The Best Cannabis Seeds in Ontario 2022

If you want the best cannabis seeds you should consider a company with a true passion and dedication to the craft. Weed Seeds is where you will find the finest seeds around and our happy clients have a lot to brag about when it comes to the finished product. When growing cannabis, the end goal is healthy and robust plants. No one wants to spend weeks of their lives nurturing plants only to end up with a subpar product. When looking for marijuana seeds for sale Ontario, your search engine will present a lot of options but not all of them are in your best interest. For high-quality seeds, it’s essential to choose a seed bank that has an excellent reputation. Once you know you are in good hands, you then have to pick a seed that works for your needs. One thing to consider is the terpene profile of the strain because terpenes play a major role in the effects of cannabis. It’s also important to take into consideration if it’s a sativa or indica because what people are looking for when they consume cannabis is vastly different. One person might use cannabis for pain relief, while another is medicating for depression or anxiety. If you are looking for a strain that will be a great pain reliever, consider indica-dominant strains, not hybrids or sativas. Users who need help with more cerebral health issues should stick with uplifting sativa strains. No matter what your reason is for growing cannabis, you have to figure out what works best for you.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Ontario

Canada was one of the first nations in the world to legalize marijuana, and that opened up the doors to thousands of different cannabis-related projects. Once the door opened, people scrambled to establish themselves in the legal market. This led to many seed banks popping up, and while a free market is important to capitalism, it can also result in many shady companies trying to make a quick buck. To avoid being duped by a bunk seed bank you need to do a bit of reading. One of the most telling signs that a company is reputable is customer feedback. Looking at the reviews on a site can be a great first step to making sure that they are above board. Some will employ unethical tactics and leave a review themselves to try and trick potential buyers, but most savvy shoppers can see through the smoke and mirrors. There are online forums where you can get first-hand accounts of what the cultivating experience was like from that specific seed bank. Now that marijuana is no longer considered a taboo subject, you can freely discuss the topic of seed banks with friends who are growing without fear of being arrested. Another way to tell if the seed bank is up to snuff is what their payment options are like. If they only accept cryptocurrency and shy away from traditional methods of payments, this can become a red flag. If you want to save the searches, Weed Seeds Canada is one of the most trusted sources around.

Ontario's Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

Even though marijuana has been legalized in Canada for a few years, you might still be wondering where to buy legal cannabis seeds in Ontario. You no longer have to buy your seeds from a friend of a friend or roll the dice with sketchy European seed banks. In-person stores still have a lot of catching up to do with online seed banks. Shopping online has become a massive part of our lives, and beyond the convenience of ordering seeds from the comfort of your own home, there are many benefits to ordering online. If you shop for seeds at a retail store, you may notice that the seeds are sitting on a shelf or under bright lights on the display counter. This is one of the worst ways to store seeds. Being exposed to these unfavourable elements can kill the seeds. Seeds are living organisms and are rather fragile. When you order seeds online from a trusted seed bank in Canada, you will find that the seeds have been kept in a temperature and light-controlled environment. This guarantees that the seeds will be exposed to as little stress as possible so that when you finally get your hands on them and pop them in the ground, they are as strong as they were when they first came off of the plant. Seeds bought in person also have historically had lower germination rates and weaker genetics than their online counterparts. Storing seeds in the proper environment makes all the difference and Weed Seed Canada is a reputable source for premium weed seeds.

Ontario's Best Canadian CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of numerous organically produced chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, found in the marijuana plant. CBD is non-psychoactive in contrast to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another powerful cannabinoid, which indicates it does not create mind-altering effects. Because of this property, cannabidiol is an appealing alternative for people seeking treatment for a range of health issues. CBD’s potential is related to how it reacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. The ECS is made up of these sensors, as well as freely produced cannabinoids and enzymes. Through these targets and mechanisms within the brain and body, most notably the CB1 and CB2 receptor sites, CBD exerts its effects and it has been discovered to have a wide variety of medicinal benefits. It is believed to be neuroprotective, antipsychotic, anticonvulsant, analgesic, antioxidant, antiarthritic, and anti-inflammatory. Cannabidiol has grown in prominence as a viable therapy for chronic pain caused by a variety of diseases. Cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, have been shown in research to help relieve severe pain by modifying endocannabinoid systems receptors. Clinical studies have found that cannabinoids show promise for people with serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, and nerve pain. Anxiety and depression can have serious consequences on one’s health and some experts believe that CBD oil might be an effective all-natural therapy for anxiety and depression. If you want to grow robust CBD seeds so you can be your own pharmacy, Pot Seeds Canada has got you covered.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Ontario

