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Nova Scotia Seed Bank


Nova Scotia Seed BankWhen you start in on your journey to grow marijuana at home, the quality of your seeds will be the most important factor followed by the soil. Anyone will tell you that high-quality cannabis depends a good deal on amazing genetics. If you know what you would like to get out of your crop, you should do some research on the different strains that are available so that you do not end up disappointed. Getting your seeds from a reputable Nova Scotia seed bank is a good way to get started.

With the growing popularity of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use, it is no wonder why there are so many seed vendors available today. All you have to do is perform a quick search online and countless seed banks will come up. But, how will you know which bank is the best and how can you pick out the right seeds?

Many new growers will simply get started by extracting seeds that come in purchased bags of cannabis. While this is an easy way to get your hands on seeds, you should know that the chances are good that the cannabis has already been heavily processed before the packaging took place. Mass quantities of the bud are often dried and then cured, which means that the seeds have gone through questionable environments.

Quality Seeds

It can sometimes be difficult for a consumer to get quality seeds if they do not do their research ahead of time. For a commercial grower, the seeds are considered to be undesirable and those that tend to make it into the end product have probably not made it to maturity prior to the harvest. Therefore, the only way that you will truly be able to get quality seeds will be choosing a good seed bank.

It goes without saying that you need to put a lot of trust in a Nova Scotia seed bank from the beginning. You are never going to know that you are getting quality strains without researching the company or talking with other growers who have used their seeds. Reputable companies and seed banks should offer you guarantees on all of the stock, including impressive customer service to address any of the questions or concerns that you may have.

While cultivating cannabis is not all that difficult, the nature of the plant is what can be fickle. Since this is something that you probably cannot ask most of your family and friends about, having a seed bank that offers advice will be worth the time it takes to find them. You should also know that the cost for seeds can vary from one vendor to another, and you want to look for a company that is going to ship your packages as discreetly as possible.

I49 wants you to know that we take great pride in offering our customers only the highest quality seeds in our Nova Scotia seed bank. Whether you are just starting out or if you are changing vendors, we would love to offer you our services.

Nova Scotia Seed Bank

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