The Best Cannabis Seeds in Prince Edward Island 2022

For the best 2022 cannabis seeds Prince Edward Island, hit up Weed Seeds Canada today and find the most comprehensive selection of strains anywhere on the net. We offer the most potent high THC seeds, the most medicinal varieties of natural, photoperiod, feminized and autoflowering seeds, and we are constantly updating our collection.

Now containing over 500 of the nation’s most cherished and most awarded botanicals, our top shelf pot seed selection has something for everyone. We have indicas ranging from 15% to 30% THC and, whether you like grape, berries, citrus and diesel twists or other skunky creations, these seeds boast the entire bouquet. We offer medicinals which span the gamut from low CBD to highly impactive with only a fraction of THC. We have such powerhouse sativas and hybrid seeds that harvesting early can set you up for the most effective CBG extraction, and there is no limit to the volume you can purchase. Autoflowers, fast flowering strains, feminized, piles of naturally potent seeds are ready to fly off our shelves at your will.

We have the seeds which lay waste to woes, both physical and psychological. Depression, pain, anxiety, stress, fatigue, muscle spasms, appetite loss and sleeplessness can all be soothed and razed to nothing with the beans in our vault. Simple growability, easy training, fast rotations, indoor, outdoor, greenhouse or tent, there is only one place to shop, and that’s the high test, highly prized collection at Weed Seeds Canada.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Prince Edward Island

Buying from reputable seed banks in Prince Edward Island is easy. Weed Seeds Canada is packed with the cream of the crop, the primo, the most outstanding seeds in the business. Searching forever through seed dealers you have no idea if you can trust or not can be a bit of a bore, a bother, and it can just plain suck. That’s why, years ago, we began to curate this collection.

We work with the best seed experts, so you always know your seeds come from hands that know what they’re doing. Purchasing fresh seeds directly from the producer, we are in the perfect position to package them for storage and subsequent safe sale. These seeds are sealed in climate-controlled environments until you need them. Our online storefront makes it easy to find and select all the strains you love and all the ones you didn’t know existed. For a seed bank to be reputable, your happiness is top priority, so you can count on Weed Seeds to protect your interests from the word go. We also attach a customer satisfaction guarantee to each order, so if anything goes wrong, we’ll take care of it.

Finally, a reputable seed bank has an eCommerce section you can count on. They will protect all of their clients from online predation, so you can rest assured that your information stays locked up. Your order arrives safely and quietly with nondescript packaging wrapped around viable seeds, which are ready to go into the ground as soon as you have them in your hot little hands. Make your next stop Weed Seeds and we’ll be the last place you’ll ever want to look.

Prince Edward Island’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

There is no point going out and about in the middle of a pandemic to search for seeds when you can order from us from the comfort of your own home. Prince Edward Island’s best online Canadian seed bank is Weed Seeds Canada, we offer over 500 strains in any volume you like, and we ship quickly and quietly anywhere you need us to.

In-store seed banks, though a novel idea, do not necessarily house either the selection, quality, volume or viability that you’re looking for. You never know if seeds are stored correctly, cared for with consistency or kept in the right conditions. It is impossible to tell by looking at a seed, unless it has been really rattled, if it is healthy or even in one piece. Budtenders may know weed, but it is not certain that they know seeds, that they require climate control, darkness, 30% humidity and low temperatures. Historically, seeds purchased through an in-person retailer have undergone trauma and see lower germination rates than those purchased form a reputable, reliable and direct distributor.

We supply seeds to grow operations of all shapes and sizes everywhere in Canada. Our seeds come direct from the grower and are stored in our facility according to strict standards and guidelines. We have protocols in place for selection, packaging and shipping, and our top-rated customer satisfaction record proves we know what we’re doing, that we provide the best of the best all while protecting our clients at all costs.

Prince Edward Island’s Best Canadian CBD Products

Cannabidiol has a huge reputation as one of the great anti-inflammatories and stress relievers, and is also reported to help with cancer treatments. Prince Edward Island’s best Canadian CBD products are the edibles, the topicals, oils and sprays which calm, soothe and sate the sore, the sick and the tired.

