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Is it Legal to Purchase Marijuana Seeds on Prince Edward Island?


As of October 2018, marijuana is now legal for adults to purchase, possess, and consume within Canada because of the Canadian Act. Each province, however, must determine its own laws surrounding legal marijuana use. Prince Edward Island residents are now legally able to purchase cannabis produces from select retailers and are able to grow their own plants. This means it is legal for residents to obtain marijuana seeds for personal use. If you’re interested in purchasing cannabis seeds, read below to learn what you need to know before your first purchase or browse our selection now.

Marijuana Laws for Prince Edward Island

Now that recreational marijuana use is legal in Prince Edward Island, there are four retail stores available for residents to purchase marijuana. The purchase of cannabis is limited to those who are adults at least 19 years old or older, and the stores are trained to prevent sales to minors or those who are intoxicated. The maximum amount that can be purchased at once is 30 grams, as this is the limit for possession in a public place under federal laws. Cannabis consumption is legal inside private residences, in apartments with the landlord’s permission, and in other private areas. Consumption is not permitted in many public locations and cannot be consumed in boats or vehicles.

Prince Edward Island has also decided to allow residents to cultivate marijuana in their home. Residents who own a home can have up to four plants per household. Those who live in a rented home or apartment must have permission from the landlord to cultivate or consume cannabis. This means there may be some residents who are not allowed to grow their own plants, despite it now being legal in Prince Edward Island.

Can You Purchase Marijuana Seeds?

Since Prince Edward Island does allow adults to cultivate marijuana in their own residence, it is legal for adults to purchase marijuana seeds. Those who want to purchase seeds can obtain as many as they would like, as the only restriction is on the number of plants growing at one time. Prince Edward Island has set the limit at four plants per household, which is the same as the federal limit. Residents who are medical marijuana patients may be able to grow more than four plants in their home, depending on their prescription, under the medical marijuana laws in place since 2001.

Buying Seeds for Souvenir Use

Despite allowing marijuana to be grown in Prince Edward Island, there are some residents who will not be allowed to grow because their landlord has prohibited cultivation or consumption. In these cases, it is still possible to purchase marijuana seeds. These residents will want to purchase what is known as souvenir seeds. The souvenir seeds are able to be purchased by anyone as they are not intended to be grown. As long as they are stored properly and not germinated, it is legal for residents who cannot grow their own plants to begin a marijuana seed collection. They can simply hold onto the seeds they purchase until they are able to grow cannabis legally.

Choose the Right Type of Seed

Whether you’re planning on growing cannabis at home or you’re just starting a seed collection, it’s important to understand the different types of seeds. While browsing the selection we have available, you’ll notice seeds are designated as regular, feminized, or auto-flowering. These designations let you know a little more about how the seeds will grow.

  • Regular – These seeds can produce male or female plants. Male plants will need to be identified and removed before they pollinate the female plants.
  • Feminized – These seeds only produce female plants. This means pollination is not a worry, and all plants grown will flower.
  • Auto-Flowering – These seeds produce plants that are all female, and that will automatically flower at the right time. They tend to flower faster and are a great option for beginners.

Check Out These Strains Today

Are you ready to purchase cannabis seeds? If you have something particular in mind, browse our selection to find it. If you’re interested in trying some of the most popular strains, you may want to check out the top ones we sell today. Those are the Fire OG feminized seeds, the Auto Blue Ice feminized seeds, and the Legend OG feminized seeds.

If you’re interested in seeds that are easy to grow, check out some of our auto-flowering seeds. The newest seeds that are easy to grow and great for beginners are the Auto Haze XL feminized seeds, the Auto Bubblegum feminized seeds, and the Auto Blue Cheese feminized seeds. If you’d like something that’s easy to grow inside, check out our newest indoor seeds. They’re the Gold Leaf feminized seeds, the Somango feminized seeds, and Zombie Death FK feminized seeds.

Buying Your Seeds from

If you’re ready to buy marijuana seeds, finding the right seed bank to purchase from is important. We make sure you’re going to be pleased with any seeds purchased from us, whether they’re used to grow plants or to add to your souvenir seed collection. We hand-select the highest quality seeds for each order and package them as fast as possible, so they get to your front door faster. We also offer a support team that’s ready to answer any questions you might have before you make a purchase or after you’ve received the seeds. If you’re looking for high-quality seeds, no matter what strain you might prefer, we have them available.

Now that it is legal for adults to grow marijuana in their own homes in Prince Edward Island, finding a reliable source of seeds is crucial. We offer a large selection of different strains as well as the highest-quality seeds possible. Browse our website today to learn more about the seed selection we have or let us know if we can help you. We’re certain you’ll enjoy the seeds purchased and be able to grow the marijuana plants you’d like to grow.

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