Some of the best innovations in cannabis have come out of Canada including Weed Seeds Canada, your one-stop-shop for the best cannabis seeds. This entrepreneurial spirit is most likely thanks to marijuana legalization. It is astounding what you can think up when you are allowed the freedom to try new things without having to worry about getting busted. There have been amazing advancements in cannabis-infused cosmetics. Some of the most famous sativa creams you can obtain today were grown with blue dream seeds Ontario. CBD skin cream has been trending in the beauty products field, along with THC bath bombs. These products are making a big splash and some of the oldest and most prestigious fashion companies are now jumping into the green scene. If you have been pampering your skin with nature’s purest and most potent elements, you have also likely dabbled in edibles. With easy access to some of the tastiest gummies on the planet, it is easy to make the medicine go down without gagging. The emerging acceptance of cannabis in all of its forms has changed the lives of millions. Being able to purchase potent vape cartridges in a city near you is huge. When you can walk into a shop and buy some top-shelf pre-rolls that you can light up without being arrested you know you are in Ontario. The province is leading the way when it comes to premium craft flowers, and seed Ontario Canada is no longer a distant cousin to seeds from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ontario's Best Cannabis Accessories

Smoking a joint is a classic way to get high but with so many other ways to consume weed nowadays you do not have to be a reefer chiefer. The latest advancements for cannabis accessories have to do with ways to get you high without the need for burning cannabis. Dry herb vapes, as they have been called long before legalization, are amazing. When you don’t want to stink up a house, or you want to get the best tasting hit you can possibly imagine, you should consider vaping. Conduction and convection are the two main styles of dry herb vapes. Conduction vapourizers warm their contents by direct heat contact. As a consequence of the marijuana coming into close touch with the compartment’s walls, it turns into vapour. In comparison, convection vapourizers transmit heat by using flowing fluids such as steam. With conduction vapes, you get a much more flavourful experience as you can fine-tune the vape to your desired temperature. Your dried flowers will never burn, and you can get the full taste of terpenes. Vapourizers that utilize a 510 style battery are ideal if busting up dried flowers isn’t your favourite activity. A 510-thread vape battery is a device that is used to vape cannabis cartridges. These cannabis cartridges hold distillate extracts that have been infused with terpenes to maintain a solid flavour. While most 510 batteries do not allow for the customer to change the temperature, more are coming out onto the market with the ability to fine-tune the temperature and airflow.

Best Canadian Sativas in Ontario 2022

There are hundreds of different strains of sativas on the market today, so knowing which ones are the best will save you time and money when you are deciding to grow a cannabis strain. One of the most popular sativas right now is Durban Poison Sativa seeds. Durban Poison is a sativa-dominant strain with a distinct and enticing scent.

It has a peppery, smoky flavour with marshy overtones as well as hints of licorice, citrus, and spice. It also has anywhere from 17%-26%THC, making it a wonderful choice for intermediate smokers. Another banging sativa strain is Bruce Banner 2.0 seeds. Bruce Banner 2.0 has recently won accolades, critical praise, and a loyal following. With testing results confirming THC levels of up to 30%, High Times readers have stated that Banner is one of the single most powerful varieties of cannabis on the planet. The high from this strain will have joyful vibes coursing through your heart, brain, and spirit. However, if the stimulation goes too far, Banner will turn out the lights, making you rush to bed as fast as you can. Also receiving praise are our Orange Skunk Feminized seeds. When you see the word skunk in a name, you know it’s going to be one for the record books. Orange Skunk has quickly risen through the ranks of outstanding cannabis and in the finished dried product, you will discover that it reeks of oranges. You can find all of these strains and even more delicious options at Marijuana Seeds Canada.

Best Canadian Indicas in Ontario 2022

Weed Seeds Canada has the ultimate in cannabis genetics and new strains are being developed by breeders every day. Here are the top three indicas that are the most popular in Ontario for 2022. Our first pick is the ever-classic Afghan Kush Feminized seeds. This strain is as close as one can get to the original Afghan indica strain. This potent indica has been around for years and it just keeps getting better. With THC reaching 20 – 29%, it’s easy to see why this powerhouse has such staying power. Our Black Domina Feminized seeds are also heavy hitting. This is 95% indica, making it ideal for nighttime use. It has an average THC percentage of roughly 25% but some growers report it can reach into the mid-30s. It comes from a long line of famous strains, such as Northern Lights and Hash Plant, so if you need a dank indica in your garden, we recommend checking out Black Domina. Some of the most potent plants are grown from our Autoflowering White Widow seeds. It’s one of the most famous strains for a reason. Just one toke will leave you feeling blissed out as waves of euphoria rush over you. Autoflowers have become all the rage because they are easy to grow. If you need fast-flowering plants with trichome-covered buds, Auto White Widow won’t steer you wrong. This blanched hybrid is excellent for making extracts.