The benefits of CBD are still being uncovered, but studies throughout Canada and the United States have shown it to be safe and non-intoxicating. It binds to both types of cannabinoid receptors in our bodies, CB1 and CB2, so whether you like to puff, munch or rub, CBD works. P.E.I. is a community just like any other in Canada, in need of services, healthcare, and support for new and beneficial drugs and compounds such as CBD to be available. The benefits of CBD ripple through infant cancer patients, ALS, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s patients, sufferers of PTSD and social anxiety disorders and insomnia. Arthritis is another affliction which causes inflammation and pain, something CBD helps people with daily throughout the Potato Province.

CBD develops alongside THC, though at a faster rate, and is isolated from fresh plant matter for medicinal concentrates. Some individuals like smoking a joint high in CBD, something that makes sense when in need of instant relief. Growing your own CBD strains is simple with our medically inspired seed collection and we house numerous autoflowering strains, perfect for the at home sufferer looking for some high test, affordable green.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Prince Edward Island

Some of the most effective, highest test and most physically impactive treats available in Prince Edward Island are gummies, vapes and oils. Chewing your way to liberation, puffing tasty and fragrant extracts and utilizing the full range of what cannabinoids are capable of is just wise maneuvering, especially when you need medical level relief.

To experience the highest forms of physical freedom, the products made with extracts, or the extracts themselves, are known to take the cake. Many of us here in Anne of Green Gables country are hardworking, and come home tired and sore. Some of us are depressed and in need of a regular boost for the brain to keep functioning through smiles, rather than sadness. Some of us are so wired from a busy lifestyle that when 710 rolls around, we know just what to do. We take our medicine and, where many times that comes in doobie form, to many others that dab rig comes out, our favourite pen hits the scene and we kick back in love with the most potent slush, diamonds, oils or what have you.

These creations are some of the tastiest tricks on the market. Of course, distillates are the exception to the rule, but a good wax or rosin has flavours incomparable in the world of dried flowers. Sure, some strains are so uber tasty that you might think they are on par, but extract that sticky goodness and you’ll see just how impeccably fragrant and flavourful some of these innovations are.

Prince Edward Island’s Best Cannabis Accessories

There is a lot of weed in Prince Edward Island and a lot of weed means a lot of different ways to use it. If you are a connoisseur looking for all the best gear, or if you are simply a fan of flowers and want some papers, stores throughout the province and private online retailers have all the accessories you need to feel whole with your herb.

Located throughout P.E.I. are a number of smoke shops and dispensaries, each one loaded to the gills with all the papers, bongs, pipes and other products you could imagine. Organic, inorganic, rice, glucose, hemp and linen papers line the shelves in all shapes and sizes. Glass, plastic and pyrex pipes, grinders of all designs and all the cleaning kits and solutions on the market can be purchased by any adult in the province. Carrying cases, hats, sunglasses, stickers and t-shirts all made to suit the cannabis industry are here. Many of the accessorizing products, such as wallets, belts and bags, are even made from Canadian hemp themselves.

The truth is that there are so many accessories, chatelaines, picks, pokers, isopropyl and other cleaning solutions, even boveda packs for your humidor and jars, that there is nothing left to chance on this rock. Anything you want, you can find here and, if it isn’t on a shelf, what you’re looking for can be found online for safe and speedy delivery to everywhere in Prince Edward Island.

Best Canadian Sativas in Prince Edward Island 2022

Canada sees a lot of cold and for months we may experience dark and damp. For those times, you need the best Canadian sativas for healthy and balanced Prince Edward Island living.

5 Alive sativa seeds offer a rather speedy nine to ten week growing experience and up to 22% THC. These flowers burst forth with a mixed bowl of ripe fruit flavours and aromas housing all the grapefruit, lemon lime and orange citrus melon scents you can dream of. 700 grams per plant and a freedom from anxiety that only a good sativa can deliver, are what to expect from this seed.

