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Can You Purchase Cannabis Seeds in Ontario Legally?


While Canada has legalized marijuana for recreational use, it is up to individual provinces and territories to determine their own laws. For residents in Ontario, it is legal for adults to purchase, possess, and grow cannabis for recreational use. This means it is legal for residents to purchase marijuana seeds. Browse our selection today to find the perfect strain to purchase or read the following to learn more about selecting the right seeds.

Laws Surrounding Cannabis in Ontario

In Ontario, residents must be at least 19 years or older to purchase recreational cannabis. It is still illegal to allow minors access to marijuana products. Cannabis can be purchased through the Ontario Cannabis Store online or in a retail store, and up to 30 grams can be purchased at one time. Municipalities throughout Ontario can decide whether they want retail stores in their location and, if so, where the store will be located, so access to a store can vary.

In pubic, residents can only have up to 30 grams of marijuana on them at a time. Use is restricted to private residences, backyards or porches at a private residence, and some outdoor public places. It is not legal to use marijuana if prohibited by the landlord or condo board, or in places other specific places like retirement homes, places where children gather, or publicly owned places. Fines can be up to $1,000 for a first offense if caught using marijuana in a prohibited location.

Understanding the Purchase of Marijuana Seeds

Ontario does allow residents to grow up to four plants per household in their private residences. Those who live in a condo or an apartment building will need permission from the condo board or landlord to be able to grow in that location. Still, anyone residing in Ontario can purchase cannabis seeds. If it is legal for them to grow, residents can purchase the seeds for their own use as long as they do not grow more than the maximum number of plants allowed. If residents are in a place that does not allow the cultivation of marijuana, they can purchase souvenir seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Can be Purchased for Souvenir Purposes

Cannabis seeds that are not purchased with the intention of growing plants are considered souvenir seeds. These are the same seeds as the ones that can be purchased for cultivation, but instead of being germinated, they are stored. Those who live in apartments or condo buildings where cultivation is not allowed can purchase souvenir marijuana seeds to store them. If the rules surrounding cultivation change or they move to a residence where it is allowed, they’ll then have the seeds they need to start growing marijuana right away.

The Basics to Know Before Buying Seeds

Before buying seeds for growing, it’s important to consider the amount of work you want to put in, your budget, and the type of high you’re looking for once the plants have matured. All of this can make a difference in which strain you purchase. Perhaps the most important consideration is the type of seed, as this can impact the ease of growth and the cost.

  • Regular Cannabis Seeds – Regular seeds are often the least expensive, so they’re perfect for those who are on a budget. However, regular seeds can produce both male and female plants. Since there is a limit on the number of plants that can be grown in a residence, this could mean the buyer ends up with plants they can’t use and will have to start growing more seeds to get enough female plants.
  • Feminized Marijuana Seeds – Feminized marijuana seeds have gathered from treated marijuana plants, so they only produce female plants. This means that four germinated seeds will lead to four plants, the maximum allowed in Ontario. It is still necessary to keep a close watch on the plants to ensure they are growing properly and flower at the appropriate time.
  • Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds – Auto-flowering seeds are ones that have been selected due to the ability to flower at the right time automatically. This makes them much easier to grow, so they’re perfect for beginners or those who don’t want to have to watch the plants as closely.

What Seeds Should You Purchase Today?

When it comes to buying the right seeds, knowing the type you want to purchase is just the beginning. You’ll want to look through the different strains available and read through the descriptions to ensure you find strains that are going to be what you prefer.

Those who want a more energetic high may want to purchase Sativa seeds. Two of the most popular options we have available are the Jack Herer feminized seeds and the White Widow feminized seeds. Those who want a more mellow high to promote relaxation may want to check out Fire OG feminized seeds or Granny’s Medicine CBD feminized seeds.

If you’re a beginner, you may prefer to purchase easy-to-grow seeds. Two of our most popular options for easy-to-grow marijuana seeds are the Auto Blue Ice feminized seeds and the Blue Dream feminized seeds. Want to be surprised by the seeds you get? Try our sample packs. We have an auto-flowering sample pack that includes three different surprise strains.

Buying Seeds Online from Our Seed Bank

If you’re ready to purchase souvenir seeds or marijuana seeds to grow your own plants, we have a huge selection to choose from. We offer only the highest quality seeds to ensure the germination rate is as high as possible and hand-select all seeds to package and ship. We ship fast, typically within 24 hours of receiving your order, so you can have the seeds at your door as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in purchasing marijuana seeds, whether you’d like to start growing or you’re collecting them for future use, buying the right seeds is easy. Browse our website now to see all of the different strains available and to learn more about each one or contact us with any questions.

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