Ontario's Best THC Seeds

Ontario is making waves all over Canada with some of the flowers that are budding in these parts. There are a few select strains that really stand above the rest as the ultimate THC seeds in Ontario. Super Glue Feminized seeds are the newest incarnation of the famous Gorilla Glue #4. Boasting a renowned lineage of Afghan and Northern Lights this strain also has dense buds that are so frosty you might think winter came early. With a potent 28% THC count, Christmas might have just come early. Do Si Dos Feminized seeds are the cream of the crop. It is another top-notch strain that will blast even veteran users off into the heavens. This strain seemed to come out of nowhere and suddenly was winning awards all over. Do Si Dos was voted strain of the year in 2021 by Leafly. This strain is a result of breeding OGKB and Girl Scout Cookies. It has some of the most colourful buds, with purple leaves coated in bright white trichomes and electric orange hairs buzzing all over. With some reports of 30% THC, this strain is worthy of a spot in the garden. For those who like a tasty herb but still want to get floored, consider planting some Strawberry Banana Feminized seeds. This fruit explosion has THC levels of up to 26%, so beginners, you have been warned. Every toke of this delicious flower will make you happy that you purchased your high-quality seeds from Weed Seeds Canada.

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In ON, Canada

Marijuana legalization may feel like a distant memory now, and many are wondering what the fuss was about when the government frowned upon people growing their own cannabis. There are quite a few benefits to growing your own plants from seed and not very many reasons as to why you shouldn’t try it at least once. Probably one of the biggest reasons why to grow your own is how much money you will end up saving. Most seeds come in 5-packs for around $50. Even if you were to have a horrible crop, you would most certainly get more than a gram of weed off of the plant. Most of the time, depending on the strain and how it grows, you will be in for a hefty stash. Another great reason to start growing cannabis today is the selection of strains you can grow. If you only buy cannabis from shops or dealers, you will find yourself limited to the strains they have. If you start your own ganja garden, there are thousands of strains you can choose from and growing your own cannabis is loads of fun. There is something surreal about digging your hands deep into the soil. Learning about the plant, including its likes, and dislikes is like nurturing a friendship. It all ends up becoming an enjoyable and wholesome experience. You start to wake up looking forward to spending a few hours in the garden, and when harvest comes, well, nothing gets you higher than your own grow.

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Plan Your Ontario Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Growing your own plants in Ontario is a big step in the right direction, and while it might seem overwhelming for first-time cultivators, it ends up being rather simple. If you are choosing to grow outside just be warned that winter comes quickly in ON so there are several things to consider. Depending on the strain, you will want to grow your plants in areas that get a lot of sunshine throughout the day. It is crucial to note that as the season changes, the sun will change where it is in the sky, so make sure to consider that. Your water source should not be an issue if you are growing by your house but if you are growing deep in the woods to avoid detection you may have a challenge. Most people will find somewhat marshy areas, building up little piles of soil over the top of the wetlands so that the plant’s roots can travel down and get a constant flow of water. If growing indoors, there is a bit more of an initial setup, but once it’s up, you won’t have to touch it again for a few years. Space is the first and most important start of setting up an indoor grow because your plants will need places to spread their leaves. Having a large space split into two rooms will be necessary if you want to have a vegetative room and a flowering room.

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Ontario

If you are looking to sprout your weed seeds in Ontario, it’s best to wait until spring has sprung and once there is no more frost. If you want to be like the old-school growers, then you will need to have your seeds ready to be planted on the first full moon of March. There are a few ways to sprout your seeds but the method we will describe is the most common and the one that is the hardest to screw up. When you are getting your seeds ready, be sure to handle them with care using tweezers if you can. Moisten a few sheets of paper towel but make sure that they are not dripping wet otherwise you may drown the seeds. Once you have the paper towel prepared, gently place the cannabis seeds on it one by one a few centimetres apart. Once the seeds are resting nicely on the paper towel, place the other damp paper towel over the top of the seeds, making sure that each seed is covered. Gently lift the seeds and put them in a container and place this container in a dark, cool space that won’t be disturbed. Check on them each day to see if the taproot has sprouted. If it has, then you know you are ready to plant. You might want to keep a spray bottle on hand to keep the paper towels moist. Marijuana germinates best at room temperature, in a consistently moist environment.