Offering a brain pounding 27% THC content and a brilliant array of terpenes delivering broad scale benefit, Critical Widow seeds top charts. 500 grams in eight to ten weeks of citrusy sweet and uber frosty buds provide increased awareness, hazy euphoria and an elevated sense of well-being, complete with a full range of neuroprotective terpene compliments.

You can never go wrong with Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze, so definitely grab some Northern Haze 10 seeds. 550 grams per plant or m2 in eight to ten weeks boast piney citrus packed with 24% THC and a labyrinth of creativity, euphoria, relaxation and innocent happiness. Depression and tensions ease and depart quickly, transformed and ousted in a heartbeat. This is also a fantastic strain for neurological issues, such as migraines and muscle spasms.

There is nothing like a good sativa to get you going and we have hundreds of history’s best, right here at Weed Seeds.

Best Canadian Indicas in Prince Edward Island 2022

The best Canadian indicas for Prince Edward Island are here, too, and the following are just the tip of the iceberg.

The world famous, timeless and trippy Purple Kush feminized seeds we offer are some of the most awarded seeds in cannabis history. It just takes eight to ten weeks to produce over 400 grams per m2 of the purpliest buds you’ve ever seen. Earthy, musky grape and instant freedom from stress and pain are trademark with these frosty nugs.

When you need an OG Kush cross to light a fire under your night, Fire OG feminized seeds are the go to. This is a 25% THC, 600 gram per plant rock star with multiple awards to prove it. Eight to ten weeks is all it takes to get that earthy, musky, lemon pepper pungency to form and free you from physical maladies while changing your face for hours.

We rock quite the landrace collection, but Autoflowering Columbian Gold seeds are something extra special. Ten to twelve weeks from the sprout is all you need to see this early breed of completion. 18% THC, freedom from stress and depression and an overall uplifted outlook are promises not to be missed with this lemony and earthy herb. The relief you feel is always muy bien con este landrace mota.

We love indicas and hybrids like these, and given the growing season here, lots of them can thrive outside, even in the weather of Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island’s Best THC Seeds

The most potent, hardest hitting and straight up best THC seeds are right here at Weed Seeds Canada, expertly stored and ready to go into cultivation and collections all over the island.

San Fernando Valley regular seeds sprout the male/female genetics you need for flowering numerous phenotypes, cloning and breeding. 25% THC, a skunky sweet and tropical lemon lime bouquet and exquisite sleepy euphoria are what’s in store for growers. A mere eight to ten weeks of flowering makes these Kushy seeds perfect for tight Sea of Green (SOG) rotations.

Some of the most awarded genetics of all time are here in our Gorilla Glue 4 feminized seeds. This is a true silverback, exploding with shimmering trichomes housing 28% THC and a combination of terpenes designed by the gods themselves. 700 grams per plant in eight to ten weeks is enough to make anyone jump for joy, and the cheesy, chemical, spicy pine profile gives way to impeccable euphoria and deep relaxation.

Chemdog4 feminized seeds house some of the earliest prize-claiming genetics in cannabis. This indica hybrid boasts 28% THC, a staggering 850 grams per plant in eight to ten weeks and the full gamut of chemical diesel, lemon pine skunk. Happy and relaxing elevation is what you can expect as anxiety and pain are washed away with ease.

These are just a couple of the most potent THC seeds in our collection, so come on down and get trippy with Weed Seeds Canada.

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In PE, Canada

Why to grow your own seeds in PEI is often quite a personal affair. However, there are a few common reasons why people all across the province are planting seeds and cultivating their very own crops of cannabis. Prince Edward Island is second only to British Columbia in volumes of home grown weed, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

Benefits of growing your own include financial reasons, those of mobility or medical, and people grow their own because they desire freshness and their ideal selection of smoke. Though the initial output for a grow setup can make a dent, once you have it, taking care of your equipment will see you growing for ages. Purchasing seeds from our selection is much less expensive than buying the weed you can grow with them. Cannabis takes some time, dedication and nutrients aren’t cheap, but get it right and the payoff speaks for itself. Growing at home also makes sense to medical patients. Autoflowers are simple, demand little care and attention and grow enough for anyone to keep on trucking.

