Order Weed Seeds Online

Order Weed Seeds Online


Order Weed Seeds Online

Order Weed Seeds Online

It may surprise you to learn how easy it is to order weed seeds online from i49’s dispensary. We are considered one of the most reputable seed banks in the country, offering multi-options in autoflower strains. If you’ve purchased so-called easy-to-grow cannabis seeds in the past but found they didn’t live up to the hype, you can trust out triple guarantee that protects you from mix-up deliveries.

No Medical Marijuana Card or Waiver Needed

Changes to marijuana legislation have led to simplicity in ordering cannabis seeds from the Web; however, you do have to be selective about where you buy seeds. While there are a handful of reputable dispensaries on the Web, there are many times more less-than-trustworthy companies trying to collect payment for an order they may or may not be able to fill. We ship directly from our dispensary to your door- there’s no intermediary to locate seeds for your order since we have them in stock.

Convenience Wins Out When You Order Weed Seeds Online

Rather than make a weekly drive to a dispensary to pick up marijuana seeds and other products you may need, you can simply order weed seeds online from i49. Shop from the comfort of your home and take your time choosing the right strains of seeds for your growing season. You can have the best of both worlds by placing a call to one of our weed seed specialists and asking about our different strains. We’re happy to provide assistance in strain selection and in answering any questions you have about our feminized, autoflower seeds. In the end, you’ll save many hours of travel time over driving to a brick and mortar seed bank.

If you’ve ever experienced a disappointing harvest, you’ll find, as many of our customers do, that you’ll have a better crop when you grow using autoflower seeds that require no daylight control whatsoever. Choose i49’s autoflower seeds for the following advantages:

  • Autoflower cannabis plants rarely outgrow their space, making them ideal for container growing.
  • Growing autoflower plants in outdoor garden spaces is ideal because their shorter stature hides well underneath taller vegetation.
  • If you live in an area where the skyline is never completely dark, autoflower plants will grow better due to their immunity to light leaks.
  • Nearly all climates will allow for a second growing season of autoflower plants in a single year.
  • Our affordable autoflower seeds grow into plants with no requirement for changes or adaptations to light cycles.

Additional Information

You can learn more about the unique advantages of growing autoflower seeds when you contact our staff. We’d love to help you place an order for weed seeds online from our dispensary or simply provide information that is beneficial to your next growing season. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns- we have worked hard to address the most common issues our customers discuss with us, such as privacy, security, germination, feminization, payment methods, and more. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service in our effort to obtain your repeat business.

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