Growing Cannabis in Ontario

Now that cannabis is legal many will find that growing it in Canada can be a fun and rewarding experience. For growing cannabis in Ontario, it’s highly recommended to grow indoors because the cold snaps can happen fast and will ruin crops in a blink of an eye. If you are a brave soul and you want Mother Nature to take the reins, there are some tips for making sure your crop turns out dank and delicious. Always start the growing process indoors. You will have better results after germinating your seeds inside and growing them up a bit before transferring them outdoors. If you don’t have the space, consider setting up a small greenhouse to keep them protected from the unpredictable Ontario weather. Make sure you choose a spot that has a lot of light. If you have a shaded area, choose a strain that can handle less light. Make sure the soil medium you are growing in is packed with nutrients, so you won’t have to fertilize as much. If you provide plants with proper drainage, the water won’t build up and cause something called root rot. Growing outdoors can be a more carefree approach to farming, but it does invite some nasty critters that could invade your plants. If you are finding that your plant has some uninvited guests, always try and use natural methods of pest control instead of reaching for pesticides. Using harsh chemicals can make your buds unhealthy and, in rare cases, toxic.

Harvesting in Ontario

Once your seeds have finished their epic journey from seed to bushy giants, it’s time to say goodbye. If harvesting outdoors, the time to do this will be between late September to early October but as it gets cold in Ontario rather quickly, make sure you are keeping an eye on the weather reports. A sudden freeze can completely ruin a harvest, and heavy rain might bring mould to your fresh buds. When harvest time arrives, it’s time for you to choose how you are going to trim your flowers. There are a few ways to crop down your plants, and this will all depend on how you want to do your trimming. Wet trimming is where the plant is chopped down, the buds are pricked off of the branches and then trimmed while still fresh, all in one sitting. Dry trimming is when the plant is cut down and then hung to dry. After hanging for a week, the buds are picked off and then trimmed. Every farmer has their own take on when it’s time to harvest their cannabis plants. It will all depend on how you feel and when you have the time to do a trim. When growing outdoors, it’s very crucial that you know your local climate and can adjust accordingly. When growing indoors, plants can take anywhere from 7-11 weeks after they begin their flowering period. Just like aged wine, there is something special about well-cured cannabis.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Ontario

Now that you have finished harvesting, there are a few things to do so that the cannabis turns out as reeking and as full-bodied as some that you would buy from the store. Drying and curing are crucial for the buds. This process will help the flavours stay strong, and the terpenes and cannabinoids pop while getting rid of the chlorophyll that is found in freshly cut down plants. Drying is letting the buds work off their moisture and become nice and crunchy. Some people choose to trim at this stage instead of while the plants are fresh. The drying process shouldn’t take too long. Most people will hang the buds in a temperature-controlled room, keeping the humidity around 60%. After the buds are dry comes the fun part. Curing is essential and often overlooked but it is vital when you want to have buds that stink up the room when you open the bag. When curing your dried flower, it should be completed in a dark room or a space with steady temperatures and humidity. To cure your cannabis, place the dried flowers into an airtight jar that is preferably amber coloured as light can degrade terpenes. Place them in the jar and keep it closed. Open it once a day for excess moisture to escape. Trapped moisture can turn your buds mouldy. If the buds are still damp, leave the lid off for a few days. The curing process will take around two to four weeks.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Cannabis in Ontario

Since 2018, Canadians have been having fun trying all the new advancements in ways to consume edibles. Almost everyone knows that you can smoke weed in joints but in a world with hundreds of strains, it makes sense that there are lots of ways to appreciate the green. Drinking cannabis-infused drinks is a great way to get a slight buzz on and fit in at a party without needing to get intoxicated on alcohol. Another tasty way of consuming cannabis is with edibles, and since we have practically broken down the science of THC, the edibles you get nowadays are a lot different than the brownies your parents ate. You can walk into a cannabis dispensary now, and it’s almost as if you are walking into a candy shop with all the different gummies and sweets at your disposal. One of the newest ways to consume cannabis on the market today is in a cup of tea. These special teabags contain THC that has been activated and bound to a fat molecule so that you can feel the effects. Old-school ganja gluttons who were into hot knifing hash will appreciate that you no longer have to heat knives on a stove to inhale burning hash. That method saw a lot of people with burnt lips and smoking hair, and it has evolved into taking what is called dabs. Smoking these highly concentrated doses of THC-rich extracts can bring on a buzz quickly. Dab rings or other tools are used, and they come in different styles.