Finally, dispensaries, though fantastic when you want something special or need to change the scene, are not dedicated to maintaining freshness, so buds can be up to a year or more old, bone dry and more CBN than THC. Growing your own is the ideal situation for anyone with the slightest green thumb, and gardening is therapeutic as well. Indoors or out, autoflower or photoperiod, feminized or regular, the weed seeds we provide give you all the opportunities in the herb world.
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Plan Your Prince Edward Island Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Choosing to grow your own green is a wise move for anyone with the time, space and dedication to raise this fantastic flower. Though there is nothing easy about cultivating award winning cannabis, planning ahead will ensure your Prince Edward Island garden or grow op comes off without a hitch.

We all dream of top shelf buds coming out of our space, but those who achieve them have every plan in place, all forms of protection and prevention at the ready and have dialed in that environment to a tee. Ensure you have a dedicated space which no light can penetrate. Airflow, temperature and humidity work together in the grow space to produce what is known as vapor pressure deficit (VPD). This must be kept as close to perfect as possible or problems like pests and nutrient lockout may arise. Quality lights are paramount to your success, and understanding what light temperatures cannabis needs at different stages will help you to grow big, fat, sticky buds. Make sure you have some form of air filtration in place, not only to keep your space smelling fresh, but an ozonator with a filter will help keep it clean as well.

Depending on the medium you choose, pests might be an issue, so be prepared with some preventative and protective measures. Living soil tends to attract all sorts of things, which won’t be any more than a visual issue, as long as your cation exchange capacity is kept strong. Many cultivars plough through food, so it is important to have an idea about feeding before you start growing.

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Prince Edward Island

If you are planning to grow your weed inside a controlled environment, then please feel free to sprout your weed seeds any time you like. However, if you are planning on cultivating photoperiod strains outdoors in Prince Edward Island, where the weather can turn on a dime, you’ll need to start seeds inside a bit early.

Starting seeds inside is a practice common to almost all forms of agriculture. In latitudes and elevations where cold and damp play a role in the day to day, growers germinate seeds, get them established and, in many cases, get at least a chunk of the way through vegetation before it’s warm enough to place plants outside without shocking them. Cannabis doesn’t like temperatures below fifteen degrees. This is the lowest any strain should be exposed to as a seedling. The growing season here is mid-May to mid-October, so start seeds indoors in the middle or at the end of March and train them according to what types of harvests you wish to see.

Once the temperatures are consistently above sixteen or seventeen degrees, your plants should thrive outdoors. Ensure they have the space to play, top again before flowering sets in and keep training. If it’s autoflowers you are growing, they will go from seed to smoke in just a couple months, so starting seeds inside early can offer the possibility of two harvests per season. Regardless, depending on humidity levels, exterior fans might be necessary for the end of flowering.

Growing Cannabis in Prince Edward Island

Growing cannabis in Prince Edward Island has become one of the most popular pastimes in the province. Fishing, history, agriculture and industry all have their place here, but as far as home-based hobbies go, weed takes the cake.

Second only to B.C. in home cultivation, P.E.I. is no stranger to growing. It is legal here for anyone aged nineteen and over to grow up to four plants per household, not per person, and that means heaps of weed. Keep it locked up and away from kids, keep it out of the public eye and make sure you have permission from the people you rent from. That is about it, and, so long as you have appropriate seedling and clone, flowering and drying rooms or spaces set up, you can keep that cheeba flowing forever. Though growing is popular here, the wise keep their operations quiet, don’t talk about it with anyone but their closest friends or social media companions and maintain a professional and protective attitude around it.

There is no point in letting everyone know you’re growing weed as this will only invite trouble. Theft, social or community acceptance issues and attracting the attention of the law are all possible side effects of blabbing about your grow. Though you may be keeping it legal, locked up and lighthearted, not everyone feels the same way about weed as you do, so play smart and you can enjoy a lifetime of happy growing.

