resistant. Many outdoor growers also swear by companion planting, which cuts down on the number of fertilizers and pesticides you’ll have to use. Cannabis does well when planted with a host of other aromatic herbs and common vegetables. Tomato plants are often used to mask both the smell and appearance of marijuana. Corn, squash, and beans can provide ample coverage for ganja plants while also helping the soil around them to fix nitrogen more quickly and protect them from herbivores. Lavender, marigold, sage, mint, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and chives are also considered suitable plants for both helping to mask smells of the plants as well as protecting them from pests. It might also be a good idea to install some kind of motion sensor triggered light and camera combo. The worst pests for cannabis plants are other humans who come in the night to steal your plants.

The best way to protect your plants from the elements is probably a greenhouse, where you can even add a few LED lights to boost your plants’ yield. It’s generally wise to pick strains that can handle humidity, so look for tropical and temperate strains. It is important to get most plants indoors by mid-October before the first frost can touch them.

Harvesting in Nova Scotia

It can vary depending on the strain and personal taste, but it’s generally time to harvest once the pistil hairs become curly and turn orange, or the trichomes have gone from being either clear to milky or milky to golden. Going milky to golden for many strains will lower its THC content but will potentially boost CBN content. The standard, however, is to harvest when trichomes go from clear to white.

Before you begin to harvest, decide whether you are doing a wet trim or a dry trim. Wet trimming happens before drying, while dry trimming happens after. Dry trimming can produce richer flavour in crops, whereas a wet trim can tamp down on the time it takes to dry the crop. If you are dry trimming, manicure large branches until you are left with a bouquet of long-stemmed bud colas with all their fan leaves gone but sugar leaves barely touched. Hang the branches upside down on a clothesline in indirect light and fifty percent relative humidity for up to ten days. If you are wet trimming, go ahead and cut the buds off of the plants, manicuring them as you go, and laying them on drying racks. Leave them in the conditions described above for two to five days, turning the buds over every so often to ensure even drying. Your buds will be ready to move to the next step when their smaller twigs snap instead of breaking. Drying racks are best for humid harvests that need to dry quickly to avoid rotting.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Nova Scotia

Drying buds is a delicate balancing act between going too slow and too fast. If it is done too fast the crop will degrade. If it is too slow, the buds might get mold. Once small twigs snap easily, it’s time to cure the harvest. Put the entire crop in wide-mouth mason jars with a quarter to a third air space left. Don’t pack buds in! Put a hygrometer, a relative humidity measurer in each jar. Keep these jars between fifty-eight and sixty-five percent RH at room temperature.

For one to three weeks, open the jars every day and check on the progress. If the humidity is above seventy percent, take the flowers out of the jar for an hour or two. If the humidity is between sixty-five and seventy, leave the lid off of the jar for two to four hours. When buds are between sixty and sixty-five percent relative humidity, they’re in the sweet spot and should be left alone. If your humidity is below fifty-five percent, add a re-humidifying pack. If your buds ever start smelling like ammonia, transfer them to a drying rack quickly to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. Jars should smell more like stereotypical jars of weed every time you open them. Buds can then be kept in these jars for up to six months so long as the seals are airtight. For longer storage, it’s best to vacuum seal them. Curing and storage is an underrated part of Mary Jane growing that can make or break a crop.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Weed in Nova Scotia

With innovations in the legal market, it’s now safer than ever to use pot thanks in part to alternative methods of ingestion like edibles, vapes, and even beverages.

For those who are just looking to relax and be a little stoned, we recommend getting some ten-milligram gummies. Sativas are ideal for daytime, while indica candies will knock you out. A ten-milligram candy is enough to be felt by even very seasoned stoners, while a one thousand milligram dose is likely to make even chronics a little sick. For quicker acting and more potent results, eat one just before a meal that is high in fat.

When it comes to vapes, you have options. If you want a precise dose, consider a dosist cartridge that delivers symptom-based blends in more measured doses than traditional vapes. The flavours of each strain change dramatically based on what temperature they’re vaped at! Getting a hand-held vapourizer with an adjustable temperature can be a few hundred dollars, but worth the investment.

Folks who want to control their dosages without having to fiddle with vapes or pills might try a cannabis beverage. These canned drinks often contain ten milligrams of THC and any amount of CBD depending on the blend, since there’s no legal limit to that part. These are perfect for folks out for a walk-in public spaces where smoking ganja is not permitted. Effects can take up to four hours to be completely felt though, so don’t crack another one until you are sure the last one has kicked in.

