Og Kush Strain

Og Kush Strain


Og Kush Strain

Og Kush StrainDiscover the Authentic Og Kush Strain Provider

At the height of technological advancement in medicine, the use of cannabis as part of the healthcare system is now slowly being embraced by certain countries despite continuing controversies around the world. Today, several medical institutions legally use marijuana in treating severe or chronic pains through its therapeutic scent and substance. It was also proven to be effective in relieving vomiting as well as nausea for patients who are taking chemotherapy.

Few companies like i49 are now taking the chance to market various cannabis seed types to individuals and institutions due to its growing demand. i49 is a seed bank company that provides upfront cannabis products to customers at a very affordable price. Our main goal is to cater to the needs of every customer in accessing these products in the most convenient way possible without any hidden charges or false promises. We practice transparency in delivering a wide range of specialized cannabis selections founded by few experts of cannabis culturing.

Our Distinctive Service

The company provides a comprehensive online store where you can explore significant types of cannabis seeds from feminized to heavy yielded at a much lower cost. Aside from that, delivery services of products are guaranteed safe with unlabeled packaging by mail and always on time. With us, you can always expect the exact time of delivery at your doorstep anywhere at any parts of the United States or Canada.

Our reputable customer support staff can be approached through the phone with any concerns and can guide you with all sorts of product-related queries or requests.

The Og Kush Feminized

We provide auto flowering types for feminized seeds of og kush strain. These seeds are commonly used for anti-stress treatment by carrying out an ecstatic feeling to patients or users. Due to its soothing, uplifting, and relaxing aroma of flora and natural pine wood, patients can develop a rapid blissful sensation and tranquil reaction. Because each seed is an indica or sativa hybrid variety, it grows in a popcorn shape with a fluffy exterior, similar to broccoli, and has very few stems.

If you plan to grow an og kush seed, it is best to plant it indoors but sometimes it can also grow outside and takes at least 56 days of the flowering cycle period. These seeds require a typically dry climate to be fully grown and can also be harvested in the early days of October. We have few purchase options for automatic og kush strain varieties that you can take advantage of. You can choose to buy one og kush seed for only $19 (Canadian Dollars), 3 seeds at $35, 5 seeds at $54, 10 seeds at $88, and 20 seeds at $159 only. You can share your experience from our products and rate our services through the comment section found at every individual product webpage.

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You can explore different cannabis products through our i49 official website at www.weed-seeds.ca and register at our online form. Our delivery time is processed 24 hours after identifying your orders. You can reach us at 1-888-544-4949 or you can visit other weed seed options with this address: 2818 Main Street, Vancouver, BC.

Og Kush Strain

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