Harvesting in Prince Edward Island

Harvesting in Prince Edward Island means that you have done your best with your crop and now it’s time to take it down for a slow dry and a gentle cure. There is little else on this earth more satisfying than realizing you’ve hit the marijuana mark and have grown some killer weed, but you’re not done yet and, just as with all stages of development, the harvest is important.

We know when it’s time to chop our crops by watching trichomes. Trichomes are the resin glands which grow out of the calyxes, flowers and leaves of your plants. They start small and clear, like little hairs or droplets. They swell and start to look like little lollipops or trees. The trichomes mature, producing cannabinoids and housing rich terpenes. They start crystal clear and shimmery and, as they mature, they grow milky, like a shiny white plastic. Once you see that your trichomes have reached this point, give it another day or two then harvest. As the plants dry, the trichomes revert somewhat, so it pays to make sure that you have them at their peak and that they will stay that way.

There is another aspect to harvesting which many growers swear by. Once the trichomes have reached their peak, some cultivators turn the lights out for a 48 hour dark period. Apparently, this tricks the plant into thinking it is being shocked and it boosts the terpene production.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Prince Edward Island

Growing weed is one thing, simple for anyone with some time and dedication. However, in order to be able to preserve and store your cannabis flowers correctly, in P.E.I., there are a few things to take into account.

The final weeks of flowering should be nutrient free so that the plant’s microbes can eat what’s left of the nutrients and compounds left in the plant material before the chop. This is called a flush, and it is imperative to your weed undergoing a proper cure. Once you have flushed your crop and are satisfied that it is ready to chop, chop. Hang plants in a 15 degree and 60% rH environment with ample airflow, and dry that crop as long as possible. Many growers aim for a window of between twelve and thirty days, though it is up to you how long you go for. The trick is to get all the chlorophyll broken down before jarring up your buds.

Once the drying process has gone to plan, it’s time to cure. Put your haul in airtight jars and close the lids. You want internal temperatures and humidity to be the same as the drying room, but now we stop the oxygen flow to stop the degradation process. Burp buds every day until you are certain that humidity is on point, and store in the dark. As long as your jars are kept cool and in the dark, free of exposure to UV and oxygen, your harvest will store for months before noticeably degrading.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Cannabis in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a big place, rich in cultural diversity and history, packed with arts and sciences, marine and terrestrial biology and exploration, industry and agriculture. There is little question as to why a place this rich with options is so piled with people smoking, eating and drinking cannabis.

Smoking weed comes in many forms. Of course, the age old joint is always a go to, but recent decades have seen popular innovations arise, such as vaping and enormous increases in the popularity of edibles. Wax and budder, rosin and oil, CBD soft chews, capsules, chocolates and taffy all start with the cannabis flower. Different genetics are chosen for different reasons. Strains in our collection such as Runtz, Super Lemon Haze, Chemdawg and Afghani make incredible slush and other live resin products. The super high THC seeds housed here form the foundations of impeccably produced distillates. Tinctures and sprays are part of daily living in P.E.I. as well. People travel all over the place for business and recreation and, since it is still illegal to smoke weed in public places here, a quick edible always seems to do the trick, while keeping it on the down low.

Laws are lax here, but that doesn’t mean you can just go around willy nilly, blowing blunts as you strut down Victoria Row. There is some etiquette to follow here, let alone legalities. Drink your buds or take some edibles quietly and no one ever has to know. Fire up a spliff, however, and you will attract attention.

Prince Edward Island’s Cannabis Culture

Cannabis culture is specialized, much like that of whiskey or cigars. This industry is packed with all the usual suspects from the connoisseur and epicurean leaf lovers to the ones who don’t care what they smoke, as long as it’s green. Cannabis culture in Prince Edward Island is just as rich a tapestry as anywhere else, and it continues to grow in diversity.

