C99 x Blueberry Fem Fast

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Buy C99 x Blueberry Feminized Seeds ( fast )!

This amazing Indica hybrid takes the short flowering sativa Cinderella 99 with the original Indica Blueberry.

The result is a heavy yielding, fast strain that requires little manicuring.
Buds are densely covered with trichomes and resin nugs and flower within about 45 days.
If you are going outdoors then you can harvest in Mid September.

*All prices in CANADIAN [ CAD ] funds.

Buy C99 x Blueberry Seeds from I49 Now.


Buy C99 x Blueberry Feminized Seeds Online!

Dominant Origins:

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Parents of C99 X Blueberry:



Fast Parent Plant

Medicinal Application:

This strain’s medical benefits include treatment for Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Pain, and Headaches.


Citrus, Blueberry


Flowery, Earthy


Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Paranoia, Headaches, Anxiety

CBD Range:


THC Range:


Physical Characteristics:

Absolutely stunning plant with dense big bud structure. Red/Orange Hairs are exploding from every direction. Heavy crystal coating surrounds the buds and the plant has faint yellow undertones throughout giving it a spectacular visual appeal.


Outdoor harvest can be even bigger than listed below. 450+ Grams



In just 45 days you can expect yields of between 350 and 450 Grams of high-THC resinous buds.

*All prices in CANADIAN [ CAD ] funds.

100 & 500 Seed packs DO NOT qualify for germination guarantee!

100 & 500 Seed packs ARE ELIGIBLE for bonus!

Buy C99 x Blueberry Seeds Online from I49.

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  • '5' '3053'
    These 4 girls do finish fast but at 3 weeks of 12 and there were trichs running down some fan leafs. So 6 1/2 weeks for super crystals and such a dank aroma you cant go wrong. Three or four pulls is all I need to get pain relief and a great sleep aid. What a pleasure to grow, super easy. I49 has the best genetics out there.
  • '1' '3053'
    Good Morning,
    Nothing we love more than when our customers have a 100% Germination Rate!
    All the best with your grow!
  • '5' '3053'
    Fast delivery 100%germinate after 48 h. Wow good job ;)
  • '5' '3053'
    Great service and advice, they deliver on time 99.9% of the time, products always of the highest quality, cant recommend weed-seeds enough for any seed collector or grower.
  • '5' '3053'
    i’ve got them all 😉 received my seeds in 6 days after the payment went through. Extremely happy and the plants are growing strong 😉 happy gardening to you all.
  • '5' '3053'
    When alot of companies are losing customer service weed-seeds is still the best. I had a problem with a my order and customer service kept in touch until it was resolved. Some how the post office kept changing my Zip Code and between myself and weed-seeds I was able to correct the pot office problem and as always i am happy customer. I would recommend this seedbank to anyone gladly.
  • '5' '3053'
    Germinated in less than 24hrs. 6weeks in veg and 6 weeks in flower was crazy and looks just like the pics on the site. 120gram average on 4 plants under one 600w was even better!!! Stellar flavour and awesome punch too!
  • '1' '3053'
    Hi Saskbudz! Thanks for the review.
  • '4' '3053'
    Germinated 4 out of 5 seeds. Easy growing, buds are a decent size and I can smell nudes of pepper and skunk. I would recommend. Though, this strain is little more temperamental when cloning I found. Although, it was a great grow. Thanks!
  • '5' '3053'
    I put 4 seeds into the paper towel. 48hours later all had a nice taproot 3/41nch. Planted into cups sealed top. Not even 48 hours and all were standing straight up. 100% germ. Really strong healthy seeds. Will update after I grow them out. Thank you I49.
  • '5' '3053'
    Grabbed a fast sample pack and this strain had a 3/3 germinatione rate. I would give these guys a try if you want quality seeds online.
  • '5' '3053'
    Ordered and got 9/10 to germinate. The strain is accurate at 6-7 weeks flowering and I found the bud to be more like its cinderella 99 side than the blueberry. Id recommend.
  • '5' '3053'
    Five stars.
  • '5' '3053'
    I ordered these because of the 45 day cycle and found it to be about right. I ended up going 48 days, but the buds are tick and resiny. Great service I49.
  • '5' '3053'
    Bought 5 beans to try the strain and had 100% germination success, they are planted and coming along nicely, will post follow up review when harvested.
  • '5' '3053'
    I bought a 5 pack of these with some other beans and this picture does not do the plant justice. Its got the really nice cola and its bushy like blueberry. The yield is going to be very healthy.
  • '5' '3053'
    We purchased a few three packs of seeds from I49. The ordering process was fairly simple. We had to use some thirdparty called Pacsafe but apparently they fund farmers worldwide, so we were alright with it. The order was processed quick and we got tracking informatiomn within a day. The order took seven days to get to us and the package was slick. We germinated 7 /9 seeds and all are looking good. Decent seed bank for sure.
  • '5' '3053'
    Just got my order from this site a couple days ago and was pleasantly surprised. I received emails for every step of the process and it only took 6 days from order to receiving my package. I put these beans into a glass and they sunk to the bottom within 24 hours. So far the strain and company looks great. Will update later!