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Auto Wedding Cake is a delicious and high yielding strain perfect for any big day!

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Possibly the most appropriate strain to grow in time for wedding day celebrations, Auto Wedding Cake is an intoxicating number that descends from parents GSC, Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison, plus Auto GSC as an addition that presents this high-THC automatic flowering version of the original Wedding Cake powerhouse. This auto-flowering relative delivers a swift dose of 20% THC that can effectively infuse any social occasion with entertainment, laughter, and happy focus. Not to mention the undercurrent of powerful sleep-inducing Indica effects that relieve insomnia, anxiety, pain, and stress. Here’s to big days finalized with finesse!

Growing Auto Wedding Cake is a different ballgame (think Softball) if one is accustomed to growing its photoperiod cousin. Auto Wedding Cake enters the flowering phase independent of light schedules, so there’s no need to change the timing of light/dark exposure. And while Auto Wedding cake might smell like deliciously sweet cake topping, it doesn’t particularly like topping or any low stress training. Avoid shocking or stressing these time sensitive auto-flowers by planting the seedlings directly into the pots they’ll finish in. If all goes well, growers can anticipate a yield of 600 grams of frosting flavored flowers per square meter, so the fun can begin!

Dominant Origins

80% Indica  / 20% Sativa

Parents of Auto Wedding Cake Fem

Wedding Cake x Auto Girl Scout Cookies

Typical Effects

Initially uplifting and cerebral effects merge with relaxing physical sensations—a combination that relieves muscle tension, pain, anxiety, and stress.

Terpene Profile

Ocimene, Limonene

Aroma & Flavour

Fruit, Lemon, Woody, Vanilla


Dry mouth, Dry eyes

CBD Range


THC Range


Physical Characteristics

Discreet plants have lime-green floral clusters bursting with orange pistils and THC-rich trichomes.


Yield: 600 grams/m2


Yield: 150 grams/plant

What is Auto Wedding Cake Fem good for?

  • High Yields
  • Woody, Vanilla Flavour Profile

What are the Medical benefits of Auto Wedding Cake Fem?

  • Pain Relief
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Stress Relief

*100 & 500 Seed packs DO NOT qualify for germination guarantee!
**100 & 500 Seed packs ARE ELIGIBLE for bonus!
***All Sales Final. No Exchanges or Refunds.
****All Prices in Canadian Funds (CAD).

Buy Auto Wedding Cake feminized cannabis seeds online!

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