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Our auto white widow feminized seeds create a High THC plant with lots of crystals.
White Widow is known for a dense trichome covered buds that glisten with a sugary, sweet look.
White Widow is a Sativa and it grows well indoors, in a green house or even outdoors.
10 weeks from seed to harvest.

*All prices in CANADIAN [ CAD ] funds.

Buy Feminized Auto White Widow Seeds from I49 Now.


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These seeds create buds with layers of crystals and take about 8 weeks to flower and harvest at the end of October for Outdoor.

Dominant Origins:

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Parents of White Widow:

Brazilian Sativa Landrace X South Indian Indica

Medicinal Application:

This plant is your answer for treating stress, depression, pain, insomnia, and inflammation. I leaves users with powerful euphoria and stimulating energy. It also helps increase creativity and social conversational ability.


Earthy, Woody


Flowery, Earthy


High THC Content causes dry mouth, dry eyes, may cause paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness in less experiences smokers.

CBD Range:


THC Range:


Physical Characteristics:

Dense bud structure coated in white crystals indicating its overall potency. Nice green buds covered in orange hairs and crystal frosting.


7-9 Weeks, Easy to Grow, 30-78” Plant

End of October


7-9 Weeks, Easy to Grow, 30-78” Plant

100 & 500 Seed packs DO NOT qualify for germination guarantee!

100 & 500 Seed packs ARE ELIGIBLE for bonus!

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  • '1' '3707'
    Hey M! Thanks for the review. We are stoked to be a part of your gardening success. please let us know when we can help again.
  • '5' '3707'
    Love the company, order my 5 seeds. Got 2 bonus seeds AWSOME! Germinated two got them to sprout. They are 9 weeks and 3 days old. 5 gallon fabric pots. Been in flower alittle over 2 weeks, have had zero deficities or problems. I am sure they will be packing on the buds in the next few weeks. They are both 29 1/2" tall even canape main COLA alittle taller got away from me abit. Lol., starting to stink up really nice. Anticipating to see what they will pack on in the next 5-6 weeks. Hell yeah!
  • '1' '3707'
    Hi StansGirl68! Thanks for the awesome review. We appreciate your business and are happy with your success. Let us know when we can help again.

  • '4' '3707'
    I got 3/5 germination rate on my Auto White Widow (fem) seeds. Two just refused to sprout... the others turned into healthy, strong little seedlings within 3-4 days (from soak to breaking soil). Wow!

    I had no problem with germination of the two free seeds that I rec'd with my order, so overall I'm satisfied.

    Thank you Laura for your help. Great 2 day delivery, too!
  • '5' '3707'
    Just received my seeds in the mail. Fast delivery as promised and very knowledgeable people to help with questions. Just germinating seeds now will let you know how they grow
  • '1' '3707'
    Good Morning,
    We are happy things worked out!
    Enjoy the WHITE WIDOW!
  • '5' '3707'
    Grew two widows. They both did well and produced the expected yeild, I didn’t pay close enough attention because one was a Hermie. Buds were still good and resulting seeds were minimal.
  • '1' '3707'
    Good Morning,
    We are extremely happy with regards to your excellent results!
    Thank you for choosing I49
  • '5' '3707'
    This is my first time growing, and I wanted to try a few different strains, so I rolled the dice and got single seeds for each one. This one germinated very quickly and has been strong from day 1. I planted it 28 days ago and it has plenty of secondary and tertiary leaves. I transplanted it two days ago and it doesn't appear to be experiencing any shock. Will update, very excited to see how this one turns out.
  • '5' '3707'
    I had the best results, both buying seeds and getting the strain I want from weed-seeds. I have very good results. with germination and growth also. I recommend weed-seeds to anyone that is reading this.
  • '5' '3707'
    10 weeks from seed I got 9 ounces from one plant! Very happy with this one. Gorgeous buds that look just like the picture. Nice smooth and potent stuff.
  • '1' '3707'
    Thank-you for the review! We appreciate it.
  • '5' '3707'
    I don’t usually do reviews, however, after my second purchase, felt they seriously deserve a bit of credit. Germination has been perfect both times, I will definately be back and recommend to those reading.
  • '5' '3707'
    What a great company to deal with! They answered all my questions, and it was great to actually talk to a person! Knowledgeable people, and good products. I will be back to buy many more seeds!
  • '5' '3707'
    I was shopping online for a seed bank that had a telephone number and stumbled on Rick at I49. He answered my questions and took my order over the phone. I had to call and let my credit card know they were charging, but he included some free seeds for the trouble. My order was delivered in 9 days and I had a good germinating rate. I would order from this seed bank again and recommend them.
  • '5' '3707'
    Great strain! Been growing it for years. I49 is a great choice if you want to chat with someone on the phone about your orders.
  • '5' '3707'
    $29 for 3 beans? I grabbed those up quick. Sucks to wait 10 days for delivery but they included 1 bonus seed, so that was unexpected. Used paper towel method and got all 4 to germ quickly. They are 2 feet tall right now and looking solid. I would recommend these guys if you want some beans shipped to you reliably.
  • '5' '3707'
    Ordered these seeds after looking for something with high thc and good reviews. The sales guy recommended this strain and I got a 5 pack with some other beans too. Its going in a new grow tent that is being shipped. The package arrived in about a week and they included 3 bonus beans so I germinated those and got 3/3. I flipped them into soil and they are looking healthy and strong. Will update later.
  • '5' '3707'
    I49 took my order over the phone nad I paid with credit card. It took a little over a week for my order to arrive and I got 10/10 seeds to germinate. I wasnt expecting that, but hey will take it when it comes. Will update when its time for harvesting.