Black Sugar Fem

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This dwarf strain is 80% Indica and 20% plus THC.

Black Sugar only grows to 20″ inches tall and is ideal for height restricted grows.

Medicinal qualities include body high for treating pain and insomnia.

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These plants are vertically challenged for those low profile gardens.

Dominant Origins:

Indica Dominant Hybrid

80% Indica, 20% Sativa

Parents of Black Sugar:

Black Domina X L.A OG X Critical

Medicinal Application:

This strain provides a strong body high which makes it perfect for treating pain, insomnia, stress and lack of appetite. Incomparable relaxation.


Lemon, Orange, Skunk


Skunk, Fruity


High THC Content can cause paranoia, dizziness, and headaches in newer inexperienced users.

CBD Range:


THC Range:


Physical Characteristics:

Short Stature, Dense Buds Covered in Crystals. Darker Undertones of the white crystals and hairs contrast nicely on the darker green buds. Very beautiful plant.


8-10 Weeks – Easy Grow Difficulty – Short Plant. Great for Low-Key Grows. 20 Inches (Less than 2 feet.)+

Late September – Early October


8-10 Weeks – Easy Grow Difficulty – Short Plant. Great for Low-Key Grows. 20 Inches (Less than 2 feet.)

100 & 500 Seed packs DO NOT qualify for germination guarantee!

100 & 500 Seed packs ARE ELIGIBLE for bonus!

Buy Black Sugar seeds Online Now!

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  • '5' '8042'
    oh yea lol i almost forgot this is to date (40 years+) the best weed ive ever smoked. recap 3ozs per plant 38 inches tall from soil so with the pot she was 4' :)
  • '5' '8042'
    Guess i F'ed up and left them too long cause they were 38" from the top of the soil and 24" across ! they were the Queens of the tent! :) and a cola on the plant the size of a roll of paper towel...FULL roll ;) got 3 ozs per plant dried. NO regrets I would definitely buy again.
    had a happy accident and she got a little blueberry pollen on her so on one side i've gotten a few seeds....cant wait to try them!
  • '5' '8042'
    Just popped all 5 seeds of the Black Sugar and all plants seem strong and happy. Also purchased three of your CBD strain and all three popped. Really appreciated the four UK Cheese Auto you sent but only got one of them to pop. Your service was smooth and you delivered big time. Thank you.
  • '1' '8042'
    Good Afternoon,
    Glad things are looking good so far!!!
    We agree!! And we are actively working on expanding our available photos of the strains available on our website!
    Happy Harvesting
  • '5' '8042'
    So far so good 3rd week of flower and looking great with lst under 16″ and 25 plus sites per tree on fire can’t wait to try would give all stars but have to try first wish they would show pics of full growth tree instead of just bud
  • '5' '8042'
    Wide product selection and prompt, personalized service. I submitted an inquiry on my order and received a prompt and friendly response, to ensure my satisfaction will make me a returning customer. Keep up the good work.
  • '5' '8042'
    I ordered a bunch of seeds for myself and a friend. I just germinated 4 and all popped......thanks for the experience and will be back for more!.....
  • '1' '8042'
    HI Matt. Its about 2 ounces per cubic foot of plant. Thanks for messaging and feel free to place an order, we have lots in stock!
  • '1' '8042'
    HI Brad. Its about 2 ounces per cubic foot of plant. Thanks for messaging and feel free to place an order, we have lots in stock!
  • '4' '8042'
    What is the expected yield of this product?
  • '2' '8042'
    What is the typical yield off this strain??
  • '1' '8042'
    HI Malia! Sure, you can. It must have been a glitch. Thanks for messaging us.
  • '4' '8042'
    Can I buy this product I do not see a piece for it
  • '1' '8042'
    Hi Rosie. Thanks for messaging. Please check back in the New Year and we may have international shipping for you if you pay by Bitcoin. Hope you have a great day,
  • '4' '8042'
    Sorry for not reviewing. I would just want to ask some questions if its ok. I am from Malaysia. do you service our area? Could you recomend a seed that is higher in thc and small/short plant suitable in my country that is hot & humid. a very big thank you.