As with the rest of Canada, PEI saw full federal legalization in 2018. Thanks to much careful planning going back to mid 2017, by the time freedoms rolled around, this province had already made quick work of putting together realistic laws, much the same as other coastal territories. Though there are not a lot of stores here, people grow a lot of green in P.E.I. Though a small percentage of the population admits to using cannabis, home cultivation records and low purchase flow from dispensaries points to there being a large underground market here. However, aside from the Atlantic Cannabis Expo and Conference, there are no listed events here. We are sure that there must be 420 celebrations happening somewhere, at some point, but as far as listings go, good luck.

This points to the culture surrounding cannabis here, a quiet one. Many people prefer to keep it to themselves, to grow privately and to maintain a sparkling persona. Unlike our cousins on the West Coast, we tend to be a little more humble about marijuana, a little more reserved and just plain discreet.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in PE, Canada

To buy marijuana seeds in PE, Canada, trust the selection here at Weed Seeds. Shop through a collection of over 500 strains and get all you like delivered right to your door, problem free and primed to plant. Laws surrounding seed collection and cultivation are clear and, as long as you follow the rules, which will grant you more than enough for personal use, you are free to flower whatever you like.

There are no laws placing limits on the seeds you can collect. Of course, you are only allowed to have four plants going at any given time, but your hoard of herby capsules can be as large, as vast and as impressive as you so desire. We offer the best of the best, the most potent indicas, sativas and hybrids. We source the award-winning strains, early wonders, and we take great pride in supplying landrace cultivars to those who like it old school. We have pot seeds to take you back to more youthful memories, natural or unmodified marijuana seeds for breeding, and we offer the full range of medically inspired seeds so you can be free to explore a whole new world of healing.

Buying seeds online can be somewhat frustrating with seed banks who don’t know what they’re doing, who don’t care about their clients’ successes or who may be a fly by night drop shipper. With Weed Seeds Canada, you don’t ever have to wonder what kind of products you are about to receive. Our quality is consistent.

Buy Medical Cannabis in Prince Edward Island

Medical cannabis has very quickly swept through the entire world, and for good reason. Though many think that CBD is the only medicinal compound in weed, there are actually many aspects of all cannabinoids and terpenes which make medicinal waves.

Medical cannabis laws in PEI are open. Patients here are allowed to choose and use all the products we believe will help us, or which have proven beneficial in some way or another. CBD, CBG, CBN, delta-8 and delta-9 THC are all part of healing, depending on what your troubles are, and the terpene profiles in your pot mean much to how those compounds operate in your system. There are a number of conditions covered by the medical cannabis laws here, though you don’t need a medical card to purchase weed and chances are you see a lot more benefit from herbs than are realistically outlined in medical laws anyway. Chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, arthritis, insomnia, cancer, AIDS/HIV, ALS find some solace from using this strain and have reported extensive benefits.

Buying your weed is easy through any number of retail outlets. There is no shortage of marijuana here for medical purposes, and those who grow their own are always free to hit the shops for something special. We do recommend having some moisture packs on hand at home though. Reinvigorating your buds is often a necessary practice after purchasing them from a dispensary.

Prince Edward Island’s History of Cannabis Legalization

The history of cannabis legalization in Prince Edward Island is a short one. Of course, history saw nationwide prohibition back in the thirties, but that was only because of the states and Canada has been lax about weed for as far back as most citizens can remember.

Medical consumers have had albeit limited access to cannabis since 2001, and recreational legalization arrived on October 17, 2018. Any adult aged nineteen or over is allowed to purchase and carry up to 30 grams, or just over one ounce of dried flowers. Though that doesn’t sound like a lot, we bet you couldn’t smoke that in a day, and we are all allowed to purchase this amount every time we hit checkout. As of yet, there is no limit to what you are allowed to store at home, though weed degrades quickly, so we hope you aren’t too overloaded. In 2017, the government of PEI announced that it would put together preliminary laws to get ahead of the legalization that was quickly approaching.

Since 2018, there has been no shortage of cannabis here, and laws are pretty set, though we should always be prepared for things to change. Until they do, be careful with toking in public, keep your dosing on the sly and be respectful of the driving laws. Though outlaws are romanticised in movies, it’s important to respect the guidelines, so be smart and play safe.

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