Nova Scotia’s Cannabis Culture

Nova Scotia has the highest rate of marijuana use per capita in Canada, with nearly sixteen percent of people using it at least once a year. A Cannabis Cup was held in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia a year after legalization started, in November of 2019. It was hosted by The Red Knight pub and Lifestyle 420, which is an internet hub of ganja activity for Nova Scotian stoners. They provide chat rooms and marketplaces for equipment and edibles recipe trading. Be warned that their main website plays music on arrival, so be ready with the mute button if you are not into it. Harvest Fest is a once-a-year festival in Riversdale with music, food, and vendors focused on medicinal cannabis products.

Nobody in Canada under sixty will think of Nova Scotia and chronic without also thinking about the Trailer Park Boys, the internationally acclaimed mockumentary comedy series about a group of weed-growing hosers based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The show was created by writer-director Mike Clattenburg, who grew up in the area. The three main actors are all locals and have expanded the original characters to a host of offshoot projects including podcasting, live shows, and appearances, and a brand of pot called Trailer Park Buds. Unfortunately, due to strict Canadian advertising laws that forbid the use of enticing tie-ins when promoting marijuana products, the brand had to undergo some serious runaround to get it back on shelves, but they’re back now in strains like Itodaso Indica and Two Birds Sativa.

Buy Weed Seeds in NS, Canada

Medical weed and CBD oils have been legal in Nova Scotia since 2001. Since October 2019 it’s been legal in Nova Scotia, and all across Canada for any person over the age of nineteen to buy, possess, use, and grow cannabis. Edibles, vape juice, and concentrates became available in Nova Scotia in 2019. Any adult in the province is legally allowed to have up to thirty grams on their person in public, with no limit to what they can possess on private property. Landlords are allowed to make their own rules about pot use on their properties. It’s still illegal to drive while under the influence, and all marijuana in cars needs to be out of reach and in the trunk. Public smoking is permitted where tobacco smoking is. All cannabis and associated products are sold by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

Households can grow up to four plants each. Each separate dwelling within a multi-unit building counts as a separate household. Nova Scotians are currently only able to grow weed seeds from registered NSLC stores and online seed banks. It is illegal to grow pot in a visible place in Nova Scotia and if your neighbours can see your ganja garden it could get you into some hot water with the authorities. A lot of people use grow tents to get around this. It’s also highly recommended that all outdoor dank is grown under lock and key with a fence around it, to prevent children, animals, and thieves from getting at it. Individuals are allowed to bake their own edibles, but selling them is illegal.

Buy Medical Weed in Nova Scotia

Roughly sixteen thousand Nova Scotians have access to medical cannabis but the amount of people who rely on the recreational market to treat their symptoms is much larger. This can be dangerous due to possible drug interactions between ganja and prescriptions. People accessing medical weed in Nova Scotia don’t need a referral from their doctor but instead can book assessments with physicians at a specialized medical pot clinic called Cannaway that does province-wide intake with customized care plans and prescriptions. Once a prescription has been issued, medicinal users in Nova Scotia can order medical pot from Health Canada’s licensed producers. Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with Health Canada to make filling marijuana prescriptions easier. They even offer consultation and connection to physicians themselves, if you’re having trouble with Cannaway.

Almost all of Canada’s medical chronic laws are federally determined and fall under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), which were updated during the transition to legalization. Medical users are permitted to travel domestically in Canada with their prescription but can’t travel with it outside of the country. Conditions that are frequently treated with medical weed include PTSD, anxiety, depression, sleep issues like insomnia, night terrors, migraines, spinal injuries, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. Depending on what condition the prescription is for, some weed is covered by health care insurance. Other registered patients who receive their healing herbs through Health Canada can write off the expense on their taxes.

Nova Scotia’s History of Weed Legalization

Weed first landed in the colonies that would make up modern Canada in 1606 with botanist Louis Hebert who grew hemp and cannabis in Nova Scotia of all places! Hemp was an important staple crop in the colonial Americas. It was used in ropes and textiles among other things. Marijuana was used as a medicine for centuries in Canada, well into the Victorian era where it was used by physicians in Nova Scotia to treat a host of ailments including nervousness, headaches, nausea, and depression. In 1923, ganja became a controlled substance in Canada and stopped being prescribed for medical use after a League of Nations meeting where there was talk of controlling marijuana as a crop and as a trade item internationally. The authorities in Canada only began seizing crops of cannabis in the late 1930s.

The twentieth century was a dark time for pot users, with most growers retreating to the safety of covert outdoor operations or well-ventilated basement rooms. The tenacity of those genetic stewards who hid seeds away and kept weed proliferating during prohibition are the ones we have to thank for the modern market of advanced genetics and plentiful hybrids. Medicinal chronic was legalized in Nova Scotia and across Canada in 2001. Recreational use followed seventeen years later in October of 2018 after decades of advocacy and study by compassionate dispensaries. Today, Nova Scotia has the dankest consumers per capita in Canada, with around fifteen percent of its population consuming weed somehow at least once a year.

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