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This awesome Sativa dominant hybrid takes all the great sativa benefits from its sour diesel and lineage to bring you an energizing and uplifting experience. You can expect a ten weeks from seed to harvest on this mainly sativa strain.

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Dominant Origins:

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Parents of Sour Diesel Haze:

Auto Haze X NYC Diesel

Medicinal Application:

This strain is perfect for treating stress, inflammation, muscle spasms and pain. It is a Happy talkative high, leaving users feeling euphoric, relaxed and uplifted.


Fruity Diesel, Earthy


Diesel, Earthy, Pungent


Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Paranoia, Anxiety

CBD Range:


THC Range:


Physical Characteristics:

Stunning plant with beautiful multi coloured bud structure. Medium green with orange and yellow tinted leaves (Diesel Colour). There are beautiful purple hues and hair all over the plant and the entire thing is absolutely coated in mouth watering trichomes. Stunning Plant Specimen!


40-60 Grams per plant


9-10 Weeks



40-60 Grams per plant


9-10 Weeks

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  • '1' '4240'
    Hi Kieran,
    Thank you for the message.
    If you are experiencing issues with your Sour Diesel Haze, we encourage you to send over some pictures and a description to
    We will work with you from there!
    Thank you,
  • '2' '4240'
    Disappointed with this strain. Got the seed to germinate but the growth in comparison to my other grows, is subpar.
  • '1' '4240'
    Got my seeds to germinate no problem. In comparison to my other grows, the sour Diesel haze is subpar. Very slow growing. It's been 8 1/2 weeks just barely getting buds now. I will update once I harvest.
  • '5' '4240'
    Very happy with the level of service. Weed-seeds got the ball rolling very quick once payment had cleared everytime. They have been very prompt, friendly and polite to respond back via emails. It’s good to have found reliable trust worthy seed bank again that are professionals without all the drama
  • '1' '4240'
    Hi Colin. We remember chatting to you about this and sent you some free seeds with your second order to help ease the burden! This batch actually didnt live up to expectations, so it wasnt just you! Thanks again for letting us know. How is your crop coming? :)
  • '1' '4240'
    none of my seeds germinated :( all others popped and had sprouts out of my rapid rooters. all seeds ordered popped except these sour diesel!
  • '1' '4240'
    Hi Kyle! Thanks for your message. Did you know that seeds needs WARMTH, MOISTURE and DARKNESS? Using a grow light to germinate seeds is not recommended. We have a recommended germination method CLICK HERE

    How did the other seeds you bought perform? From my understanding you got 7/9 seeds to pop? Thats 77.7% way to go! If you want us to ship you 1 seed by snail mail, we could do that to bring your total to 80%?
  • '1' '4240'
    Very poor germination rate. 1 out of three beans sprouted and has been very slow growing. All my other strains have grown very well.
  • '5' '4240'
    Got a few of these as bonus seeds and they all popped. Currently about 28 inches tall and a nice looking plant. I will post an update after harvest.
  • '1' '4240'
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for letting us know that you had some trouble. If you want to message us at, we can get you some replacements! We appreciate your business and perspective. Thanks!
  • '1' '4240'
    Got 3 seeds none of them germinated when all of the other 9 seeds of different types did. Don’t recommend