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This awesome strain offers white resin on its big buds and grows to be a tall plant. It only takes ten weeks from seed to harvest and the yield is considerable.
Users of these awesome buds often experience a long lasting cerebral effect.You can expect a tall plant with BIG buds covered in white resin. The effect is long lasting and cerebral and takes 10 weeks from seed to flower.\

*All prices in CANADIAN [ CAD ] funds.

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Dominant Origins:

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Parents of Great White Shark:

Super Skunk X Brazilian and South Indian Strains

Medicinal Application:

This is the perfect strain to combat stress, anxiety, ADD, PTSD, Nausea, Depression, Headaches. It leaves users feeling happy, euphoric and creative. This plant has broad medical benefits to users who are looking to treat several ailments all with one plant. Great for Meditation.


Earthy, Woody


Earthy, Sweet, Mildly Tropical


Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Anxiety

CBD Range:


THC Range:


Physical Characteristics:

Bushy Plants, short to medium height, producing dense roundish buds, covered immensely in orange hairs and coated in crystals.

100 & 500 Seed packs DO NOT qualify for germination guarantee!

100 & 500 Seed packs ARE ELIGIBLE for bonus!

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  • '1' '3725'
    Hi Ray! Thanks for catching that Typo for us. Yes, this is the sativa strain that you are talking about. We appreciate your attention to detail and hope to do some business with you soon.

  • '4' '3725'
    I've been researching this strain. Some say its indica dominant and others say sativa dominant. I've seen 85-15 sativa. Here at weed seeds it says indica. Confusing
  • '5' '3725'
    The staff is very nice and they speak English and the great white shark seeds all five came out quickly and shot up and out quickly they all have a nice amount of flowers starting at week five and getting bigger every day. These are going to produce lots of bud
  • '5' '3725'
    Great site. Getting ready to order. On your description of the Auto Great White Shark Fem you have seed to harvest 10 weeks and you have seed to flower 10 weeks. What is the outdoor time for seed to harvest and can I plant in in the spring and get two crops per year. 3 hours north of Toronto is our climate area.
  • '1' '3725'
    Hi Larry,
    The Auto Great White Shark is seed to Harvest in 10 weeks.
    You can plant it in the spring pending frost for the year being done.
    Auto's thrive on a lot of light so the natural outdoor life cycles will be different.
    You will see different results for early season vs late season growing but as long as temperatures are warm enough you can definitely plant in the spring and run 2 crops per year.
  • '5' '3725'
    Wow! I couldn’t happier with weed-seeds. The staff was friendly and informative. The selection great. And the shipping worked just fine. I’m no major farmer, but when I need seeds again. I’ll be back here.
  • '3' '3725'
    i bought 3 seeds none of them germinated called customer service and i was told becouse i did nit use the paper towel methed i was out of luck this is the first time i was not able to germainated all i can say do not buy seeds from these people
  • '1' '3725'
    Hi Art,

    Thanks for messaging us. Generally speaking, this is our policy. We have a method that works well and people have success with. So when you choose to use a different method, you do so at your own risk. However, we can make exceptions here and there. How did the other 5 seeds you received do when you tried to germinate them?
  • '5' '3725'
    White hairs to match my head! No seriously though, the white hairs are remarkable on this strain. In 15 years of growing Ive never seen anything like it. Will buy again.
  • '5' '3725'
    Ordered some of these and got my package yesterday. I put 5 in a glass and 4/5 went down to the bottom easily. I had to wait about 5 hours for the last one, but got 100% germination. Great start I49.
  • '5' '3725'
    Don’t buy this unless you can acommodate a tall plant. Its well worth the space and i love this strain.
  • '5' '3725'
    The white hairs on these cola's are intense. I love growing this strain.
  • '5' '3725'
    I bought these seeds for a new grow room and its only week 5 but I am confident these 3 are going to be awesome to harvest. These plants do grow tall and the resin is really noticeable. Counting down to crop...
  • '5' '3725'
    The name of this strain seemed a bit odd, so I gave it a try. Not bad.. the white in the plant is really appealing to the eyes and it has a really nice sticky bud. This was one of those strains that surprised me in a good way. I would buy again.