Pot Seeds Near Me


Pot Seeds Near Me

Pot Seeds Near MeAt I49, There Are Pot Seeds Near Me!

If you plan on beautifying your home garden by growing pot seeds near me, I49 Seed Bank will give just exactly what you need. You may opt from our varied choices of high-quality pot seeds like Cannabis, AUTO, CBD, and Feminized. If you are just learning to grow these kinds, we certainly carry strains which are set to flower the soonest.

I49 is a BC seed bank with sales online and premium seed shipping only in Canada. We are a company built by entrepreneurs who are deeply-rooted with cannabis culture. What we have are genetics which is authentic, not substituted, and shipped in discreet packaging. In case you encounter a problem, we have a phone number for you to call for assistance.

Pot Seeds with Quality

  • How they appear and feel– One good method of gauging a pot (cannabis) seed’s traits and quality is to be familiar with how it appears and feels. It is healthy and superior genetically when its outer shell reveals a darker color such as the shades of black, grey, or brown and sometimes showing a pattern of tiger stripes. It will also appear as though it has a wax coating on its shell which is made apparent in its sheen effect when exposed to a light that is bright. This seed is also firm when touched. It does not break or bend when squeezed with a thumb and index finger. Seeds that crumble or crack when applied with pressure are old and low-quality whilst green and white are young and immature.
  • Bag Seeds– If some of the pot seeds near me are in a bag, some smokers might think they are lucky. But this is not good for various grounds. For one, the grower has failed by allowing invading males to pollinate the female plants. When pollinated, these flowers stop to produce THC that contains resin and have their energy diverted towards seed-producing. Secondly, the seeds will add to the bag’s overall weight which will mean your buck will have less weed.
  • When planted in a soil– The seed’s genetic potential is truly tested. The results will not take very long. This method is best for home growers who have space and time to use for this chancy project.

What are pot seeds good at?

Another thing about cannabis seed that is incredibly interesting is that they hold an almost perfect balance of the necessary fatty acids we all should have. These are Omega 9, Omega 6, and Omega 3.

Placing an Order?

I49 Seed Bank will ship your order within 24 hours after you have placed one. Please choose the seed cautiously as we do not accept returns or make refunds. All our transaction sales are final and we make no exchanges. However, once your package is confiscated or lost while on shipping, we will reship your order without charges.

Visit us now at www.weed-seeds.ca for your comments and suggestions, or for more of our quality pot seeds. You can also contact us at 1-888-544-4949 if you have questions or problems regarding growing pot seeds.

Pot Seeds Near Me

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