Ontario's Cannabis Culture

Ontario has a rich cannabis culture dating back to when cannabis was first made illegal. Before the prohibition of marijuana, many people would go to pot parties where people would mix and mingle while enjoying the joints being passed around. After the prohibition of cannabis, many of the pot parties were forced to go underground. Cannabis culture in Ontario has flourished since those dark days, bringing a refreshing change of pace to the scene. The secrecy that was once needed to enjoy cannabis has been replaced with a fervor for the flower. Now as you walk down Yonge Street in Toronto you can see folks vaping weed without a worry in the world. Before the pandemic, there were many events taking place all over Ontario, from 420 celebrations to weed expos and they will be returning with a vengeance. The province has been busy with the advancements of cannabis legalization and more people are heading out to enjoy the call that a fully legal Ontario has to offer. Many vape lounges now dot the streets of Toronto. Anyone over the age of 19 can pop in for a quick vape while they go shopping or before heading to a show. Most of these shops feature high-tech devices that will deliver the highest quality vapour around. Some restaurants have pivoted and now focus on cannabis cuisine. If you have heard of BYOB, you may be familiar with BYOC. Some high-class weed establishments will prepare a feast for you with cannabis that you supply.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in ON, Canada

In 2018 when the laws on marijuana changed forever, there came with it a whole slew of new rules and regulations. Whether you are a grower or just an avid pothead, there are some important changes to take note of. You must be over the age of 19 to legally smoke cannabis in Ontario. This reflects the same rules in place for tobacco and alcohol. You can use cannabis nearly anywhere in Ontario. You can freely light up a spliff as you walk down the sidewalk, and no one can say a thing. The same rules apply to a private residence. You can also smoke in hotels and motels that have smoking rooms. There are some places where you can’t smoke. In common outdoor areas where people are working, such as long-term care homes and supportive housing it is not cool to smoke marijuana. You also can’t smoke inside common indoor areas. You can carry up to a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis on you while walking around out in public, and you can grow up to 4 plants of cannabis at your house as long as you are above the age of 19. There are limits on how strong edibles can be. If you buy them from a dispensary, there can only be up to 10mg of THC in a single package. Using cannabis at work is still considered a hazard under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. If you search marijuana seeds Ontario, you can see all of the rules.

Buy Medical Cannabis in Ontario

Medical cannabis in Ontario is regulated by the federal government and has remained so even with legalization. If you are a medical patient in Ontario, you must purchase all cannabis from federally licensed distributors. You can reach these suppliers online using their secure storefront. One of the cool aspects of being a medical patient in Ontario is that you may ask Health Canada to allow you to grow your own medicine in much bigger proportions than what recreational users can. You may also delegate a caregiver to grow for you if you are unable. When you successfully receive your form stating you can grow cannabis medically you can plant the strains that are specific to your condition. There will be a certain number of plants you can grow, these vary on a case-to-case basis, but it is decided on how many grams of weed you need each day. These pink slips were quite popular back when cannabis was first becoming legal, as growers who had these slips were able to produce mass amounts of ganja and were able to supply the black-market dispensaries. Medical patients have to follow certain rules. Sharing your cannabis with anyone under the age of 19 is illegal. Growing over your limit can land you in hot water and just because you use cannabis for medicine does not mean you can pack your bong and bring it on a vacation abroad. Your medical card is not recognized by other countries so if you are planning a trip, leave the cannabis at home.

Ontario's History of Cannabis Legalization

The history of cannabis in Ontario is one fraught with challenges. Cannabis was first made illegal in Canada around 1923, the same time the U.S. outlawed it. Before that, it was mainly considered a weed that had medical properties. As reefer madness stretched across the globe, it would not be long before it was demonized by those in power. For many years the laws in Ontario started the same. It wasn’t until the 1990s when a Vancouver Island cannabis club began selling cannabis over the counter, that people began to become bolder with their cannabis consumption. Most of the push for legislation started in B.C., but Ontario did begin to follow suit in 2010 with a multitude of cannabis shops opening up, even though it was still against the law. This began a cat and mouse game with the police force. As they shut down one shop, suddenly three more would take its place. This went on up to 2018 when the federal legalization of marijuana took effect. Now that cannabis shops can sell legally, there have been fewer raids but there are still some dispensary owners who say the bar to getting the legal distribution license is too high and are brazenly still selling unregulated cannabis. This has led to many fines, with some being as high as 6 million dollars. Where the future of cannabis in Ontario goes is anyone’s guess, but as more people start to grow their own, we believe the world will be a better place.

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